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The Hochstadt Gang
Hochstadt Gang Seal.png
The Official Seal
Name The Hochstadt Gang
Type Adventure and Military Group
Location Anywhere in the World, but mostly in Antarctica.
Head Fisch Hochstadt
Job Exploring and Military Operations
Members 12 Members.
Headquarters Frostize, Frostize Enclave, Antarctic Mainland, Liguria

The Hochstadt Gang are a very famous group of Penguins that are from the Hochstadt Family. This group goes on Adventures and despise Swiss Ninja, even though he is part of their family (but not in the group).

Group Members[edit]

  • Fisch Hochstadt - The leader of the Group who is a well experienced adventurer. Fisch knows a lot about Geography and History, and all this and much more make him an Ideal leader.
  • Jock Hochstadt - Jock is a courageous penguin who has been in several wars. He is a master of the sea, and is a fierce warrior. Jock comes in second-in-command due to his good battle strategies and gifted leadership. He is also a Telenacle MegaBishop.
  • Fuut-Ga - Fuut Ga is a trustworthy Ninja, who's Destiny is to defeat Emperor Pengvintine and become the Last Sensei (He doesn't know this yet). He's pretty bright, and helps the Gang in many fields.
  • Dave Hochstadt - A secret Agent and Surfer, Dave is a useful character in situations.
  • Corai - Corai Unki, a close relative to the Hochstadt's, is the comic relief of the group.
  • Clovis Hochstadt - Clovis is a jester who entertains the group. He also has an interest in cooking, and cooks food for the group.
  • Yilk - Yilk is the oldest living member of the Hochstadt Family. He uses his wisdom to help the group.
  • Piper J. Cub - Piper is Jock's puffle who has been in tight situations. Piper has saved the group's lives two times, and he is the group's weaponry specialist and ace pilot.
  • Gottfried Hochstadt - A distant cousin of the Hochstadt Family who still holds the family name. Gottfried is a knight and is a very good warrior/leader, and has lead Hochstadt Gang missions like Traveling All of Antarctica.
  • Bernard Hochstadt - Bernard Hochstadt is the brother of Gottfried, who is the coach of Snowzerland's National Football Team. He is good at getting inside information like plans that SN might have, since Bernard happens to live in Snowzerland.
  • Flywish - Dave's grandson, and the supreme ruler of Liguria. He is neutral in the rivalry between Swiss Ninja and the Hochstadt Gang. Despite that, he is a supply source for the Hochstadt Gang being the supreme ruler of Liguria.
  • Marcos Terrasini - He only has a distant relationship to the Hochstadt family; he's his father's Mafia associate' friend of a friend brother's cousin's son-in-law's friend's girlfriend's half-brother's friend. We told you it was distant. His father as in the UPM and when he was murdered, a dying request was made for Marcos to be found (he was found to be a protégé of King Carlos and had been sent away to boarding school). He joined the EPF to seek revenge although it is unknown what his current links with the Mafia are.

Future Members[edit]

Honorary Members[edit]

  • Leonardo di Tremezzo- A Puffle who used to the pet of Swiss Ninja, Leonardo was the first of Fisch Hochstadt's Friends. He is actually Piper's Cousin, and is now living in Toledo, Castilla near Piper, Jock, and Clovis as a Free puffle.
  • Fudd Lapooh - Fudd has always wanted to prank Swiss Ninja, and decided that joining this group would be his best opportunity. He is specializes in dangerous pranks.
  • Explorer 767 - Explorer has helped accompany the Hochstadt Gang on their missions. He specializes in pranks.
  • Akbaboy - He's not the brightest bulb and tends to be annoying at the wrong time but he is a good friend and he's can save the group in dire situations.
  • Sancho Monte Captio - He is a good friend of the Hochstadts, he has provided them with their Group's Learjet. He is sometimes never there because of the number of corporate meetings he has.
  • Vickers Vanguard - A Good Friend of Piper J. Cub, Vickers is also an Aviation Enthusiast. He helps co-pilot aircraft or replaces Piper when he is unable to fly.
  • Commander Andy "Warlord" Price - A TerraMount special warfare officer. He had involvement during the Terrain Cookie War and the GSWI when he was a captain but his first major role was during the GSWII (where he was now a Commander) where he rescued Ninjahopper. He is now a regular appearance with the Hochstadt Gang.
  • General of the Army/General James Macworth - A high ranking TerraMount general. He supplies the gang with military equipment and authorises air assaults, rescues etc. During peace he's ranked General but in times of war he's a General of the Army. He likes to get up close and personal with the enemy.
  • Brendan Stars-Hochstadt - The President of PASA, Brenden Stars hates his cousin Swiss Ninja because of his Ego and leading the RDA.
  • Tails6000 - Tails first met the Hochstadt Gang during his first adventure. He went to Swiss Ninja's castle because he heard that the king had a Destruction Gem, which he and TurtleShroom were collecting. He later challenged the ninja, and beat him very easily. Since then he's been given honorary membership of the Hochstadt Gang, despite having not helped them with anything since.


