Henry P. Bear

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Henry P. Bear Esquire
Henry P. Bear.png
Henry P. Bear
Title Evil Polar Bear
Gender Male
Race Polar Bear
Faction Legion of the Extremely Evil Polar Bears
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Location LEEPB HQ
Fur color Green
Archetype Evil

Henry P. Bear is a green polar bear who is Herbert's older brother, and Henrietta's twin. Like Mary, he joined the LEEPB and now works for his brother.


Henry and Henrietta were born soon after Mary was. When Mary got her hypnotic power, he, along with Herbert and Henrietta, was basicly ignored. Rejection from his parents made Henry a very grumpy polar bear, which he still is now.

One day, when Henry was walking on the beach, he found a bottle of Ditto A that had floated there in the sea. He opened it, and it turned his eyes red and his fur green.

Because of his strange new color, none of the other Polar Bears paid much attention to him, and if they did, then they laughed and made fun of him. That made him even more grumpy, and now he is possibly the grumpiest polar bear in the world.


Some time after Herbert floated away on an iceberg, Henry decided to do the same. He hopped on an iceberg, and floated for some months. His iceberg almost sank, but by luck he reached Club Penguin, where Herbert was currently hiding out.

Herbert gave him food, and a cave near his one. Sometime later, after Herbert created the Legion of the Extremely Evil Polar Bears, Henry joined it. Henry has been working with his brother ever since then.

During Operation: Puffle, Henry helped Herbert to put brain boxes on puffles, just like all the other members of the LEEPB. However, the evil plan failed.


Henry is a very strong polar bear, and seems to like to torture penguins. He usually goes with his sister Mary to help her. If Mary's hypnotic powers don't work on the penguins, Henry will try to torture them to make them tell secret EPF stuff to Herbert.

Henry P. Bear also voices the character Dr. Henry (who is also a polar bear, but has an eyepatch and is white like normal polar bears, not green) in the TV show Willy and Kody. It is unknown why he was hired to do that, but he may have threatened to destroy the makers of the show if he wouldn't have been allowed to voice the character with the same name as him.



  • Henry's disadvantage is that he can't use his fur for camouflage like Herbert.
  • Painful Bears are stronger than him.

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