Highway 2

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Highway 2 & Highway 2 Express
Highway 2 shield
Old map of Highway 2
Key details
Type 10 Lane Highway
Level 81
Location Around USA
Inhabitants Cars, penguins walking, bikes and scooters

Highway 2 is a 10 lane highway (5 each direction) that cuts though most of USA and some Free Republics. The major road transports many of Antarctica's cars and trucks, serving as the backbone of road transportation on the continent. Highway 2 Express is an underground tunnel segment that runs between Snellville and Half Pipe. The top speed on this highway is 100 miles per hour, although there are some segments where the speed limit is 120 miles per hour, faster than anywhere in Antarctica.


In 2005, the amount of cars traveling on the roads increased suddenly. This peak of cars increased traffic flow on Highway 1. This started to cause traffic jams all over the system. Complaints began pouring in about the bad situation. It was decided that a completely brand new highway system would have to be built to accommodate traffic currently and for the future.

Construction on Highway 2 began in 2005. Hundreds and thousands of workers toiled to build the massive national network. Eventually, construction finished on New Year's Eve 2007. The completed highway was unveiled the next day, January 1 2008.




The exits/entrances in order:


Polaris SAD[edit]


East Pengolia[edit]

  • Exit 2-011: Fishwow City
  • Exit 2-012: St. Joeyaasburg

West Pengolia[edit]

  • Exit 2-013: Ulaansnwotar City
  • Exit 2-014: Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town


Antarctic Peninsula[edit]

  • Exit 2-023:Olympia
  • Exit 2-024:Intake
  • Exit 2-025:East Bank
  • Exit 2-026:EmotiVille
  • Exit 2-027:Shiverpool

The highway splits into two at this point. One goes to the north towards The Happyface State, and the other one goes south back to South Pole City (and merges with Highway 1)

The Happyface State[edit]

Puffleville Islands[edit]

  • Exit 2-PF1: Chomper Isle
  • Exit 2-PF2: Hot Isle
  • Exit 2-PF3: Cold Isle

Highway 2 Express[edit]

The Highway 2 shield used in the tunnel

Highway 2 Express (also known as "the tunnel") is a segment that runs for part of Highway 2. Originally thought of in 2003, the tunnel, then known as Eastshield Tunnel Express, was to run underground around Eastshield. The Eastshield Tunnel Express was entirely separate when Highway 2 was planned. Construction of the tunnel began in 2004.

However, due to budget constraints, the tunnel project was abandoned during construction. This resulted in a half built tunnel under Eastshield. The workers and engineers on the Highway 2 project decided to link up with the unfinished tunnel. And so, in 2006, the tunnel was completed and linked up to other parts of the highway. The tunnel area was named Highway 2 Express, as it provided a fast way of traveling around Eastshield's coast.

During the middle on construction, the workers were clouded in a cloud of truck fumes. This caused them all to cough and wheeze. G made an invention called The Exhaust 3000 to vent out the tunnel. 1000 of these are now fitted in the modern tunnel. Many cameras are also present, making sure that no accidents go on, and if they do, they will be responded to swiftly.


Highway 2 has a total of 10 lanes, 5 in each direction. The right 2 lanes are for slow moving vehicles, such as small cars and trucks. The remaining 3 lanes are for normal speed traffic. At exits, the left-most lane merges into an exit lane, allowing vehicles to leave the highway. There is sometimes another lane in the middle of the 10 lanes. This lane is not paved and is only made up of snow and dirt. It is exclusively used by emergency response vehicles or for normal traffic to be diverted onto (eg. 1 lane is shut down due to a crash or maintenance).

The speed limit on the highway is 100 miles per hour (or 160 kilometers per hour). This fast speed allows quick travel times between destinations. However, on some straight parts of the highway, the speed limit is pushed up to 120 miles per hour (190 kilometers per hour). This is the fastest land vehicles can legally go on Antarctica.


There are no permanent inhabitants on Highway 2. However, there are several offices located along the route, acting as observation areas, making sure no accidents happen on the highway. There are also many rest areas, with Burger Khans, McDoodles and fuel outlets.


  • Thieves
  • Robbers
  • Hackers
  • Str00dels


  • Gas
  • Food
  • Hotel
  • Travel

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