Hero Mechas

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Hero Mechas
Multiverse defense overview
Formed N/A; all members were created in spread-out dates
Preceding Multiverse defense None
Jurisdiction Everywhere
Headquarters Expansive portion of G's lab
Employees Various mechas created by G or the BoF
Multiverse defense executives DaiBouken, Team Leader
Tobot X, First Member
Parent Multiverse defense Antarctica's Protectors, sort of
Key document  ?

The Hero Mechas refers to a division of Antarctica's Protectors, specifically their giant robots. Each was created at a different date, but they are all categorized as one team.


  • DaiBouken: Star Kirby12's partner, DaiBouken is the team leader and gains battle experience through regular battles with Raptor Bots.
  • DaiTanken: Made from DaiBouken's auxiliary weapon parts, DaiTanken was never meant to exist, but G decided to create him anyway. He is armed with various tools.
  • Ultra Leon: A lion type robot that is Richperson's partner. He specializes in agility and has claw weapons and a shoulder cannon.
  • Tobot X: A prototype robot that specializes in strength.
  • Tobot Y: A prototype robot that specializes in speed.
  • Tobot Z: A prototype robot with balanced stats.
  • Explorer Pie Tank: Explorer 767's personal pie tank, showing off unmatched firepower.
  • Sentinel: Kwiksilver's loyal partner. He is agile and can change size.
  • Tobot EX: An improved version of X that specializes in bare-fist combat.
  • Tobot W: An improved version of Y that specializes in aerial combat.
  • Tobot R: A Square Islands machine that specializes in fire rescue and water-based attacks.
  • Tobot C: A Square Islands machine that specializes in sound-based attacks.
  • Tobot D: A Square Islands machine that specializes in scouting and scanning.

Super Mode[edit]

Each of the Hero Mechas up until W have a special super form that they can use to battle tougher opponents.

Super, uh, Super Mode[edit]

Through various methods, the Super Mode Hero Mechas can use different power vessels to enter, for lack of better name, Super Super Mode.