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Hockey Manlet
Hockey Manlet
Full Name Chad Thunderbeak
Alias Hockey Manlet
Born Chad Thunderbeak
March 21, 1980 (1980-03-21) (age 39)
Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Height 1'7"
1'10" (with hair)
Residence AchadiaFlag.png Thunderbeak Manor, Achadia
Citizenship AchadiaFlag.png Achadia
Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Spouse Melon Thunderbeak
Children Chad Thunderbeak Jr.
Occupation Supreme Leader of Achadia
Hockey player
Employer Ed Island Electric Shocktopi (1999-2010)
Years Active 1999-2010, 2019-present
Net Worth 52 million
Political Career
Political Party Liberal
Supreme Leader of Achadia
January 4, 2019 – Incumbent
Awarded Electric Shocktopi MVP (1999-2002, 2004-2010)
Ed Island Hero of the Nation
Honorary Citizen of Shops Island
Hockey Manlet's signature

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Hockey Manlet (real name Chad Thunderbeak) is the former star player of the Ed Island Electric Shocktopi and rival of Brant Esser. He became famous early in his career thanks to his exceptional hockey skills, and is still recognized to this day long after his retirement. Today, he is viewed as a symbol of freedom and resistance in Acadia as a result of his fearless criticism of its president, an act which has had many penguins thrown in jail, and would later be responsible for democratization of the nation as a result of the Achadia Crisis. In 2019, he inherited an island from his #1 fan Theodore McKrill, and became the Supreme Leader of Achadia.


Early life[edit]

Hockey Manlet in middle school

Chad's life was nothing out of the ordinary for the early years of his life. He quickly became interested in hockey and joined the school hockey team. However, he was bullied for his short stature and decided to turn the tables with his trusty hockey stick. He claimed the nickname the bullies gave him, Hockey Manlet, for himself, as a symbol of his newfound power over them.

In middle school, he began dating his future wife, Melon. On the day of a school dance, Brant thought about asking Melon to the dance, but ultimately decided not to, knowing Hockey Manlet's reputation and not wanting to get beaten up. However, he asked Melon to hang out just as friends and got beaten up by Hockey Manlet anyway, starting a rivalry that would last the rest of their lives. After finishing middle school, they went their separate ways, with Hockey Manlet and Melon going to the same high school and continuing to date.

Hockey career[edit]

In 1998 during his senior year of high school, Hockey Manlet was playing a hockey game, which happened to be attended by the brother of a recruiter for the Ed Island Electric Shocktopi. He was so impressed that he told his brother, who offered Hockey Manlet a spot on the Electric Shocktopi once he graduated. Hockey Manlet accepted and moved to Ed Island with Melon, who he later married. He quickly became one of their star players thanks to his short stature, which made him speedier and allowed him to loop around and dodge the other players. Hockey Manlet soon became a household name, and all sorts of businesses wanted him to sponsor them. Soon, CHAD THUNDERBEAK cereal, shoes, jerseys, backpacks, and more could be found in stores, and he even appeared as a minipenguin in an Armo Sports set.

In 2010, Hockey Manlet announced he would be retiring from professional hockey at the end of the season, planning to live a quiet life on Ed Island with his family. Shortly after this announcement, he was gifted a platinum hockey stick by the Electric Shocktopi in honor of his long and successful career.

Antics in Acadia[edit]

One day in 2015 while watching TV, he saw that his old nemesis Brant was running for president of Acadia. He decided that he would run in the election against Brant, and immediately moved to Acadia, although kept his house on Ed Island and left a lot of his stuff there in case Brant won. Despite having no political experience whatsoever and being kind of dumb, he got a decent amount of votes thanks to recognition from his hockey career. An error in counting the votes got his vote count swapped with Brant's, and he became president-elect for less than an hour before the officials realized what happened and stripped Hockey Manlet of his status.

During his time in Acadia, Hockey Manlet would criticize Brant on Chitter every day. Brant would often order the Acadian police to arrest Hockey Manlet for being a nuisance, but he was never arrested because he never actually committed a crime, and as such the arrest would be looked upon poorly by the Acadian public. Because of this, Hockey Manlet became the forefront of the resistance movement against Brant in Acadia, as he was one of the few vocal opponents of Brant who had not yet been imprisoned. As a result of this, supporters of President Esser would frequently vandalize the Thunderbeak house, though typically they would get caught and receive punishments ranging from a fine of 500 Acadian francs to one day of house arrest.

