Hobo Penguin

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Hobo Penguin
Hobo Penguin before the Flight 815 Crash
Title Hobo Penguin
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Status Permanently on Ross Island
Location Ross Island

Hobo Penguin is an Emperor Penguin who lived in Club Penguin. He is currently on Ross Island. Hobo Penguin's real name is never to be revealed.


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Hobo Penguin was born on Club Penguin. At the age of 29, he began traveling around Antarctica, he went to the south and north of Club Penguin. Then, when he went to Flight 815 the incident happened, he was plunged down with his seat to Ross Island while asleep. After the incident, Hobo Penguin wandered on the island for food and things that benefits him, after wandering around he grew tired and fell asleep. After waking up, he was "teleported" to a place where there's a lot of penguins. There, he tried to beg for money or food, after three days of begging his wish was granted, a penguin gave him a fish. In return, he spoke to the penguin about Club Penguin and other places in Antarctica. Because he is a hobo, he tried to build an igloo made out of snow however it did not last long. So, he tried to explore the island with the help of his compass that was on his pocket all along. The compass lead him to a dark cave, which is filled with gold nuggets. After spelunking at the cave, the compass pointed at a city because the compass is only the hobo's hope, he followed it again. The compass lead Hobo Penguin to a bank, where he can convert the gold nuggets to coins. The banker asked him where did he came from, Hobo Penguin answered he was from Club Penguin and went to Flight 815. The banker was shocked and so was the other penguins inside the bank, Hobo Penguin then was interviewed by numerous journalists about the Flight 815. However, no information was extracted from him since Hobo Penguin has a bad case of amnesia. He only remembers the places in Antarctica and the name of the aircraft.


"Club Penguin is a great place. But I think Ross Island is better."

-Hobo Penguin describing Club Penguin.