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File:Hidden Ninjas logo.png
The Hidden Ninjas' Poster.

The Hidden Ninjas are a group of Ninjas that help find gold. They train penguins to fight anyone or anything that gets in their way of finding treasure.

The Story[edit]

The story of the Hidden Ninjas is a tale that has been arpund for a long time, it all started when club penguin first started, the Hidden Ninjas were called Snow-Ninjas back then, and they always looked for treasure for club penguin. For an Example, The Coin, Was first made by the Hidden Ninjas when they moulded Gold into a Circle and made copies of them and used them as currency, of course Club penguin doesnt use the coins that Hiddens Ninjas made now. The leaders name is unknown, but we know what happened to him, When he became a Ninja, he wanted People to share his Intrest with ninjas, so he started the Snow-Ninjas to show people that Ninjas are nice, and want to be a part of the other penguins community, but when the myth of the "Ninja" started, they decided to be called the Hidden Ninjas and find a Hideout to stay away from the penguins though to not Confuse anyone. When The Hidden Ninjas had at least 10 Ninja Warriors, They Started to make bigger things out of gold, such as statues, they made a statue of their ninja master. Today, The Hidden Ninjas Hideout is still unknown, and no one has seen any Ninjas yet.


Leader: Unknown

Ninja 1: Unknown

Ninja 2: Metalmanager

Ninja 3: Unknown

Ninja 4: Unknown

Ninja 5: Claymotion

Ninja 6: Flamejob56

Ninja 7: Unknown

Ninja 8: Diana245

Ninja 9: Ninja 891

Ninja 10: Ninja 311

List of Ninja Treasure[edit]

The Ninjas found Gold, This is what they made out of Gold:

  • Statues.
  • Coins.
  • Weapons.
  • Armor.

The Ninjas also found other things like Silver and Bronze, this is what they made:

  • Barracades.
  • Ninja Throwing Stars.
  • Shovels.
  • Medals.
  • Buildings.

The Break[edit]

For a while there, The Hidden Ninjas took a break from finding treasure, because they thought it wasnt necessary. So On their break, Some of them disappeared.