Hockey Manlet's internet would often be cut by the Acadian government as punishment for making controversial cheeps, and would be restored some time later. To circumvent this, he would visit cafes and other establishments offering free wi-fi and continue his cheeping there, usually mocking Brant for his failure at silencing him. The Acadian government also usually fined him around 5,000 Acadian francs for these cheeps as well. Hockey Manlet, being the cool dude he is, would oblige to these fines, paying them timely and in full using centimes, Acadia's smallest unit of currency. In anticipation of future fines, Hockey Manlet began collecting an absurdly large amount of centimes and eventually filled an entire room in Thunderbeak Manor with his centime collection.

One of Hockey Manlet's most notorious cheeps was when he cheeped a poorly edited image of Brant drinking a glass of orange juice sent to him by one of his fans. This caused an investigation by the Acadian government which resulted in the fan's personal information being publicly released, supposedly in the interest of "national security" in an official statement. Hockey Manlet naturally criticized this action, claiming Brant was "just jealous of this mondo cool picture" and telling him to lighten up.

Achadia Crisis[edit]

In November 2018, Brant issued a warrant for Hockey Manlet's arrest, and he was taken in by the Acadian police. Brant thought he had finally won, but this quickly backfired, as the arrest of a high-profile penguin like Hockey Manlet for such a seemingly trivial reason drew attention towards Acadia's penguin rights violations across Antarctica. In prison, he also met many fans of his, and he discovered that the prisoners there weren't actually criminals, but penguins like him who had committed the "crime" of saying things Brant didn't like. Even the guards decided to subtly help Hockey Manlet, as they knew the system was rigged by Brant. In the meantime, several countries pushed for Hockey Manlet's release, with Ed Island being the most vocal and supportive. Many critics of this decision said that Hockey Manlet did nothing wrong except "dent Esser's fragile ego".

Hockey Manlet soon became the leader of the prisoners in what he called "the Achadian uprising" and effectively turned the prison into a "cool guy hangout". Visitors soon began coming to the prison to hang out with Hockey Manlet, and some even criticized Brant in public or on social media in an attempt to hopefully get arrested and be sent to the same prison. Brant eventually realized that his plan had backfired and tried offering Hockey Manlet an opportunity to pay bail and get out of prison until his trial date, but Hockey Manlet refused. He also tried to order the relocation of other prisoners to other prisons across the country so that they wouldn't act as a support base for Hockey Manlet any further, but the prison guards messed up the lists to ensure that no prisoner was moved anywhere.

After a trial, Hockey Manlet was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty for conspiracy to overthrow the government and conspiracy to commit genocide. However, Brant quickly discovered what was going on at the prison and had Hockey Manlet deported to Club Penguin Island. After arriving, he returned to his old residence on Ed Island where his family was waiting for him. Safely away from Acadia, Hockey Manlet began to continue trolling Brant on Chitter again. He was later invited to testify before the Western Union, in which he heavily criticized Brant's blatant violation of penguin rights.

Supreme Leader of Achadia[edit]

On January 3, 2019, Hockey Manlet received a letter from the McKrill Law Firm, informing him that he had inherited the belongings of Theodore McKrill, a rich hermit who was Hockey Manlet's #1 fan, which included his private island home. Realizing his vision of a "perfect Acadia" could finally be a reality, he moved to the island with his family the next day and began setting up Achadia, putting into place all the policies he had planned for his Acadian presidency while preparing for the next election.

On February 10, Hockey Manlet officially announced Achadia on Chitter, and opened it to the public. He quickly got more than he bargained for when the nation began experiencing several problems thanks to his inexperience, either due to Hockey Manlet underestimating how popular the nation would be, or because he had forgotten to think of certain things.

When Brant announced that he would not be running for re-election, Hockey Manlet took to Chitter to celebrate, and also brought up the suggestion of forgoing the next election and letting Achadia annex Acadia instead. Following celebrations across Achadia in light of this announcement, Hockey Manlet organized "the Shocktopus Parade", an official nationwide celebration where shocktopi were led around Achadian waters. This unfortunately ended in disaster when the shocktopi got bored and wandered off, infesting Achadia's beaches and forcing the parade's cancellation. In an attempt to distract Achadia's citizens, Hockey Manlet then organized a separate "Tubular Parade". The parade's failure was mocked by Hockey Manlet's opponents, citing it as an example of his proven incompetence in leading a nation.


