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The State of Hontana
Hontanan flag.png
The territory's flag.
Country USA
Capital city Belena
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Leader Governor Samuel Lock
Location Yowien Sea
Neighbours Yowien Sea

Hontana is the largest island in the Yowien Sea, and is an overseas territory of the USA. It is very cold on the island (for the Yowien Sea), but during the summer the snow melts and wonderful greenery can be seen. It is well known for its large glaciers, and towering mountains. Citizens there enjoy huckleberry based foods, and hunting walruses near the coast and other creatures in the woods. It has a very kind, and funny Redneck culture. Hontanans have a good sense of humor, and are kind to each other. There are many historical sights across the island. The Hontanans love to hike, mountain bike, and do other outdoor activities. The culture is somewhat influenced by Frankterre, but you couldn't tell by comparing the Hontanans and the Frankterrans.

Areas of Hontana are also the most technologically advanced areas in the Yowien Sea, except for some areas on Yow Island such as Golden City. However, other areas are completely redneck influenced with little technology. Hontana's technology is said to be better than the Geek Empire, others say that it isn't. Its technology helped to make the Old Yow Kingdom an advanced and powerful nation. Some people think that Hontana has such good technology because of all the Brown Puffles on the island.

The Nation's Past, Present, and Future
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Yow's History
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Past Times
The Hokjoks
Populating the Yowien Sea
Space Colony 1
The Crab Wars
The Great Yowien War
Yowien Partition
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Old Yow Kingdom
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The Hokjoks inhabited Hontana for thousands of years until they suddenly died out from diseases. The only evidence of Hokjoks living on Hontana are old graves and fire pits. In 1803 Frankish settlers settled on the island after eight months of sea travel, and crashing into the island. They created a small colony called Hissoula, which quickly grew into a large town after the island's discovery of abundance in animal furs that were used to make warm clothing. Soon the town was full of Frankish Viking Penguins, Khanz, High Penguins, Puffles, and a small amount of Terns. When the city was full citizens moved away from it in search of more land. They established more cities which also grew quickly. Then a series of major mining discoveries in the western side of the country starting in 1862 found gold, silver, copper lead, coal, and later oil that attracted thousands of miners to the area. The country became much more than a bunch of villages, and trouble was stirring. Frankterre realized that crime rates were rising in the country, and there was a major lack of authority. So they sent one hundred soldiers, and one governor to restore order. The first police force was established, and it grew somewhat quickly. But Frankterre started to force laws on the citizens that were unfair to them, so the Hontanans rebelled and burned down several police stations. The government reacted by removing the laws, but the Hontanans still demanded independence. The Frankish government bent to the pressure, signing a declaration that stated Hontana was a free nation.

In 2000 the newly-found USA took control of Hontana, and the citizens didn't take to it. Frankterre became extremely mad when Hontana was captured by the USA, and went to war with them. Yow was soon dragged into the war when the Dewey Sea was legally was renamed the Yowien Sea. Yow, Frankterre, and Hontana allied with each other to push the the USA off Hontana. The First Hontanan War was a short war fought for a year, which was the last war of Frankish Empire, but the first major war of the Yow Kingdom. Defeating the USA brought fame to the Yow Kingdom. The war however weakened the Frankish empire, as it dissolved into a republic. According to a promise made by the Frankish emperor Naples Bon-Appetit, Hontana was now the Yow Kingdom's possession. Hontana became a republic under the Yowien throne, and mixed with Yow culture. Like the June Islands, Hontana was self-governing, but did receive some dictation from the Yowien king and government.

In 2002, shortly after the First Hontanan War, thousands of Alemanians migrated to Hontana when it was finally opened to immigrants. The Alemanians came because of the tension building up in their homeland. The Alemanians migrated in large groups, and would usually build new neighborhoods in small towns. This caused the Alemanian culture and language German to be condensed in multiple areas, and did not allow for it spread out easily. The Alemanians were welcomed by the Hontanans, and were treated kindly. Many Alemanians built small settlements in the more rural areas of Hontana, aiding hunters and fur trappers. The Alemanians introduced the Hontanans to their delicious Cream Sodas, and delicious pastries. In 2005, it became evident that the Alemanian culture was beginning to spread throughout the island. A census showed that 5% of the 500,000 Hontanans spoke German, and 3% were thinking about learning German. However, Antarctican and Frankish culture remains dominant in Hontana.

