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Also known as Hetaguria: Axis Powers
Genre Comedy/History/Anime
Opening theme none
Ending theme Marukaite Chikyuu (1 & 2)
Hatafutte Parade (3 & 4)
Country of origin Japaland
Language(s) English (sub, dub)
Japanese (dub)
Spanish (sub)
French (sub)
German (sub)
Greek (sub
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 103
Camera setup 1
Running time 5 minutes
Production company(s) Penguin TV
Original channel Penguin TV
First shown in January 24th, 2011
Status On air
External links
http://www.hetalia.com hetaguria.com

Hetaguria is a TV series based on penguins that are actually stereotypical countries.


Main Characters[edit]


  • Liguria/North Liguria - One of the main characters and titular character. He is a cheerful and energetic penguin that loves Italian food. He also seems to be dependant of Alemania. He is very weak in strength but in the movie, he manages to defeat the aliens with a whiteboard marker. Liguria's eyes rarely open.
  • Alemania - One of the main characters. He is, unlike Liguria, a tough and serious penguin. He can get really angry when Liguria is in danger
  • Japaland - One of the main characters. He is a shy and quiet penguin that is fixated with farming, good manners, and things he never understands. He will usually object to everything that Antarctica doesn't say.


  • United States of Antarctica/Antarctica/USA - One of the main characters. He is a loud and energetic penguin that seems to like American foods and such. He also seems to like being the center of attention, and is. Antarctica is actually so strong that he could spin a polar bear in the air while still on the ground, which he actually did when he was a chick. He is immune to Fat.
  • Puffle'and - One of the main characters. He is a penguin that was formerly a puffle but was unfortunately shot with a laser, permanently turning him into a penguin. He is a gentleman-like penguin that is mostly bad at cooking.
  • Frankterre - One of the main characters. He technically wants to love every country, including his enemies.
  • Ruscoe - One of the main characters. He is a penguin that may look innocent and cute but he is scarier than you think. He is unaware of his demonic side.
  • Zhou - One of the main characters. He, despite being one of the oldest characters (4000 years old), likes cute things (like yin-yang puffles). Zhou's voice actors are female for every version of Hetaguria
Ruscoe would probably be a penguin version of this...