  • Hockey Player - Hockey Manlet has been interested in hockey since joining the school hockey team, but after graduation became a professional hockey player on Ed Island and was recruited by the Electric Shocktopi. His short stature made him their star player, and he soon rose to stardom.
  • Politician? - Despite having no political experience whatsoever, he attempted to run for President of Acadia in 2015 against Brant. Recognition from his hockey career allowed him to acquire a surprisingly high amount of votes. He later became the Supreme Leader of his own nation, Achadia. Hockey Manlet originally had a confusing set of political views, which would constantly change to be the opposite of Brant's as much as possible. He advocated communism, though in name only, practically unlimited free speech, and extremely strict gun control. He identifies as liberal, though doesn't necessarily put this into practice, and his views toward any country or politician always depend on whether Brant likes them or not, or how they feel towards Acadia. Following Brant's announcement that he would not run for reelection in 2019, he began cutting back on attempting to be "anti-Brant" and instead focused on being his own penguin, though still holds many views opposite of Brant's.
  • Lawyer? - Along with Achadia, Hockey Manlet inherited the McKrill Law Firm. He has no idea what to do with it, so it is currently inactive.



Thanks to his fame and physical strength, Hockey Manlet is a very smug and egotistical individual. He greatly enjoys rubbing his successes (or enemies' failures) in his enemies' faces, even years after the fact. Of course, he becomes very defensive when his own failures are pointed out. He also prides himself on being "very cool", although he often uses many outdated words in his speech, such as "radical", "gnarly", "tubular", "mondo cool", and "wicked". He is not very intelligent, so he has accordingly adopted a "brawn over brains" philosophy on life, and prefers to resolve problems with physical violence, although his parenting is an exception to this.

Hockey Manlet considers languages other than English "gross", referring to them as "oogity boogity", especially French, the official language of Acadia. This mostly stems from an unwillingness to learn them. As a result, Acadian nationalists often vandalized the walls of Thunderbeak Manor with French graffiti while he was living in Acadia. The one exception to this is German, a commonly spoken language on Ed Island, although he can't understand it either.


At 1'7", Hockey Manlet is very short for an Adelie Penguin, which is where his nickname comes from. He is almost always seen with gray facepaint under his eyes and wearing his old Electric Shocktopi jersey. Occasionally, he wears a red t-shirt that says "OUCH!".

The most iconic part of Hockey Manlet's appearance is undoubtedly his large pointy hair, which has helped his hockey career, as it is perfectly aerodynamic and gives him a slight speed boost. His hair has often been referred to as a "manifestation of his ideals and spirit" and "perfection in hair form", and always perfectly retains its shape somehow, even in harsh winds. Throughout his entire career, Hockey Manlet refused to wear a helmet because it would hide his hair. Many of his fans have tried to copy it, but just can't pull it off. His haters have often criticized his hair, calling it fake and ridiculous, which usually gets them tackled by the nearest Hockey Manlet fan. This is generally considered a "wrong opinion" in the hockey world.


Since taking up hockey during school, Hockey Manlet has become a very skilled hockey player, using his short stature to pull off various moves to confuse and escape from opponents. This allowed him to have no injuries during his entire hockey career, a feat accomplished by no other multi-year player on the Electric Shocktopi, except for one incident where he accidentally crashed into a wall after a game ended while waving at his cheering fans. He never wore a helmet because of this, but more importantly because it would hide his hair.

Hockey Manlet also has great physical strength, which he has made sure to maintain following his retirement.

He has also trained himself in swordfighting from watching WaddleTube videos, but uses his hockey stick instead of an actual sword. He claims that he could beat Brant and has challenged him to a duel on Chitter multiple times, although they have all been ignored.


Despite his attempts to become President of Acadia, Hockey Manlet has no experience in the field of politics whatsoever, and usually just says whatever sounds good. He also doesn't speak French, the official language of Acadia, calling it "oogity boogity", which slightly hurt his political career. He refused to learn it simply because he didn't want to. Since becoming Supreme Leader of Achadia, Hockey Manlet has demonstrated his lack of knowledge in properly running a country on multiple occasions.

Personal life[edit]


A drawing made by Hockey Manlet comparing Brant and himself

One of Hockey Manlet's favorite pastimes is obviously playing hockey, which he has continued to do for fun in the years following his retirement. He often posts on Chitter, and likes to post at least one cheep a day. Since becoming Supreme Leader of Achadia, he has also taken up drawing in his spare time to relieve some stress, making crude drawings on his computer and posting them on Chitter.


