Herbert's Family

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This is the family of Herbert P. Bear Esquire.

Direct family[edit]

  • Sir Henry P. Bear, Esquire - Herbert's grandfather (on his father's side)
  • Humphrey P. Bear - Herbert's uncle (on his father's side)
  • Hubert P. Bear - Herbert's father.
  • Martha P. Bear - Herbert's mother.
  • Hubert P. Bear Jr. - Herbert's oldest brother.
  • Mary P. Bear - Herbert's older sister.
  • Henry P. Bear - Herbert's older brother; twin of Henrietta.
  • Henrietta P. Bear - Herbert's older sister; twin of Henry.
  • Herbert P. Bear - Older twin to Jobert, "head of the family".
  • Jobert P. Bear - Herbert's younger twin.
  • Bobby P. Bear - Herbert's younger brother.
  • Polarkin P. Bear - Herbert's other younger brother*
  • Robert P. Bear - Herbert's third younger brother*
  • Albert P. Bear - Herbert's fourth younger brother*
  • Amber P. Bear - Herbert's younger sister*

*Polarkin, Robert, Albert and Amber were born in Antarctica, after their parents were banned from the Arctic Kingdom.

Distant family[edit]

  • Cathrine P. Bear - Aunt
  • George P. Bear - Aunt's Husband
  • Kevin P. Bear - Cousin
  • Enrie P. Bear - Distant cousin; Comedian in UnitedTerra
  • Bishop Henry P. Bear - Herbert and his siblings' cousin.


Henrietta P. Bear[edit]

Henrietta P. Bear is an older sister of Herbert P. Bear and Henry's twin. She has the exact same personality as her twin brother and looks like he used to look before turning green except that she wears a bow. She doesn't like how Henry looks because he turned green. She tried and tried to make Henry white again but made Henry more green and then Henry slapped Henrietta in the face and walked away. Henrietta was heartbroken after Henry walked away. It took years for Henry and Henrietta to get back together but Henry just hated her for years and years. Before Operation: Blackout, Henry found Henrietta crying with a picture of Henry and Henrietta happy together. After that, they no longer hate each other.

Amber P. Bear[edit]

Amber P. Bear is Herbert's younger sister who loves lollipops and doesn't hate penguins. She wears a wig all the time. Amber often makes the LEEPB's plans fail, because she wants the other bears to be nice to the penguins.