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Herbert Technologies Incorporated
Founded 2013
Founder(s) Herbert P. Bear
Headquarters Club Penguin Island, USA
Key people Herbert P. Bear, Klutzy
Products Brain Box
Owner(s) Herbert P. Bear
Employees Klutzy, Klutzette and all of the members of the LEEPB

Herbert Technologies Incorporated, often abbreviated as Herbertech is the company that masks all of Herbert P. Bear's creations. Their most elaborate product, the Brain Box, was used to hypnotize hundreds of puffles under Herbert's control during Operation: Puffle. These puffles were instructed to dig coins all around the Club Penguin Island, which were to fund new evil projects and keep the headquarter's energy going.

Soon after, the company's headquarters was broken into and destroyed. The puffles who were employees of the company smuggled their master and sent him far off into the wilderness. The riches of Herbertech were donated to Coins for Change by agents.

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