During the events of The Great Yowien War, Hontana was seized from Yowien control and given to the USA. It became a territory of the USA. Though there have been some calls for independence or to rejoin Francterre, most citizens are happy being in the USA. Some also wish for Hontana to become a state.


Hontana has the weirdest weather patterns in Antarctica. During winters the temperatures are an average of -45, to -54 degrees Fahrenheit. Hontana receives much snow during the winter, the largest amount of snow measured was 10ft in one night.

In the summers Hontana is very, very warm. The highest temperature could be 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Hontanans enjoy the summertime, because it means they can get outside from their long winter hibernation. During the summer wildlife is easy to spot, and like Bakunyumoria, reindeer can be found in Hontana. Wild brown puffle tribes exist as well. Other animals include skuas, moose, and walruses. Hontana is considered Antarctica's last frontier because of the bounty of odd creatures living on it.


Average temperatures are 37 degrees to -54 degrees Fahrenheit. Though in the summer it is considerably warm in its tropical areas.


The Hontanan flora is mostly made of plants that die, and grow again in spring. Most of the flora consists of: lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine; douglas fir, larch, spruce; aspen, birch, red cedar, hemlock, ash, alder; rocky mountain maple, cottonwood trees, and some O Berry bushes.


The Hontanan culture is a very interesting culture. Hontana is well cut off from the rest of Antarctica, not much comes in or out. Technology in Hontana is actually highly advanced in some areas, due to the fact that the island is inhabited by many brown puffles. The Hontanans are crazy, but kind rednecks. Most Hontanans don't make a lot of money, so they end up becoming a redneck. These rednecks enjoy drinking Cream Soda, and eating meat. Some Hontanans would say they make fun of rednecks. These rednecks, plus the powerful technology, has made some Hontanans greedy. Much of the Hontanan culture is influenced by Frankterre, Alemania, and Antarctica.


Hontana has a simple, and delicious cuisine. The Hontanans love to eat honey rolls, jerky, and drink large amounts of Cream Soda. Most of the Hontanans fish for their own meat, or go hunting during fall and the beginning of summer. The cuisine has had little effect by Frankish foods, but does have some by the USA.


Hillings, Hontana is an excellent example of Antarctican architecture in Hontana.

The architecture is highly influenced Frankish and Antarcticans. Many Yowiens live in Frankish styled houses, and the Yowien architecture is hardly ever found in Hontana. Brick houses are often built, which keep the residents warm and safe from the wind. Alemanian architecture is very popular in more rural areas of Hontana, and in places where there are more Alemanians.


The Hontanan fashion is about a month behind the current fashions, because they don't have great connections with the outside world. Fashions don't change too quick, and penguins could be seen wearing clothing from the 90's. Chicks are surprisingly very update with fashion, and try to find the latest trends in stores.


The Hontanans enjoy rock, country, and jazz music. Many Hontanans play instruments are into these music groups. Though like the fashion problem, the country is one month behind in the current music trends. But most Hontanans don't like the new music, so they rather listen to local bands and orchestras.


Sports are a big part of Hontanan life. Since computers became more advance and penguins stayed inside more often online, schools and counties have worked to keep chicks active. Sadly however this is starting to fail, and 1% of all chicks are dying of Fat.

Common sports in Hontana don't involve a lot of games(e.g Football games, Baseball games, etc.), but more of adventuring (e.g Hiking, biking, jogging, etc.). There are many great hiking areas in Hontana that have great scenery, and allow citizens to get new wildlife. Of course there is not much wildlife to see besides Puffles.

