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F Island
F Island coat of arms.png
The official coat of arms.
Country Puffle'and
Capital city None; legally viewed as one city.
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Leader Feey1 Pie
Location Yowien Sea
Alliances Puffish Yow Yowien Partition

F Island was a former city state of the Old Yow Kingdom, and the location of Feey1's Castle. Currently, it is under the jurisdiction of Puffle'and. It has a small population of 179 penguins, and 21 puffles. It was considered the Yowien Empire's second capital, because of the royal family living there. However, the island today hold little importance as it is now only home to freed Hokjoks that own their own mango farms. It's a trade point in the SABER, and has a small mining and tourism industry. Oil was also recently found off the shores of the island in 2015, and oil rigging companies from Puffle'and and Snowzerland are currently building oil rigs and deep sea drills.

The Nation's Past, Present, and Future
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Yow's History
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Past Times
The Hokjoks
Populating the Yowien Sea
Space Colony 1
The Crab Wars
The Great Yowien War
Yowien Partition
Yowien Sea Islands
Old Yow Kingdom
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F Island
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Royal Monarch of Bar Crab
Disparu Island
Future Times
Great Rebellion
King Alexander
Heimlich Zimmer
Feey1 Pie
The Pie Family


It is believed that the Hokjoks came to the island by canoe around 500 BC, where they immediately settled. It is unknown where the Hokjocks came from, but as soon as they arrived, they built several villages on the island. The Hokjocks lived peacefully for centuries on the island until the year 1498, when a Castillan trading ship arrived. The traders eagerly wanted to learn more about the Hokjoks, their culture, and they wanted to trade with them. However, the captain of the ship happened to have the Flu, while another had the common cold. Because the Hokjoks were never exposed to disease or illness, their immune systems could not fight them as effectively as the normal Antarctican. The results to the exposure of the Flu and the Common Cold were devastating. Half of the Hokjok population was killed off from the Flu and the Cold. In response, the Hokjoks killed all the Castillan traders who were on the island and the ship. Stupidly enough, the Hokjoks wanted to rid of the Castillan penguins' bodies by eating them. Those who ate the Castillans semmed to have gotten the flu as well. By the year 1500, three quarters of the Hokjok population were dead. The remaining one quarter were either illness survivors or did not get the flu at all. Whoever was left alive slowly was able to repopulate the island one more, this time with children who were less likely to die from the common cold and the flu. Feom that point on, the Hokjoks swore never to let anyone foreign to come to the island again.

F Island was discovered in 2005 by Feey1. Feey1 was enjoying a small fishing trip with his family in his house boat. He knew this great place where he and his family could fish. When they got to the water he dropped the boats anchor and they started to fish.

It was getting dark so they all decided to spend the night on the water. While everyone was sleeping a loose chain on the anchor line snapped, and the boat started to drift away.

In the morning Feey1 woke up, walked onto the deck, and gasped in surprise. The boat had docked on a sandy shore.

Walking on the land Feey1 named it F Island. He and his family explored it and found cannibalistic natives. Feey1 and his family got tied up and the locals were carrying them to a fire.

Feey1 and his family were hung over the fire to be cooked. Luckily Feey1's father snapped through the rope and freed the rest of the family. The family ran back to their boat. Garmield and Feey1 decided to escape, and picked up Sue (who was still tied to her pole). The three raced out of the forest, and onto the beach. They placed Sue inside, and Feey started the engine while Garmiled pushed them out to sea. For a couple of hours, Feey1 circled the island in his boat. For the entire time, the Hokjoks followed the boat on land. Feey decided that he would take that island, one way or another. So he got some military-grade weapons from his small armory on board, and gave two to each of his parents. They attacked and captured the natives enslaving them. Feey1 become ruler of the island and rose the Yowien Flag at the top of a volcano he found. King Alexander delegated Feey to be the governor of the island.

Feey1 used the slaves as construction workers and servants. They built him a castle and constructed docks. F Island became a small port on the SABER for ships to refuel and pick up or drop off cargo.

