Hetaguria: Make a Rainbow!

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Hetaguria: Make a Rainbow! is the first official feature film of Hetaguria.


The movie starts off with Aceland, who is trying to get tourists in order to get more money for his economy. A green mist randomly appears above him and he suddenly gets more tourists. In another scene a female penguin is running away from several white faceless aliens who turn her into one of them.

The Allies and the Axis try and find a way to stop the chaos, but it ends up with a spreading argument. It causes Alemania to call the meeting off, leaving only Liguria behind. Calada is also left behind, with no one noticing, somehow...

Somewhere else, Pruscoe holds a show with Bella Rus and Uframe singing their theme song but is cancelled, due to the sisters dropping out on the last minute. The aliens successfully turn nearly every country and state in Antarctica, resulting Limano screaming "WHAAA~! WHAT THE CRAPOLA HAPPENED HERE!?" and turning into an alien. Poleland finds his pony turned into an alien, which also makes him an alien. Finnland waits for Christmas to come, eventually turning into an alien. Snowzerland and Lichenstien are seen to be in their "Anti-Army Barrier" and having a picnic together, preventing them from turning into aliens.

Trolly, Antarctica's alien friend, is the first suspect of the unknown alien race and before telling the allies and axis the alien's (Pac) weakness, he turned into a Pac.