Northern Shops

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Northern Shops
Northern Shops' Flag
National name Northern Shops State
Country Shops Island
Capital city Hilnit Town
Largest city Hilnit Town
Formation 2013
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles
Other info
Population 1,485,932 (2015)
Leader Lavender
Location Yow Kingdom Island
Alliances Shops Island
Neighbours Puffish Yow, Snoss Yow, Castillan Corridor

Northern Shops (legally and internationally referred to as Shopper Yow) is a state of Shops Island, located on Yow Kingdom Island. It is the only Shopper overseas territory that is labeled as a fully-dependent state. It was created after Yow was partitioned after The Great Yowien War. It is mainly used for work in the agricultural industry, and recently, mining. Northern Shops is also one of Shops' most populous overseas territories, with a hard-nosed population of over 1.3 million penguins.


Northern Shops/Shopper Yow, as shown in context with the entire Yowien Partition.
See Old Yow Kingdom, Partition of Yow, and The Great Yowien War for more details.

Northern Shops was originally settled by Alemanians long ago, and the island was known as Yäulandt. It was soon lost after that. In 1990, a penguin named Alexander Clanin found the island on a fishing trip and worked to turn it into a powerful empire. It was involved in many wars. When Alexander died, Feey1 took over as king, and held the position throughout 2012.

In 2013, Yow had began experimenting with nuclear objects, and projected their intentions to do "harmless" experiments with them. However, intelligence stated that they wanted to develop nuclear weapons. The UAN immediately got angry, and imposed crippling sanctions on it. The Allies, a group of powerful nations, banded together and set up a massive naval blockade preventing all trade from coming and going to and from Yow.

In May 2013, Yowien scientists, despite the sanctions, had successfully developed a nuclear warhead. They put it on a Yowien rocket, and launched it, headed for Shops Island. It was shot down by counteracting missiles. The Allies quickly invaded Yow and the rest of the Yowien Sea, splitting it up, and putting it completely under their control.

After the war, president Lavender willingly took the Hilnit region of Yow during the partition, due to its rich farmlands. It was transformed into a massive-scale farming operation which provided food to easily sustain all of Shops and other nations. It generated well over a trillion WB$ for the country's GDP, greatly improving its economic status on the Antarctic stage.


Northern Shops' economy is heavily centered around agriculture. More specifically, farming food and breeding livestock for their bounty. Northern Shops is effectively Antarctica's largest farm, as that's what most of the region is used for. The Shops government is considering using their offshore part of the territory to search for oil.

Shops is also considering building peninsulas off the southern and eastern coasts of Northern Shops, hoping to tap into oil just like the Snoss, Puffish and Castillans have.

As of late 2014, mining companies have been starting operations in the northern part of the state, which is rich in salt, iron ore, gold, and palladium.


Northern Shops' borders and layout.

Northern Shops' political structure is directly modeled after Shops', considering it's a direct and dependent state. President Lavender directly overlooks Northern Shops. The state is also the only one on Shops without a governor/representative.


Shops has several military bases in Northern Shops. These bases work hand-in-hand with others in L'île de la Puissance and Vailand to ensure that Shops maintains a secure hold over their interests in the Yowien Sea.

The Shopper military personnel guarding Northern Shops' northern border with Snoss Yow occasionally get into little border skirmishes.

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