HGHQ.png HGHQ1.png Prior to the construction of the Hochstadt Gang headquarters in Frostize, Liguria, the headquarters were in Fisch's igloo in Club Penguin. As the group started to grow, the need for a headquarters was most sought for by Jock Hochstadt.

In 2010, a new headquarters were built in Frostie, on a former city parking lot, bought by Sancho Monte Captio. The headquarters are still under construction, and cost an estimated 14.5 million pebbles. Sancho agreed to pay for labor costs, as well as furniture, computers and the building it self. The building features three floors.

The third floor at the headquarters have seven rooms, equipped with two Queen beds each, as well as a full washroom, and a mini-fridge. There is also a cafeteria with tables and chairs, equipped with a full kitchen.

The second floor contains a living room,with a television and game consoles, as well as many couches. There is also a weaponry on this floor, as well as a business center, with 7 Peach computers. The second floor also has a large library, with many shelves of books to read. The floor also has a small laboratory where hired forensic scientists may work for special cases.

The first floor contains the Operations Control Room, located behind the main foyer, behind eight security doors, which guard the Operations Control Room from anyone. The Operations Control Room contains nine computers and three 150 inch screens.

As of Late 2012, there has been talks of relocating the Hochstadt Gang's Headquarters to Sevilla, Castilla, though no official decisions have been made.

Official Group Transport[edit]


Jock on Scooter.png The Gang has only four official Transport Units, and those are Jock and Akbaboy's personal Motor Scooters, plus another 2 Motor Scooters both belonging to Clovis. It can only hold eight passengers, so it's not used that often, so technically, no official road transport vehicle is employed in the group, but the group uses their personal cars, taxis, buses and rent-a-car.


The group has an official transport aircraft, a modified Pontrier JRC1000, which was donated by Sancho Monte Captio,who is president of the Pontrier Company, a personal friend of Piper J. Cub. The aircraft lets puffles, like Piper J. Cub pilot the aircraft, along with a penguin co-pilot. There are 18 seats, that can recline to 180 degrees to convert into a bed. There is also a minibar, AVOD screens, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. The aircraft is partly owned by Piper J. Cub and Pontrier. The aircraft is painted in a custom Hochstadt Gang livery. Maintenance on the aircraft is done at South Pole City-Downsview Airport, the base of operations of Pontrier.


There is no current rail transport for the group, but they do take the Antarctic Express from time to time.


Having the Hochstadt Gang doesn't cost anything, but sometimes, the gang needs money to use things for their missions that the money they have will cover it. There are also Financial Sponsors of the group who support the Group financially or in other ways, such as Food, Shelter, or Transportation.

  • King Carlos Goberna II - the Main Sponsor of the Gang. He is good friends of Jock Hochstadt and Clovis, and seems to help them in the Financial fields.
  • TerraMount Military - in several wars they have aided them with soldiers, weapondry and transport.
  • Fisch and Chips- A famous restauraunt chain that was founded by the Gang for money. However, the Gang only recieves 10% of it's Profit since they need to pay the employees and do maintenance of the Restauraunts.
  • Pontrier Aerospace: Pontrier, a company wholly owned by Sancho Monte Captio, provided the group's ARJ1000 aircraft, used for the group's transport.
  • Sancho Monte Captio: Sancho has provided the group with the group air transport, monetary funds, as well as a new headquarters in Frostize. He is a very good friend of the Hochstadts, and supports the group.
  • Brendan Stars-Hochstadt: He is a millionare Hochstadt, what else can you say?
  • Nicktang10 He is a secondary sponsor, providing them with accommodation and land transport. After all, he is a CEO.


  1. Swiss Ninja - Swiss Ninja hates Fisch and will do anything to destroy him. The Group doesn't like him for this.
  2. Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland - They are the ultimate rivals of the group.
  3. Austin8310 - Austin8310 is one of Swiss Ninja's inner circle, and despises Fisch. He is more of a threat then Swiss Ninja himself.
  4. XTUX Hun - XTUX is a fast, intelligent and highly dangerous cyborg who's out to get the gang. With built-in weaponry, jets and a coffee maker (pfft), he's a force to be reckoned with.
  5. Java Ghent - Austin's partner and buddy. He hates the Hochstadt Gang for interfering with Swiss Ninja's plans.
  6. Rex - Austin's brother. Rex hates the Hochstadt Gang, but he's not real enthusiastic about beating them.
  7. RDA - SN's elite minions.
  8. War Bots - The Minions of Swiss Ninja.
  9. Fisxh - Fisch's pathetic antibody.
  10. Elite Snoss Troopers - The Elite Penguin Soldiers of Swiss Ninja. They rarely come Across the Gang since these penguins command troops of Regular Soldiers and War Bots.


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