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Highway 1
Highway 1.png
Westbound to Dorkugal
Key details
Type highway
Location USA
Inhabitants None exept USA residents riding cars and aircraft or scooters and occasionally Rocketsnails rocketing

Highway 1, officially the US Interstate Highway 1, is a 10 lane highway, serving all of the USA, Região Lisboaguesa, and Freezeland.


Highway 1 was first proposed during Colonial Antarctica, to improve travel around the colonies. The proposition was approved in 1995, and construction on the site started in May 1996. The highway traveled through deep gorges, over marshes, and rough ice. Construction was postponed during the Colonial Antarctica War. After the war, the new USA government started to finish the project. When the highway officially opened in 2003, it was only a four lane highway, sometimes causing delays in the first few years of its opening. A widening project started in 2005, making the lanes wider, as well as the roads.


The north end of Highway One begins in Crawford, King George's Island, Sub-Antarctica, at Main Street in downtown Crawford. From there, the Highway travels about 20 miles southwest to Club Penguin City, before crossing the bridge onto Club Penguin. From there, Highway One continues south, crossing another bridge into Penjuana. The highway then splits at a fork, with one end heading east and another heading south. From here, Highway One continues as the road that heads south. After about 160 miles, a few miles north of Shiverpool, the Highway branches off to the east, while the road that continues south into Shiverpool is known as Highway 11. Highway One continues southeast for 800 miles, traveling through cities of note on the Peninsular coast, including EmotiVille, East Bank City, and Olympia, to name a few.

After crossing the border into Trans-Antarctica, the first city after about 100 miles is Sealville, followed by Pengu Town 100 miles after that. From there, Highway One travels around 700 miles before reaching the next large town on the road, Coastal Hills, better known as the northern suburb of Mojave. The 700 mile stretch of road between Pengu Town and Mojave is considered the most desolate road in the USA, with only an exit every 60 miles, and the only settlement of significant size, Wilson Station, named after a USA general who explored much of Trans-Antarctica, having a population of a little more than 1,000. From there, the Highway continues 100 miles on the desolate 90-150 Ice Shelf, before reaching the Sunshine Fjord, where the geography changes to open hills. Traveling 300 miles from there, the Highway reaches the next large city, Aquarius, with a population of 300,000.

Traveling for about 150 miles, is the last large city on the road, Newton Town, also the largest city in Trans-Antarctica. After another 100 miles, the Highway crosses over in West Pengolia. After traveling for another 300 miles, Highway One reaches the capital of Ulaansnowtar. From there, the Highway curves south, traveling another 350 miles south, reaching the town of Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town, before curving east, ending at Drapes Road at the East Pengolian border. From Crawford, Highway One travels over 3,230 miles, ending at Drapes Road in West Pengolia, making it the single longest and continuous stretch of highway in all of Antarctica.


List of exits, in order:

Sub-Antarctic Islands[edit]

Antarctic Peninsula[edit]

Viking Empire[edit]


West Pengolia[edit]


  • Exit 1-023: Ternville South
  • Exit 1-024: Ternville Central


  • Exit 1-027: Chinook
  • Exit 1-028: Flurryville
  • Exit 1-029: Frostborough
  • Exit 1-030: Fanon City
  • Exit 1-031: West Yeti
  • Exit 1-032: Arda

The Happyface State[edit]


South Pole City[edit]

  • Exit P-001: Polar District Route 11 Interchange South
  • Exit P-002: The Zinc
  • Exit P-003: Latin Island
  • Exit P-004: The Metro
  • Exit P-005: Grand Pole Station
  • Exit P-006: Haarlemton
  • Exit P-007: Polar District Route 11 Interchange North
  • Exit P-008: Doomplestoomp Expressway (Hwy 2) Merge


If one really wants to get a taste of "the middle of nowhere", they can head off to Yoenah. Fifteen minutes before reaching the Snellville exit, there is an off ramp and a two-lane road. This is Redtop Lane. Turn onto that road and travel up it for about fifteen more miles. There, it will branch off into two roads, one continuing as Redtop Lane, and one as Lula Road. Take the left one, Lula Road, and travel onward for one hour to reach Yoenah. Ignore the mysterious/ominous feeling given off by the thick, dense trees dimming the sunlight (when the sun's out).

Fifteen minutes before arrival at Yoenah, and small clearing of blackened soil, almost like a crater, will come into view. This is where the King of Sorrow first appeared. No tree can grow in the scorched clearing. The road resumes on the other side of the crater. Look for a historical marker documenting the event.

Puffleville Islands[edit]

  • Exit 1-028: Puffland Wilds
  • Exit 1-029: Snow Cliff
  • Exit 1-030: Trica's playground
  • Exit 1-031: Chomper Isle Central



  • Carjackers


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