Highlaw Island

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Highlaw Island
Highlaw Island image.PNG
Map of Highlaw Island
Flag (above) and coat of arms (below)
Key details
Type Port Island
Level 40
Location North east of Sub-Antarctic Islands
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles, lots of Fish

Highlaw Island is a small port island located in the Weddell Sea Region. It is located several hundred kilometers west of West Yeti, Freezeland and, as such, is claimed by them. It is well known amongst sailors in the local region as a trading port. However, due to political conflicts with Pengolia, Highlaw Island has come under economic strain. It was said that Penghis Khan had been so angry while he was on the island, he had nearly destroyed his palace once he returned to Pengolia. The inhabitants of this island do not care about that stuff.


One stormy evening, Highlaw Island was found by a fleet of ships in 1970. The ships crashed into the coast due to the low visibility. The penguins aboard established a small colony on the island to settle until the ships were repaired. A town hall, shops, igloos and a dock were created. There was an abundance of trees on the island, and they were used to rebuild the ships. Eventually, the ships sailed off, leaving about 50 inhabitants of the new colony. The island was named Highlaw Island, for the high trees and hope that the small colony won't break down into an anarchy.

Upon arrival at modern-day Freezeland, the crew announced the discovery of the island.The Water Kingdom immediately claimed the island, which the settlers had no problem with. A fleet of ships visited the island to resupply colonial stocks, and to get a status update. The colony expanded to have farms, more igloos, a larger town hall with a bell tower and a larger dock. It was discovered that trading would be crucial for the island to thrive.

Trading began in 1975. This gave the island more profit. More settlers arrived. Eventually, the colony took up the whole island. The colony then had a city where the town hall and docks were located. Trade became more and more important. In 1980, power plants, offices, quarries and MORE igloos were built (the latter resulted in Hotel Empty). The whole island was also divided into districts. Highlaw Island joined the Freezelandian Revolution against Colonial Antarctica, and became part of the new nation in the late 1990s. After the War of 2002, a female General from the island named Bengal was given control of the island and its foreign relations as a reward for her service in the war.

Tensions heated up with Pengolia in 2003, as Penghis Khan had lost his Palace Background during a visit to the island. Bengal had found it and taken it, since there was no proof that it belonged to anyone. Since Penghis found out, he has absolutely hated the Island, and both Bengal and Khan threatened war. The inhabitants wanted to kick Bengal out, before a war would start, but the law was on her side, and she could stay if she wanted to. So, she has, and is still there today. Bengal also never returned the background, because she likes it.

Despite the size of the island, there are no airports present, and all overseas transportation occurs with boats. As such, the docks here rival those of Lowlaw Island.

Map and Locations[edit]

A map of the island.


The Westland District is where most of the igloos are. Igloos are cheap here due to abundant construction materials. Most of the inhabitants of the island live here. As many as 6,500 inhabitants are known to live in this area.


The District of Highmounty is chock full of mountains. The tall mountains here are scaled by daring adventurers. There are many dangerous cracks in the ice but there are also calm glaciers. The tallest point is Mt. Postgoogle, which stands at 900 metres.

Port Trad[edit]

The Capital City of Port Trad is (of course) the capital city of Highlaw Island. It was previously called Port Trade but a penguin knocked off the "e" on the official sign, thus changing the name to Port Trad. The town hall and docks are located here. There are also warehouses for goods storage and dry docks for ship repairs. Around 5,00 inhabitants live here.


Though not an official district, the Wilderness contains many trees and wild puffles. Due to the city lights being shielded by the Highmounty district, stars and planets can be seen clearly. A small wooden shack was built here. The shack contains a radio transceiver and a telescope. Penguins usually go camping here.


  • Southern Highlaw Postoffice (SHP)
  • Port Trad ship repair office
  • "Arrr-I neeeed a ship" ship and car insurance
  • Hotel Empty


The Island community consists mostly of penguins (about 11,526 according to the 2012 census), fish (about 30000), and puffles (about 7000). They live in harmony, and think quite similar. The Island has a harmony, which creates compromises. The Penguin population has a distinct mixture of High Penguins and "Normal"/"Lesser" Penguins.


Although Bengal did not do any crime, the Island community absolutely hates her, although she is to remain in power until she dies or retires. She is not a nice person, because she yells a lot, is vain, and exerts almost no empathy towards others, although takes more bad criticism than she deserves. She isn't causing any real problem except angering Penghis Khan, but would be wise of her to leave the Island as quickly as possible. She doesn't care about how much everyone hates her, and truly believes that they are benefiting from her.


The island has many resources, a majority of which are exported to other places so that other goods can be imported, such as computer parts from Dorkugal. Pengolia was once a major trading partner of the island, but all trading was stopped by Penghis Khan after Bengal refused to return his Palace Background. East Pengolia agreed to trade with Highlaw, and has been a trading partner since.

  • Wood
  • Fish
  • Water
  • Ships
  • Sails
  • Cloth
  • Rock
  • Water
  • Cheap (yet broken) ships
  • Cars

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