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Title Prankster
Gender female
Race antibody
Faction Pranking Trio
Health Phyiscally yes, Mentaly.........Maybe......
Level Prankster nuisance!!!
Status Pranking someone.......
Location Anywhere
Occupation Prankster
Interests Being a nuisance, pranks.
Friends Gruff, Surray, Flywish, Pranking Trio, Heyz
Enemies Darktan's Army
Archetype Neutral

HeyX is a pranking nuisance that is a honorary member in the Pranking Trio. She is the antibody of Heyz and a very good friend of her. Its highly advised to stay away from her without a plate or shovel!


HeyX was born when WishFlyX bit that crazy prankster. HeyX quickly laughed and PWNed WishFlyX with a raspberry pie. She ran away to go be a nuisance. She later pranked an entire shop, literally, she threw pies all over the building. She ran away and a random bystander got in trouble. Heyz saw this and asked is HeyX could join her group. HeyX said "Ill Join" and thus became a honarary member.


HeyX usually goes around throwing pies at things much like Heyz does. She is very annoying if you aren't used to her.


  • She is neutral.
  • She is even more annoying then Heyz.
    • This literally saved her from the Nightmare Epic as she was "too annoying" for any of the X-Antibodies on capture duty to handle.

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