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Hohenterngau Castle
Hohenterngau Castle.png
The Castle as seen from the Village.
Key details
Type German Schloss Castle.
Level On a Hill.
Location above the Hohenterngau Village in Havaria, Deushland.
Inhabitants In the castle, only Gottfried Hochstadt and his servants. The Village is home to Tourists, Penguins, and Puffles.

Hohenterngau Castle or natively called Schloss Hohenterngau is the famous Deuslandian Castle in the province of Havaria. It is right next to the even more famous Neuternstein Castle on the other hill. It housed a branch of the Hochstadt Family, and is today home to Gottfried Hochstadt.


The Hohenterngau Castle was built in the late 19th century prior to Khanzem by a penguin named Johannes Hochstadt, who happened to be Li's son. Johannes Hochstadt built the castle there before Neuternstien though. Johannes served as a Baron there, and lived happily, passing on his castle and title to his family to his son, Friedrich, who was born in 1942, until it came to Gottfried Hochstadt, who was Friedrich's son. However, Gottfried does not have any Nobility Titles because Alemania is under Snoss Control but he still has the knightly title of "sir".

Hohenterngau Village[edit]

Hohenterngau is a small village that has been around since 1407, when the Feudalism began to decline and penguins could soon live in regular towns again. Ever since the Hohenterngau Castle and especially the Neuternstein Castle was built, Hohenterngau gets Several Million Visitors a year. It specializes in Restauraunts, Hotels, and Parking Lots (for visiting the castles).


Hohenterngau is located just near the southern coast of Alemania Island. It is about an hour away from Munchen by car and bus. There are no nearby airports there, except for the city of Munchen, which is the closest major city. The closest city to Hohenterngau Village is a small city called Flaüssen. (Flaüßen). Flaussen considers the Hohenterngau Village an annexed municipality, which was approved in 2010 by Gottfried since Flaüßen is his capital city for the small region of Havaria that he controls.


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