High Empire of Nexon

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The High Empire of Nexon






Hail Nexon!
Capital Nexon City
Government Empire
 -  2013 Octavian
 -  Nexon gained independence and joined the Rock Union. 2000
 -  Nexon declared their independence from Margate.
 -  Nexon goes to war with Shops Island, Snowiny and Ed Island, and are defeated. October 2013
 -  With no military, Nexon is easily re-annexed by Margate during the The Plague War. November 17, 2013
Currency Dollar ($)
Today part of Margate

The High Empire of Nexon was a short-lived imperial fiefdom ruled under the iron flipper of amatuer Sith Lord Emperor Octavian.


For past history, see main article: Nexon#History

Annexation and Rebellion[edit]

After 13 years of independence as the Republic of Nexon, Nexon was invaded and annexed by Margate in 2013, along with all other members of the Rock Union.

However, enjoying the life of an independent nation and not wanting to be taken over again (after a very long history of being conquered by other nations), the Nexonans rebelled everywhere. During this time, N00bface wannabe named Octavian decided to take the country for himself, which he turned into his own fiefdom, named the High Empire of Nexon.

High Empire of Nexon[edit]

Although being independent was what the Nexonans wanted, Octavian's rule was putting the nation into a depression, making the citizens despise him. However, after he successfully rid the Margatians from Nexon (who were fighting to retake the state), the people loved him and embraced him as their Emperor.

Soon afterwards, Octavian even lead the nation to capturing a few territories.

Fall of Nexon and re-annexation[edit]

Starting to pose a serious threat to Antarctic safety and security, Shops Island, Snowiny and Ed Island declared war on Nexon on October 10th, 2013. Over the course of October, the war would end up causing major damage on both sides, including the destruction of Goberna, Nexon City, and the death of thousands of combatants. At the end of the war, Nexon's military was shut down (much like Japaland's at the end of Khanzem), and they were placed under the protective custody of the allied forces. However, Shops Island was willing to help financially to rebuild what had been lost during the war (mostly due to Lavender's wife Violet, who had formerly lived in Nexon).

In November, unbeknownst to the Shoppers at the time, the Nexonans had released a new deadly plague in Shops, however they framed the Melodeevians. This sparked The Plague War between Shops, Snowiny, and the Melodeeves. During the war, Margate asked that they could deal with the rogue state (re-annex it without allied defence), which the Shoppers agreed to as long as they could receive "Emperor Octavian" for his war crimes. With no military, Nexon was easily re-annexed by Margate, and Octavian was handed to the Shoppers to face imprisonment. It was officially declared a state of Margate shortly after.

Cities and territories[edit]

  • Milania- Located at the south-west of Nexon, this island is inhabitated by Ligurians. It is one of Nexon's main agriculture centre.
  • Nexon City- The capital and largest city of Nexon. The city and its province was Nexon's main finance and industrial district.
  • Octavii- The second largest city and province of Nexon. It is surrounded by hills and situated at Nexon's northern part. Like Nexon City, the residents work in the banking and manufacturing industry. The city was re-named after Emperor Octavian.
  • Poshia- A territory of Nexon (for a short time).
  • Sexon- Situated at Nexon's mainland Southern part, it is also known as Southern Nexon. Most of the inhabitants here were of Puffish descent.

International relations[edit]

Almost no nations in Antarctica actually recognized Nexon as a sovereign state after Margate annexed them. Only a few nations even noted their existence, and most of those were viewing Nexon as a threat (such as Shops Island).

  • Margate- Terrible. This is quite obvious due to Nexon rebelling and fighting against Margatian rule.
  • Melodeeves- WORST OF THE WORST! They hated each other brutally, and Octavian threatened to launch a missile strike at them.
  • Shops Island- Very Bad.
  • Snowiny - Very Bad.
  • South Joseon- Fair. South Joseon and Nexon were allies to some extent.
  • West Pengolia- Best of pals. Vince made a deal with Penghis Khan. Nexon planned on developing West Pengolia into a modern country in exchange for the nations becoming allies.
  • Zhou- Good. Zhou and Nexon were allies to some extent.


  • The "High Empire" in the nation's name was inspired by the High Penguin Confederacy, the first nation to conquer Nexon as well as the nation Nexon belonged to for the longest period of time (1735-1912; 177 years).