Hokkaido Master

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Hokkaido Master
Hokkaido master image.png
Hokkaido, disappearing in the Dojo.
Title The second Sensei master. 2番目の先生のマスター。
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Deceased
Status Deceased
Location In grave, unknown location.

The Hokkaido Master (his own title), collectively 北海道マスター was the sixty-fifth Sensei master. (2番目の先生のマスター。) He continued training ninjas after the previous Ninja Master. His name is Hokkaido, surname is unknown.


At the age of 7, he was sent to the Dojo by his parents to become a ninja. He trained really hard, as his ambition was to become the master of Ninjas, known as the Sensei. He achieved that, but he really trained hard to earn that title. After about 6 months of training, the current Sensei noticed his talent, and decided to teach him personally. He became the master of water, and he mostly enjoyed fighting with using it. Finally, at the age of 22, he became the master of ninjas. He was a good master, and taught a lot of ninjas well. He lived for over 100 years. A week before his death, he chose another master, a novice who was named Chin Yang. He is the only Sensei whose grave's location is unknown.


He is often noticed as the most mysterious ninja, as nobody has seen his ghost.


  • His grave is probably located somewhere on Club Penguin Island.
  • His successor as Sensei wasn't experienced, and by accident destroyed the dojo.
  • He loved haiku and japanese.

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