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Hi-Jacker-Jack image.gif
Hi-Jacker-Jack, Hijacking a computer.
Title Hi-Jacky Geekafronic
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Unknown
Level Minion
Status Hijacking Computers
Location Unknown

Hi-Jacker-Jack or Hi-Jackey Geekafronic is a hacker that works for Darktan. He only hacks into computers to find out information, after hacking a computer, he will make the screen flash "HI-JACKED" for 2 days, then go into a constant BSOD. He is a light blue penguin, with black hair, black shoes, black gloves and a dark gray superhero/ninja mask. His name is rather confusing, as his real and full name is "Hilordando Geekafronic Jackson" (pronounced Hi lord and oh - Geek a fron ic - Jack sun). He used to be a technical support worker for Muffin but quit when he got his yearly pay check...he only got 10 coins. He can also hijack other things like boats, planes or even cars. Many penguins call him Emo, this however is not yet proven.


He used to work for Muffin at technical support, but after a whole year of answering calls (18,492,619 calls) he got paid 10 coins. He quit that then moved to the USA to find a new job. On his search, he found a Mansion somewhere, and decided to go on in. We have found a transcript of what was said.


  • Jack = Hi-Jacker-Jack
  • Dark = Darktan
  • Manny = Manny Peng


Jack: Hmmm

Dark: Hello, who are you and why are you here?

Jack: I just moved here, I'm looking for a new job, and your door was open.

Dark (to manny peng): MANNY PENG! I told you to shut that door!

Manny: Sowwy Mastwer! ~bites chocolate~ - I ran out of chocwates so I went to get some more.

Jack: Umm..I think I'm going to...leave....now.

Dark: WAIT! - Don't you want a job?

Jack: Well yeah, so, bye.

Dark (before jack leaves): I can give you a job!

Jack: Really? Wow, thanks!

Dark: Good. So it's settled, you will work for me. Now before I show you what to do, there's someone outside.



He appears in some secret missions, either hacking computers, or jumping out a window before any agents see him.


  • He is not a emo yet he dresses like one.
  • He has a very high toned voice.
  • He can hijack a computer in 2.3 seconds.

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