Hockey Manlet's favorite breakfast food is Chad-O's, his own cereal from during his hockey career. Much to his disappointment, Chad-O's were discontinued shortly after his retirement. He occasionally cheeps about how he misses Chad-O's, but has not organized a formal campaign to attempt to have them be produced again.

Hockey Manlet's favorite drink is Brant's tears orange juice, which he doesn't actually like that much, but drinks it daily anyway. He claims that knowing Brant dislikes it so much makes it taste better. While he lived in Acadia, he didn't have an orange juice license, but no one in the Acadian government ever noticed or thought to check, which is surprising considering how hard Brant tried to get him arrested.


Since being signed on to the Electric Shocktopi in 1999, thanks to his exceptional skill, Hockey Manlet has enjoyed immense popularity on Ed Island. His publicity in other countries was more negative among fans of other teams, as he was often responsible for Electric Shocktopi wins. After his retirement in 2010, Hockey Manlet briefly left the public spotlight, but was still very popular among Ed Islandians.

Hockey Manlet returned to the spotlight in 2015 when he moved to Acadia and announced his bid for the presidency. Unsurprisingly, he was vilified by his political opponents, especially conservative candidate Brant Esser. After losing the election, he began criticizing Brant on Chitter daily, as well as cheeping about whatever else came into his head. As a result, he became a controversial figure in Acadia, receiving major support from those who opposed the Esser administration. He began to be viewed as a symbol of freedom and resistance among Acadians, as Brant's critics often ended up being arrested for their opinions.

Towards the end of 2018, Hockey Manlet was thrust onto the international stage when he was arrested by the Acadian government, causing the Achadia Crisis in which many countries finally took notice of Acadia's many penguin rights abuses. This ultimately lead to democratization of the nation and the end of Brant's presidency, as he would choose not to run for re-election. Hockey Manlet would begin running his own nation shortly afterward when he inherited a private island from one of his fans, which became the nation of Achadia.

Awards and honors[edit]

  • Hockey Manlet was named the Electric Shocktopi MVP every single year of his career, except 2003 when another player helped the team win by taking an injury. Hockey Manlet was perfectly okay with this and said that they deserved it.
  • A new clothing size for hockey jerseys was created just for him, and was named Chad in his honor.
  • Hockey Manlet was awarded "Hero of the Nation" by the Ed Islandian government, and gifted an engraved Keysaber.
  • To celebrate his extraordinary stature and his excellence, Manlet Island in the United Provinces was named after him.
  • After the Achadia Crisis and Attempted Assassination of Lavender, Hockey Manlet became the first penguin to receive honorary Shopper citizenship.
  • The Chad Thunderbeak Memorial Dam in the Mario Mountains on Shops Island is named after him.
  • There is a statue of Hockey Manlet in Manletsburg, Trans-Antarctica. The city isn't actually named after him despite the similarity in name, however.


As a result of Hockey Manlet's quick rise to fame, official CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise was released relatively early in his career compared to other athletes. The first and most popular piece of merchandise was CHAD THUNDERBEAK jerseys, shirts, and hats. Hockey Manlet was also the face of a sports drink known as Chadorade, and Chad-O's, his own cereal, during the early 2000's. In 2003, an Armo minipenguin of Hockey Manlet was released in a set for the Sports theme.

Following his retirement, CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise became more scarce and less varied, but was still readily available in Ed Island. In 2018, another Armo minipenguin of Hockey Manlet was released for the Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R. theme. Thanks to the advances in production over 15 years, the new minipenguin was much more detailed. In 2019, production of CHAD THUNDERBEAK merchandise ramped up once again when Hockey Manlet ordered large amounts of it to sell in Achadia.

Popular culture[edit]

The act of making a full payment, usually a very large one, entirely with the country's smallest unit of currency is sometimes referred to as a "Chad payment", receiving its name from Hockey Manlet often paying fines from the Acadian government completely in centimes.

Portrayal in media[edit]

Due to his popularity and long career, Hockey Manlet appears in many hockey-based video games as a playable character. The first non-sports game he made an appearance in was Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R., the fifth installment in the popular Super Smash Mates franchise.


