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The Heptagon
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General information
Location Fortress Island, South Pole City
Type Headquarters
Address 1 Shroomsky Circle
Owner(s) United States of Antarctica
Started 2003
Completed 2005
Height 305 ft.
Architect Matthew Nickel
Status Complete (August 8, 2005)

The Heptagon is the official headquarters of seven defense and intelligence agencies in the United States of Antarctica. It currently houses all five branches of the USA's Armed forces, as well as GP and the FAAA, and at one time was also the headquarters of the Antarctic Identification Bureau, the CNIC, and the Arctic Wolves. The Heptagon is a widely-known symbol of defense and espionage in the United States of Antarctica, and those who wish to refer to the leaders of the USA military often just say "the Heptagon". It is located on a river island in South Pole City, known as Fortress Island.

The Heptagon was designed by Caladian-born architect Matthew Nickel, and was built by Eastshield-based contractor Walton-Harborton, and was dedicated on August 8, 2005 with a large celebration ceremony held at the Central Courtyard of the building. The building was funded mostly by the government, and was backed by Army General Rick Cole in 2002. As its name suggests, it has seven sides.

The Heptagon contains the largest office floor space in the whole of Antarctica, covering an estimated 6,900,700 sq. feet, in which 3,670,700 ft. of that is used as office space. In a 2010 estimate, there are approximately 20,000 civilian and non-civilian workers in the Heptagon. Another 2,500 defense staff are also based at the Heptagon. There is a large 17,000 sq. foot heptagon shaped courtyard in the center, where many workers come to chat. In the center of the plaza is a large fountain.

Despite constant pleas to do so, the EPF refuses to move into the Heptagon. They remain, to this day, in the Everyday Phoning Facility and the Command Room, and despite protests, insist that they stay in Club Penguin. On the other hand, a large amount of criticism towards the Heptagon ceased once the US Army, Navy and Air Force relocated their headquarters to the Heptagon in 2012.


Prior to the construction of the Heptagon, many of the agencies were headquartered in offices scattered around South Pole City. Two agencies, however were headquartered in one of the city's skyscrapers. After the War of 2002 and the Goveruan-Antarctic War, the leaders of the USA decided they need one location to house some of the nation's defense and intelligence agencies. After a plea from 6 of the 7 original agencies housed, the South Pole Council passed a legislature, which ceded 2.5 billion pebbles to the new project of building a large headquarters on Fortress Island, which was formerly a military camp until 1988.

On February 6, 2003, construction broke ground on the new site, which began with digging a 315 foot foundation into the island, which took only 6 months to dig. Then, the five lower floors were also built, which now serve as top-secret offices and possibly even laboratories. In 2004, the five upper floors were built as well. The building was topped off on January 5, 2005, Finally, on August 8, 2005, the building was complete.

Soon after, many agencies started to trickle in. The largest agency to ever occupy the Heptagon was the Antarctic Identification Bureau, which held 11 super computers in the bottom-most levels of the Heptagon. It occupied an entire two sides of the Heptagon, and also hired 5,690 employees, as well as being one of the most secure offices in the building, due to the vulnerability of the documents kept at the agency. In 2008, the AIB moved to a new headquarters in Ternville. The CNIC moved their headquarters to Admiral Dan Beronews' free republic, Pengonia in 2010, making room for the US Air Force and Navy to move in, respectively. In 2012, the Arctic Wolves were asked to move their headquarters so the US Army could move in, and Metalmanager agreed (begrudgingly), after he couldn't convince the Heptagon that the Arctic Wolves were better than the actual US Army.


The Heptagon spans 233 acres, and includes 4.6 acres with the Central Courtyard. The Heptagon features seven facades, listed from the North side and clockwise. The North Side of the Entrance features the National Gardens enterance, which features a large garden and a portico in front of that enterance. The West Side features the Port Enterance, which offers a staggering view of the South Pole City port. The South side features the Fountain Enterance and the East Side features the Bridge Enterance.

All in all, the Heptagon is segregated into 28 sectors, labelled from A1 to G4.

The Triangle[edit]

From 2005 until 2010 or so, the Heptagon recieved a lot of criticism, mostly from the military community, who believed that it should prioritize and serve as a headquarters to all five military branches instead of just the Coast Guard and the Marine Corps. Many ideas were thrown around over the years, including merging or evicting agencies to make room. However, there was one prominent idea that involved the Air Force, Army and Navy working together to get a new, exclusive headquarters for themselves named "The Triangle". It would have been placed in either a deserted industrial park in South Pole City, a vacant plot of harbor land in Polaris, or an empty plot of land in Aquarius. The petition failed to win approval from the South Pole Council, and eventually it was no longer needed as the three agencies eventually moved into the Heptagon on their own.