  • Osterreach - A musically talented penguin that prefers to stay inside of his place. He also seems to be afraid of marine animals (including crabs).
  • Geek Empire - Obviously the embodiment of the Geek Empire, GE is a robotic penguin that is very serious, efficient, and yet, highly anti-social. He doesn't like the idea of being surrounded by "fleshies"- i.e. real penguins (an exception is Japaland) -and feels, as his country, that machines are superior. A huge mystery is that GE has a love for fleshy puffles, nobody knows why...
  • Magyaria - A (female) tomboyish penguin that is, in fact, the manliest country in the series. She used to think she was a boy. She once defeated an army of men alone and won the war against Pruscoe, for Osterreach.
  • Lichenstien - The adopted sister of Snowzerland that appears to have a humble and mature personality. She feels comfortable looking like her older brother.
  • Snowzerland - A nearly-dangerous penguin that would shoot the other countries that get into his territory. He seems to enjoy making other countries "man up", or else he will beat the countries with his war prize. Despite his aggressive state to several countries, he is very protective about Lichenstien and loves her as an older brother.
  • Pruscoe/East Alemania - Alemania's older brother. Pruscoe usually claims that himself is awesome alone, but Magyaria can PWN him easily.
  • Castilla - A lover of tomatoes, Castilla is a optimistic and passionate penguin who raised Limano when he was a young chick.
  • South Liguria/Dellano - The older brother of North Liguria. He apparently is a very stubborn and lazy penguin that, like Castilla and Liguria, love tomatoes. Although he looks tougher than North Liguria, he is just as weak as him.
  • Penguin Empire - The grandfather of the Liguria Brothers, is a lively and old penguin who was once the strongest of all the nations in Antarctica.
  • Poleland - Not to be confused with LITO, Poleland speaks like a fourteen year old girl. He technically also has a pony.
  • Suome - The santa claus of Hetaguria, he is simplistic, gentle and honest. He is also strong, along with having a cute face. Suome, like Sleetden, Pengmark, Ðo'rland and Penguio are all Viking Penguins.
  • Waveland - One of Puffle'and's younger brothers and the current adopted son of Sleetden, he is a micronation who is not recognised by the other nations. Puffle'and thinks Waveland is a rascal, since he desires to become a nation one day and bets that Puffle'and will bow down to him.
  • Sleetden - He is a silent and imitating-looking penguin who, on the inside is actually quite playful. He is usually around Suome, most of the time. Pretty much everyone gets scared when they meet Sleetden for the first time.
  • Ðo'rland - A penguin that owns a puffin puffle. He is the only character that first appears in a movie.
  • Johnfrum Island - Silent and isolated, Johnfrum looms in the shadows, never stepping out from the background and never speaking. He has disturbing, deep white eyes. When actually engaging in social action, Johnfrum subservantly obeys orders when they are actually directed to him, but because he never actually approaches anyone, nothing really happens. Snowzerland claims him as his own.
  • Double Sicilia - A con-man of deceit and villainy, he is always found gambling in seedy casinos and trying to trick the other cast members into giving him their money. He is more than willing to trick and destroy anyone in his way, and he loves bullying Northern Liguria, leaving an angry Alemania.
  • Puffarus - The little sister of Ruscoe. Puffarus loves Ruscoe very much but she scares him too much...
  • Calada -The usually forgotten brother of Antarctica that is quiet and doesn't do the things his brother would do. Calada is usually confused for his brother and takes the blame. An example of "brotherly confusion" is:
    • "What the heck, 2 Antarcticas!?"
    • "I'm Caladia!!"
  • Amataria -A half dragon-robot hybrid, his noticeabpe dragon wings that reside on his head almost always scare other countries, if they're not used to it. He has issues with Club Penguin, whom he always insults.
  • Club Penguin - He is hospitable, outgoing, and a delight to be around, with the natural ability to befriend others and make their lives better. His first and only appearance is in Episode 100, where the main characters get shipwrecked on his island.
  • Pengmark - A stubborn and bossy viking penguin that seems to enjoy ignoring people's orders and being the boss. He is known for his giant axe and drinks lots of Cream Soda.
  • Penguio - He is the older brother of Ðo'rland who is usually involved with mythical creatures, although they aern't exactly the same as Puffle'and's os.
  • South Joseon - A free-spirited penguin who has an obsession with video games, drama studying aboard and the internet. He has a very special hair curl that holds his "Korolean Spirit". Due to controversy, he is one of the only characters in Hetaguria to originally appear in the series but unexpectedly doesn't. In episode 14, he is briefly seen in the supermarket line.
  • Shops Island - He is a penguin who sells and makes a lot of things. He is often very snappy, and is known to hide out, building things.
  • Malesia - He is a farmer penguin and loves to surf the internet and is addicted to video games. He also played soccer. He is usually seen hanging out with Puffle'and, his friend.
  • Snowiny - A poor penguin who is mocked constantly all the time. He often gets plans to get stronger, richer and bigger, but the plans usually always fail. He's a window washer. He is also known for his childish attitude, which is also one of the reasons why he is constantly mocked. The only thing he is actually good in is peacekeeping, and constantly volunteers to help others in need, but most people sometimes refuse, stating he's stupid and weak.
  • Felipenas - She is a kind and kindled young penguin who is under the watchful eye of Castilla. She has a fondness of Zhou and Antarctica's products. She has an incredible love for basketball, and is an expert in boxing.
  • Margate - He is a young penguin with an entrepreneurial spirit, constantly offering his peacekeeping and economic advice to others in exchange for lots of cash. He enjoys all kinds of water sports, and is an open and friendly pacifists.
  • Nexon - A rebellious kid who keeps on trying to distance himself from his older brother Margate but constantly fails, he always has ways to knock people out, be it poison-induced hallucinations or whacking with frying pans. Due to his nature, many penguins keep a distance from him.
  • Tropicalis - He is known for being fond of friendship, which he puts trust in and seeks the help of others in return for better relationships. He greatly welcomes support and visitors to his country.

Guest Appearances[edit]

  • Amigopen - It is unknown why Amigopen is seen numerous times through the series. It is somehow a liking for Amigopen...
  • Swiss Ninja - He appears as Snowzerland's boss.