  • Amigopen De Maple - Hockey Manlet sent Amigopen an autographed jersey in the mail to congratulate him on making the decision for Amataria to leave the Western Union.
  • Brant - Since meeting Brant in middle school and thinking he was trying to steal his girlfriend, Hockey Manlet has had nothing but disdain for him.
  • Chad Thunderbeak Jr. - Hockey Manlet considers Chad Jr. an exceptionally cool guy thanks to his parenting.
  • The Ed - Hockey Manlet doesn't really know who The Ed is, but thinks he's probably cool since Brant briefly banned him from Acadia by mistake. He later sent The Ed an autographed jersey for his criticisms over the ban.
  • EDFan12345 - Hockey Manlet has nothing but good things to say about Ed Island's leader and respects him greatly. Following Brant's criticism of Ed Island and its leader, Hockey Manlet praised EDFan for his "tubular leadership". He was later declared a Cool Guy in Achadia and appears on the special "EDFan Bill" Chad Buck.
  • Happyface141 - Hockey Manlet has a great admiration for Happyface after he denounced the actions of Acadia in an address to the South Pole Council.
  • Jayne Esser - Hockey Manlet feels sorry for Jayne because she's married to Brant and considers her the most unlucky woman on the planet. He occasionally sends her apology cards (apologizing for her marriage to Brant) and get well soon cards (implying being Brant's wife is an illness) in the mail.
  • Kermit - Hockey Manlet is a big fan of Kermit as a result of Brant and Acadians in general having somewhat low opinions of him due to his enjoyment of orange juice. While he was living in Acadia, Hockey Manlet owned the country's largest collection of Kermit merchandise. The two have also begun exchanging birthday gifts, initiated by Hockey Manlet sending an autographed jersey to Kermit in 2018. In Achadia, Kermit was declared a Cool Guy, is the only recognized Governance Saint, and appears on the special "Kermit Bill" Chad Buck.
  • Lavender - After Lavender was almost assassinated during the Achadia Crisis by an Acadian nationalist, Hockey Manlet sent him a get well soon card and an autographed Chad Thunderbeak jersey. He was later declared a Cool Guy in Achadia and appears on the special "Lavender Bill" Chad Buck.
  • Megg - Hockey Manlet publicly supported Megg during the United States of Antarctica Presidential Elections in 2016, solely because he thought it would be funny to see how salty Brant would be if she won.
  • Melon Thunderbeak - Hockey Manlet and Melon have dated since middle school, and are now happily married with one son. She originally considered his rivalry with Brant childish, but put up with it anyway, although after the Acadian government harassed the Thunderbeak family during the Achadia Crisis (despite specific orders not to harass Melon), she now sides with her husband.
  • OJ - OJ is one of Hockey Manlet's best friends, and he considers him an example of a "cool guy High Penguin". Hockey Manlet only ever drinks orange juice made by OJ.
  • Penstubal - Previously, Hockey Manlet didn't really care about Penstubal, sometimes acknowledging him only as a sidenote while insulting Brant. Since the Achadia Crisis and the Penstubal Post's heavy criticism of Hockey Manlet however, he has referred to Penstubal as a "whiny uncool scrub" and banned the Post from Achadia.
  • Red and Blue - Although he has never met them personally, he has referred to them as "cool little dudes" after they said he would make a better president of Acadia than Brant. He later declared them Cool Guys in Achadia for this.
  • Scrubbypingu - Hockey Manlet once met Scrubbypingu who told him that his own hair was better than his. After Hockey Manlet pointed out that Scrubbypingu didn't have any hair, he ran away screaming because that was a fact, leaving Hockey Manlet very confused about the encounter.


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  • "Don't be bad, vote for Chad."
  • "Save the orange juice, save the dream!"
  • "Achadia; like Acadia, but BETTER!"


Some of Hockey Manlet's embarrassing pictures of Brant, on display at the Great Brant Esser Trash Heap
  • He was so short compared to the average hockey player that the Electric Shocktopi had to order a custom-sized hockey jersey just for him.
  • Some have suggested that Ed Island being responsible for Hockey Manlet's fame from a certain point of view is the real reason Brant hates them, and all other reasons are just excuses to hide his pettiness. Multiple Acadian politicians have debunked this, but those who believe this theory haven't been convinced.
  • Hockey Manlet has a folder on his computer dedicated to embarrassing pictures taken of Brant at inopportune moments and cheeps them out on a regular basis.
  • Hockey Manlet has a cpHarmony account where he impersonates Brant.

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