Herbert P. Bear Xquire

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Herbert P. Bear Xquire
Herbert P. Bear Xquire image.png
The terrifying Herbert X
Title Herbert X
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Evil
Health Excellent
Level Unknown
Status Working for Nightmare
Location Nightmare Crater

Herbert P. Bear Xquire, or simply Herbert X, is the terrifying X-Antibody of Herbert. He resembles a large, walking Bear Skeleton with a bluish X on his forehead. He's only a skeleton because Herbert had him removed much to early (even more early than Tails X) so only his skeleton had time to develop. He was the eighth antibody made with permanent REM Sleep.


Herbert, like many of Antarctica's residents, caught the X-Virus and he coudln't stand it. Like Pogopunk X he wasn't from Antarctica so the virus affected him in different ways than it did the penguins. For instance, his fur began to turn multiple colors from time to time and penguins who passed by started laughing and taking pictures. At first he tried to ignore it, but then he saw the latest issue of The Penguin Times in which he had made the headline. It showed a picture of him rainbow colored and one picture even showed Klutzy trying not to laugh. He decided that he was going to have to interfere with nature ad have this Virus surgically removed. He called the famous surgeon Doctor John Barrbuh to come to his cave and remove the Virus from his body. The Doctor arrived several days later (in which time penguins had taken more pics of him and a tour bus even stopped at his cave so people could view the Rainbow Polar Bear). After a bit of cutting and stitching, a black substance that the surgeon was sure was the virus was removed. He tried to contain it in a jar, but it simply leaped away. After awhile of trying to chase it, the substance formed a large polar bear skeleton. It had a bluish X on it's forehead and it looked at Herbert curiously. Herbert attempted to punch the thing after all the embarrassment it caused him, but when he did it simply formed back together. He tried again, and again, and again, but the result was allways the same. Eventually after maybe 258 tries later, Herbert collapsed from exhaustion and the Antibody simply left the cave. Herbert later woke up and was glad to see that he would no longer be called the rainbow polar bear, but the very next day the tour bus still came, only this time it called him the bear with the bare belly (Barrbuh had to remove the fur on his stomach to do the surgery). Klutzy couldn't hold it in any longer and began to laugh. Herbert couldn't take it any more and went chasing after the tour bus, aswell as Klutzy.

After around a week, while he was skipping rocks in a river, Herbert X was visited by Nightmare. She didn't bother using any fancy stuff with him, as she didn't think he would be very hard to convince. As it would turn out she was right, and after a few mere minutes she managed to convince him that she was his mother. She then took him to Nightmare Crater to become one of her minions children.


Herbert X, for the most part, didn't do much during the Nightmare Epic, but he was the first to appear. The most he did was go on a rampage through Club Penguin Island in one of the first chapters. Luckily Explorer 767 and Tails6000 came to the rescue and managed to hold him back. They constantly managed to collapse the Antibody, but he simply kept putting himself back together. Then Explorer had an idea and told Tails6000 who agreed it just might work. Explorer grabbed Tails's flipper and the two ran off. While Herbert X was wondering where they had gone of to they quickly built a ramp behind the Coffee Shop. Tails6000 grabbed Explorer as he ran up the ramp and went high into the sky, right over Herbert X. Tails then let go and Explorer pulled out his shovel and spun around like a drill while yelling "HEY YOU" at the Antibody. Herbert X looked up and saw Explorer coming straight for him. He tried to run away, but it was to late. Explorer's shovel went right through his skull and shattered his X mark. Being underdeveloped, that X mark was all the was keeping the Antibody alive. Without it, Herbert X simply collapsed into a pile of bones and he was the first antibody to die. Explorer and Tails then high-fived eachother and decided to try and find out what the creature they just fought was.


  • He's a parody of Dry Bowser.
  • Unlike the other Antibodies, he dosen't talk. Instead he just grunts or growls.
  • He's one of the strongest of the X-Antibodies.
  • He is in Nightmare's Army
  • WishFlyX said: "I have to take him from Nightmare" When he first saw Herbert X.

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