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Santa? No, no...this is the one and only Hipengy the Playa.
Title The Masta Playa
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Himself
Health Fine, if not currently captured by fangirls
Level Over 9000!
Status Hiding out in the Pizza Parlor
Location Club Penguin
Occupation Player; Robber
Interests Music, Sarcasm, Creating Drama, Seeing how many girls he can get at one time
Friends Rhutter, the reviewers from FF
Enemies Lelee, Fugemonkeys, Pinkwie, basically any girl he's ever met
Archetype Good or Evil...depends how you look at it

Hipengy is a black penguin that wears a red Santa hat and white beard, for reasons unknown. At first glance he may not seem like much, but as soon as he opens his beak he can prove to be quite the catch.

Hipengy enjoys running around the Club and getting into whatever mischief he can. If there's a girl crying in the corner, you can bet he's got some smooth words for her. If there's a really angry boss in the Pizza Parlor, you can bet he's going to rob them. Basically, this sarcastic and slightly arrogant penguin likes to do whatever it takes to tick people off. At heart, he's really a good bird, though, what with a vendetta against swearing, people who are jerks (besides him), and Rockhopper. For some reason, he just can't stand Rockhopper.


Hipengy first began his reign of terror by playing tricks on his friend Rhutter. The two then began their career in mischief by scouting around for attention-seeking girls that cried in corners. Hipengy's first victim was a dark blue penguin named Pinkwie, which he deserted on the dance floor at the first opportunity. He never saw her again. Hipengy then met his greatest enemy who would stalk him to the ends of the earth not long after... this would be Lelee. The list of penguins Hipengy has wronged stretches on and on.


He is a player in every sense of the word, and this has landed him in mighty hot water. Having dumped so many fangirls right after greeting them, for fun, it isn't surprising that they would eventually rise up against him. ...-and rise up they did!


  • Hipengy has an uncontainable hatred for Rockhopper because Rockhopper has so many worshippers. Since RH's fangirls outnumber his own, Hipengy is on a jealous quest to "ruin Rockhopper". He hopes that his fans will surpass Rockhopper's in the near future.
  • The words "report Hipengy" have been uttered countless times all around the Club, but somehow he has never been banned.
  • Flipengy is a red puffle that belongs to Hipengy. He was given this name in commemoration of the day Hipengy forgot his own name.
  • He hates misspellings of his name with a passion, yet loves them because they're so funny to write about.
    • Normal nicknames include Hip or Pengy. Not-so-normal-names-which-are-actual-misspellings include Hiper, Hipnergy, Hipenge, Hipnegy, Hipeng, and lots more.
  • If you spell something wrong, he's going to point it out just to get on your nerves.
  • Hipengy used to be Lavender's best friend before he left to live out his political desires on Shops Island and proceeded to neglect their friendship entirely. To this day, he tells everyone that he personally knows the president of Shops Island, though everyone takes it as a joke, and to add insult to injury, Lavender refuses to acknowledge his past with him. To date there is only one remaining picture of his friendship with Lavender, featuring them both dancing in the Night Club, which Lavender has done his absolute best to cover up to no avail. SIA officials will tell citizens that it is photoshopped.


Quotes by him and dialog[edit]

  • Lelee: Okay, I will admit it...I have issues! There! I cuffess! Now are you happy?!
Hipengy: You spelled confess wrong." -Lelee, Hipengy
  • I'm happy. It's such a great day today. I thought I'd come over and rub it in your face.
  • I'm invulnerable to water! (silence) I'm invulnerable to water... (more silence) That means water can't harm me!!
  • Perriwrinkle: You have no feelings.
Hipengy: Oh yeah? Well you have no... life! Oh, burn!
  • Nightness: I have read your story, but I don't like it.
Hipengy: Why don't you like it?
Nightness: Because it was written by a robber.
Hipengy: See, that proves you haven't read it. It was written by a PLAYER.

Quotes to him or about him[edit]

  • Urty: Hipengy is a villain! Hipengy ruined Rockhopper!
  • Lizette: Like me or I'll report you.
  • Cute Kitty: The brown beanbag looks...... he's not here.
  • (RH, having tried to shoot Rockhopper)
RH: I be too quick for ya, matey. Harr har har!
  • (Having entered the room)
Rhutter: Now it's a party!

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