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Henryville on the RCP servers
Key details
Type District
Level 11
Location Club Penguin
Inhabitants Henry Gadget

Henryville is an affluent area around the tallest mountain in Club Penguin. The area is home to many wealthy penguins including Henry Gadget, the area's founder and the founder of Henry Incorporated. The area has been in a lot of trouble with EBUL because many penguins here want to be separate from the rest of Club Penguin. What makes things worse is that Henry doesn't want Henryville to be independent.


Getting Started[edit]

Henryville was founded by Henry Gadget in 2007 on a residential server and started off as just Henry's igloo. Because of the views of the mountains Henry decided to buy all the land around the mountains, build igloos on the land and sell them to penguins. This went on for some time with Henryville expanding on the residential servers until Club Penguin International Airport started producing lots of money. Henry Inc. and other companies saw an advantage of expanding business into the mountains leading to an economic boom in the region. Henryville was granted permission to expand into the business servers as well as the industrial servers. This lead to a large growth of economic activity in Henryville.

Problems in Henryville[edit]

But not all good things can last forever. In 2010 the wealthy businesspenguins living in the region wanted freedom from EBUL's tariffs. They protested for Henry to declare Henryville independent but Henry refused saying that they are not that bad. As a result, the penguins cancelled their EBUL memberships and only brought goods sold by other businesses in Club Penguin. This lead to EBUL's slow decline so they persuaded the USA government to put higher taxes on the penguins living in Henryville. This worked and soon the citizens stopped protesting for a while. But in 2012, EBUL had plans for a giant solar and wind farm in the mountains, including Henryville. Although it was to be built on the industrial servers many penguins were still unhappy because they owned factories that will be demolished. The citizens protested however Henry was all up for it as it would be non polluting and will fit better with the landscape. This put down many protests however some still remain.

The Regeneration of Henryville[edit]

After the protests and taxing, Henryville wasn't like it used to be. Many penguins moved out find a quieter life. It wasn't until some penguins brought parts of the mountains and built ski resorts on them that penguins were returning to the region in a "ski rush". The ski resorts were built on the businesses servers and attracted many tourists. The income made from tourism got the region populated and therefore making more money. Henryville's economy had been regenerated and the servers are always filled with lots of penguins.


Henryville is a region of Club Penguin that is home to many penguins. It is also have the home of several large businesses including Henry Inc. as well as many ski resorts.


On the traditional servers, Henryville is nothing. It is just a load of mountains and the area has been untouched. If you are lucky you might spot a hiker or two but don't count on it.


On the business servers, Henryville is a large business hub. It is where Henry Inc. has their global headquarters. Because of its close proximity to Club Penguin International Airport, many other businesses have offices here too. There also many ski resorts in the are so well.


On the industrial servers, all of Henryville is a solar and wind farm that provides lots of clean energy for Club Penguin.


On the residential servers, Henryville is an affluent neighbourhood filled with many large igloos. One of these igloo is the home of Henry Gadget.


Henryville is home to many landmarks which is surprising for a relatively small area. It is built on the tallest mountain. On the business servers the peak of the mountain is heavily commercialised with souvenir stores and tour guides all over the mountain. On the other servers the peak is left as it is. The business servers also have the Henry Inc. headquarters and Henryville Market. On the residential servers you will find Henry's mansion and the homes of other rich penguins.


Henryville has adequate transportation on all but the TCP servers. It is connected to the Club Penguin Subway and Club Penguin's bus network. It also has very good roads that wind round the mountains of Club Penguin. Henryville is also located very close to Club Penguin International Airport.

Issues With EBUL[edit]

Henryville and EBUL have never really been on the same side. While Henryville's residents believed in an open market the economy, EBUL was running all of Club Penguin and under their membership scheme. It should be noted that most of Henryville's residents are non-members. This is due to a series of protests that lead Henryville to dislike EBUL. Currently most goods here are being sold by Henry Inc. and any EBUL owned store is always raided within twenty-four hours of opening.


The best spot for Henryville's culture is around the market and on the business servers. Here you can find goods both local and international, many different penguins. As well as cinemas, theatres and night clubs. Henryville has a large amount of nightlife with night clubs, casinos and other establishments in that category. Conventions are also a big thing here too with the biggest being Henry Gamecon, a convention centred around the video games created by Henry Inc.

Notable Residents[edit]


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  • Henryville is the least densely populated area on the RCP servers.
  • Because of its close proximity to Club Penguin International Airport lots of businesses have their international or USA headquarters here.
  • Penguins here have invented a new type of igloo called a mansion igloo.

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