  • Trolly the Alien Penguin - A good friend of Antarctica who lives in the basement and plays video games, due to being searched by penguins that desire this alien.
  • Puffy the Puffin Puffle - Ðo'rland's pet Puffin Puffle. He can talk and wears a pink bow tie. Puffy is haughty and enjoys getting compliments about how cute he is. Ðo'rland disapproves Puffy's sarcasm and manly talk.
  • Kiju the Baby Bear - Calada's friendly Bear that is permanently a Baby bear. He usually forgets what Calada's name is and in return, Calada also forgets Kiju's name.
  • Puffle'and's magical friends - Puffle'and has imaginary friends that usually cheer him up, one of them is a flying mint bunny. Antarctica usually feels arkward when Puffle'and interacts with them.
  • Colway's Magical creatures - Colway also has magical creatures, like Puffle'and's but unlike his, Colway's magical creatures are based on Norse Mythology.
  • Poofy the puffle - Japaland's pet white puffle who he calls "poofy". Poofy is a much more fluffier breed of puffle than others.
  • Playa the pony - Playa is Poleland's pony who simply neighs, not like a PONEH.

Character Gallery[edit]



Season Episodes First Airdate Last Airdate
Axis Powers: Season 1 26 January 24, 2011 July 7, 2011
Axis Powers: Season 2 26 July 24, 2011 March 5, 2012
World Series: Season 1 24 March 26, 2012 May 24, 2013
World Series: Season 2 24 September 24, 2013 February 24, 2014
World Series: Season 3 24 May 27, 2014 June 10, 2015
World Series: Season 4 24 August 26, 2015 April 24, 2016
World Series: Season 5 24 November 6, 2016 July 5, 2017

Season 1[edit]

Screenshot Title Air Date Notes #
Heta epi 1.png "The Continental Conference" January 24, 2011 First Episode of the Series 1
The episode starts off with Antarctica talking about his idea that can solve continental hunger but the everyone starts to fight. After that, rewinding to the part where Alemania is lost with his sticky friend.
"Who is in that box?" January 30, 2011 Debut of Osterreach 2
The episode has Alemania trying to find the heir to the Penguin Empire. He then finds a tomato crate sitting in the middle of the forest, it is Liguria!
"Alemania and Liguria" February 6, 2011 Part 2 of Episode 1 3
Liguria is taken back home by Alemania who gets annoyed. Alemania thinks of ditching Alemania but Liguria declares them both as Allies.
"Meet Mr. Japaland!" February 13, 2011 Gives a full appearance of Japaland 4
Japaland is officially introduced to the series. He is the newest ally of Alemania and Liguria. Japaland explains things with Alemania like minaturising the boat that he planned and having a random anime bot.
"Stranded Where?" February 20, 2011 5
Alemania, Liguria and Japaland go on an unusual trip to an "ordinary" beach. The truth, is that they are actually stranded on an island. Will they ever get out of this ordinary island?
"Stranded Where? part 2" February 27, 2011 106 6
Alemania remembers the times he had with Osterreach, the lover of classical music. Back on the island, the three countries find company, while roasting their marshmallows.
"Liguria and Dellano" March 6, 2011 Gives Dellano a full appearance 7
Liguria gives an introduction of his older brother, Dellano to Alemania. Unfortunately, for Liguria, Dellano will always try to keep his brother away from Alemania.
"Liguria and kidnapping" March 13, 2011 8
Liguria always gets kidnapped, especially if its getting kidnapped by the Allies. Alemania gets calls from Liguria and he keeps on getting kidnapped. First time, too much work. Second time, bad food. But the third, Alemania gets kidnapped...


Ending (Marukaite Chikyuu)[edit]

Liguria's version

The ending of the first 2 seasons. There are actually many different versions of the ending of Hetaguria. For some unknown reason, an Amigopen version also exists.

Ending (Hatafutte Parade)[edit]

Liguria's version

The ending of seasons 3 and 4. Like Marukaite Chikyuu, there are different versions of the song.


  • Hetaguria is a parody of Hetalia: Axis Powers.
    • WARNING: The original version (Hetalia) is an anime rated MA+ in America (M in Australia, 12 and 15 varying on episode in the UK).(Hetaguria is actually aimed for all ages.) If you are afraid of inappropriate things (coarse language, sexual references, etc.), then don't try and watch Hetalia
  • Hetaguria won the Japalandese Anime of the year 2011 award in Amataria.

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