The 7 Wonders of Hontana[edit]

  • Mountain Regional Park
    • It is a large national park founded in 1910, when tourists wanted to get real close to nature. It is near Jalispell, and takes up 5% of the country.
  • The Hontanan House of Government
    • It was built five years after Hontana was established as a military base. But it soon became the official government headquarters, which the current governor lives in.
  • The Hokjok Land
    • The largest Hokjok reservation, and the most popular. It attracts 1 million tourist to it every year. There tourist can see old burial grounds, and ancient tools.
  • Frankterran Glacier
    • It was the first glacier discovered on the island, but is now only half the size as it used to be. Scientist predict that the glacier will melt by 2055, and cause floods on Yow Kingdom Island, F Island, Rockhopper Island, and possible the DRW.
  • Cave of Secrets
    • It was discovered by Frankterran Chicks who were hiking in Glacier National Park. They found large salt, and gold deposits there. Mines were built there in 1956, by now 90% of the salt and gold are gone.
  • Walrus Stadium
    • A large football stadium founded by a retired football player. Hontana's local football team plays home games there, and the stadium makes over 100,000 coins per game.

Famous Citizens[edit]

  • Joe Hill
    • A music composer, well famed for his techno-music. He is really famous throughout Antarctica.
  • Lizzy Beans
    • A wonderful actress, and movie writer. She has performed in many Hontanan movies.


Due to Hontana's large size, it takes an average of thirty minutes to travel from one city to another. Many citizens own large, all-terrain trucks. Trains are a common method of transportation, since the first train tracks were laid in Hontana in 1891. Before trains, citizens usually rode on wagons pulled by reindeer puffles or other penguins (as a result, servants were common in Hontana). Presently, many citizens travel on trains, aircraft, or other vehicles to get out. Smaller vehicles, like Motor Scooters, are largely a source of ridicule and comedy in Hontana.

Science and Technology[edit]

Science Agencies[edit]

The Hontanan military has a boasting scientific branch called the Hontanan Advancement in Technology, or HAT. It is an ever growing branch, that used to focus on weapons of mass destruction and mutations. They had been accused stealing technology from the RDA many times, but this was consistently proven wrong. Many believe that HAT is creating clone soldiers, and cyborg penguins for warfare. However, the USA made them stop researching weapons of mass destruction in 2013, and instead focus on making technological innovations and discoveries.


Hontana is a territory of the USA. Hontana was once a free republic under Yowien control, just like the June Islands, having some autonomy from Yow in exchange for not having as much representation. However, Hontana was later incorporated as a state of Yow. Its government was reformed into a state government, in which the island is controlled by a single governor, his council of advisers, and a supreme judge. The governor is elected by the citizens, and chosen by the council of advisers. The supreme judge elects all other judges in the province, and half of the council of advisers (the other half is elected by the governor). However, any political leader can be removed by the president of the USA. The present Hontanan governor is Samuel Locks, who was also the governor during the Old Yow Empire.


Hontana, being so large, is broken into 10 governorates. Each governorate is led by a governor, a legislature, and a supreme court. However, each of these are below the power of the island and territorial government. For instance, the Eastern Hontana governor, legislature, and supreme court are subject to the Hontanan governor, council of advisers, and supreme judge.

The ten governorates are listed below:

Name Population
Eastern Hontana 100,400
Nouveau Sud (New South) 200,200
Plural Federation 5,180
Rivière Terre (River Land) 964
The Unit of North Areas 10,350
Clueton 480
Snow Territory 235
Bighead Valley 2,600
Pepe Valley 970
Red Body Area 1,230


The economy is very stable in Hontana. The economy keeps itself stable by planning out a budget for each month, and on average the government can only spend 2,500,000 Gold Coins. The economy is also very entwined with the SABER, and gold mines in Hontana.


Education is very important to the Hontanans, and their government. Only 4% of high school students don't get into collage, and that 4% usually do not have a desire to attend college. Hontana is well known for its literate citizens, with the exception of reclusive rednecks that often don't interact with the rest of Hontana. Since its founding in the 1800's, Hontana has been producing some of the finest authors, poets, media writers, and inventors.



See Hontanan Elite Penguin Force.


  • This is a parody of Montana.
  • Hontana has a large mountain range towards East that is as wide as Hontana itself. It blocks several cities and towns from the other side of Hontana.
  • It was the only Yowien state that had a population of which 5% spoke German. That changed once the Partition of Yow occurred and the German-speaking Snoss were given a quarter of Yow Island.

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