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Hershee Chocolate
Type Public
Founded 2009
Founder(s) Hershee
Headquarters Hersheeville, United States of Antarctica
Area served Most of Antarctica
Key people Ben Hun, CEO and Owner
Hershee, COO
Products Chocolate
Employees Hundreds
Website hershee.com

Chocolate That Isn't From Snowzerland, formally known as Hershee Chocolate and often called Hershee's, is one of the largest high-quality chocolate manufacturers in Antarctica. Originally founded by a penguin named Hershee and a few of his friends, the company was later bought by Ben Hun and turned into a massive multi-billion dollar corporation. Though they are competing with other chocolate companies such as Snowzerland Chocolate, Tenorio Confectionaries, and Caspian, they are friendly with some other candy companies such as All Hallow's Treats.


Hershee Chocolate was founded in 2008 by a penguin named Hershee and two of his friends. They had a dream to make the USA the chocolate capital of the world, not Snowzerland. However, they ran out of money soon after and could barely afford to make more chocolate products until Ben Hun came along. Ben Hun saw Hershee's as an opportunity waiting to happen, as he also shared the dream of outdoing Snowzerland in the chocolate making business. So, Ben purchased Hershee Chocolate and hired the former owners to help him head the company. After just a few weeks it seemed like business was booming, and within only a year Hershee had become some of the best chocolate manufactured in the USA, and a billion dollar corporation. Since 2009, all chocolate has been labelled as "Chocolate That Isn't From Snowzerland", but it is still mostly called Hershee Chocolate or Hershee's because they're shorter.

The company's new headquarters was built in a new town named Hersheeville, and factories were built all over the continent, including the HunEmpire, Finestade Land, and West Pengolia. Hershee kept becoming more popular, earning more money and being able to lower their prices. In mid-2010 Hershee sold it's billionth chocolate bar, causing Swiss Ninja to bomb and destroy all of the Hershee factories except the factory in the HunEmpire. Before the last factory could be destroyed by the Snoss, Fuut-Ga talked sense into the Snoss Army, making Swiss Ninja lose the third Great Snowzerland War.

After the war, all of the Hershee factories were rebuilt, with some new ones, and eventually two theme parks were opened. One is located in the USA, and the other in the HunEmpire, both being called "Hersheepark". Now, Hershee is one of the most popular chocolate companies across Antarctica, including the USA where it is the most popular. It competes with other large companies such as Snowzerland Chocolate, Tenorio Confectionaries, and Caspian.


Hershee Chocolate has become a success in the chocolate manufacturing world since being purchased by Ben Hun. Being shipped to many countries across Antarctica (Oddly enough including Snowzerland), Hershee Chocolate is affordable and is enjoyed by everyone from the common penguin and puffle to royalty.


Hershee Chocolate has many locations across the continent where they have factories, ship chocolate or have other facilities.

  • East Pengolia - Home to a Hershee factory, and considers Hershee their favorite chocolate.
  • Finestade Land - Ben Hun is the head of Hershee so Akbaboy agreed to let him build three factories here. It's very popular there.
  • Hersheeville, USA - Location of the company's main headquarters, the largest factory, and Hersheepark USA.
  • HunEmpire - Was one of the first locations Hershee Chocolate was shipped to outside of the USA. There is a Hershee factory here, as well as a large office facility and a Hersheepark.
  • Los Puffles - There is a Hershee hotel on the Los Puffles strip known as Hershee Land.
  • West Pengolia - Hershee's is a national favorite in West Pengolia for two reasons: for One the Khanz admire how Hershee's hates Snowzerland and seeing as Snowzerland chocolate is banned there it's one of their only sources of chocolatey delight.
  • Hershee's chocolate is also shipped to many other countries, including Calada, Dorkugal, the Finipines, Freezeland, Polaris, most Free Republics, and surprisingly Snowzerland, though only Sankt Moritz. The popularity of Hershee's varies in those places, with it often competing with Snowzerland Chocolate and any local brands, though there aren't many.



  • Hershee Chocolate Bar
  • Hershee Hugs
  • Dark Chocolate Bar (CAUTION!!: THE UNKNOWN POWER OF DARK CHOCOLATE COULD BE DEADLY!!! Just kidding, it's healthy, actually.).
  • Snowy Bar


  • It is, of course, a parody of Hershey's Chocolate.
  • 12yz12ab HATES their chocolate. He likes Snowzerland Chocolate better.
    • And so does Ponyo Penguin, who is guilty of trying to poison Hershee Chocolate once or twice.

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