During the Great Yowien War, 100 Snoss paratroopers of the 67th Airborne Regiment and a Shopper helicopter with ten troopers of the Shopper Elite Squadron 4 captured Feey1's castle. Despite stiff resistance from 2nd Battalion, Royal Guard Regiment, they were able to capture the castle. No further resistance was offered, and the island's garrison(which was only the aforementioned guard battalion) surrendered the next day.

In the Partition of Yow, Puffle'and recieved F Island.


The island is warm because of the heat from the underground magma. It is further South than Yow Kingdom and Rockhopper Island. The average temperature there is 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is capable of growing grass, trees, and flowers. It is very warm on the island, and in winter a highest of 5ft of snow fall on the ground out of the whole season.


The culture of F Island is much like the Yow Kingdom since all of the citizens there are Yowien. But when most of the migrants came their culture changed a bit. The island was low on gold and clay to build their structures, so they had to build wood structures. There was no room to build a saw mill, so the wood was hand cut. This cause a whole new culture.


F Island Buildings.JPG

Due to the change in culture architecture changed, too. It has become a lot like the old pirate buildings. In fact the Yowiens on F Island almost live like pirates, this caused a whole new architecture to be born. The F Island architecture is a lot of red colored wood and green shakes for the top of the buildings.


Though F Island seems a bit 17000 for some penguins it does involve a lot of updated technology. There are a lot of TV's but no local TV studios, so no shows involve F Island. Penguins get their news by reading the newspaper. Many penguins enjoy surfing the web inside their homes. The most used computer in the island is Hindows 7, like in Space Colony 1.



Education was not large in F Island in the Yowien period. Due to the island's small size and large, unprivelaged Hokjok populations, all the free children penguins were home schooled as there is no room for a school. But Feey1 has declared law that kids most be schooled between 10:00am to 3:30pm. Kids do not have a lot of time to be education anyway, most of the day they must repair their house or fish for dinner. Here is a list of subjects kids must learn in F Island, even if some of them aren't normally taught in other places.

  • Spanish literature and writing.
  • English literature and writing.
  • Physical Education.
  • Wood shop.
  • Math.
  • History.
  • Science.


The Puffish have established their standard school system on the island. The emancipation of the Hokjoks increased school enrollment and the Puffish established a large, three story Academy to educate all penguin and puffle youth. The academy became known as F Island Academy and is a public school. The school offers all basic courses for students to meet government education standards. The presence of higher education is nonexistant on the island and requires travelling to Puffish Yow or mainland Puffle'and to access colleges and universities.



A local penguin.

The natives of F Island were a tribe called the Hokjoks. Ornithologists have researched the background of the Hokjoks and discovered many interesting facts.

The Hokjoks live in houses built out of dried mud mixed with sand. These settlements are now part of F Island National Park. The Hokjoks live on a diet of boiled/roasted fish and wild fruits, though they resort to selective cannibalism during famines. Their language is unique and does not seem to have any similarities in vocabulary or syntax with other languages.

They became slaves to the Yow monarchy, though for practical purposes they belonged to Feey1. Feey had not considered selling some of them to other Yowien citizens. The enslavement of the Hokjoks was a highly controversial topic in Antarctica, and many had criticized Yow for disrespecting the Hokjoks' rights. Feey responded to this declaring that he was not a cruel slave owner, and "anyways, they did try to eat me and my family. What would you do after that? Get revenge?"

Nevertheless, when The Allies invaded the island in 2013 during The Great Yowien War, all the Hokjoks were taken from island and were sent to the Puffish Quarter of Yow, where they were re-educated to be civilized and became emancipated from slavery. In their gratitude, they became the main labor force for Puffle'and's sugar plantations in the Puffish Quarter of Yow, and they get paid a little bit more than minimum wage and live in their own villages.

The Hokjoks were then allowed to have as many offspring as they wanted, and many of them spread from F island to the Yowien mainland, the Barbare Islands, Frankterre, Castilla, and Puffle'and.

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