Hontanan Elite Penguin Force

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Hontanan Elite Penguin Force
The Agency
The awesome logo.
EPF branch overview
Formed 2009
Preceding agencies  ?
Dissolved Not yet
Superseding agency  ?
Jurisdiction  ?
Headquarters Belena, Hontana.
Employees Many
Annual budget Much
Ministers responsible The Director, Only advises the agency
Henry Hair, Runs the agency
EPF branch executives Henry Hair, Director
Darling Jean2, 2nd In Command
Parent EPF branch EPF
Key document  ?
This is a special EPF branch in Hontana.
Map of hontana.png
The only area the H.E.P.F can deal with.

The Hontana Elite Penguin Force, or H.E.P.F is a secret agency created to maintain peace in Hontana. It is now owned by the EPF, and is currently keeping the peace.


The H.E.P.F was once known as the Hontanan Agency. The Hontanan Agency was a corrupt, and lazy agency. Because of it crime rate, and black markets grew in Hontana. However this all changed in 2009 when The Director heard about the corruption. So he went to the South Pole Council and asked for their permission to buy the agency. After a month of discussing it The Director was given permission. The USA gave him 2,000,000 Gold Coins to buy the agency. The Director sent a letter to King Alexander concerning the Hontanan Agency, and with little thought Alexander sold the agency to the EPF. The Director flew to Hontana to meet the agency, and to his surprise it was a lazy, and corrupted agency. The Director acted quickly by hiring Henry Hair(a friend of his) to run the agency. Henry fixed up the agency, and brought order back to it. Soon the crime rate, and black markets in Hontana shortened. After hearing this King Alexander was very happy and invited the two agents for dinner at The Yowien Castle. The Director, and Henry Hair said 'no' because they were too busy working. In 2011 the H.E.P.F created a 'Most Wanted List' of criminals, and after much discussing four criminals were put on the list. However when the villains and criminals found they were on the wanted list, they went to Hontana and attacked it. The military, and the H.E.P.F can take down the villains and put them in jail. Sadly a month later a Rookie made a mistake, and set all the criminals free.


Role in Hontana

  • Agents are assigned to patrol different areas, at different times.
  • Investigations are assigned to agents across the island.
  • Missions are preformed to search for villains, and criminals.
  • Agents have access to secret rooms.


The main headquarter of the H.E.P.F is in Belena, located in an old factory. The factory was redone in 2010 and fitted with computers, new rooms, elevators, security systems, and jail cells. The HQ is not open to the public.


Here are the ranks from highest to lowest.

Rank Job Picture of Rank Symbol
Director Directs the whole organization GoldEPFBadge.png
2nd Director Is 2nd in command of organization (currently Richeddi) SilverEPFBadge.png
Elite General Commands large squads of agents BronzeEPFBadge.png
Elite Commander Commands small squads of agents EPF Logo.png
Elite Spy Commands three agents EPF Logo.png
Elite Agent Commands two agents EPF Logo.png
High Troop Commands no one IceEPFBadge.png
Troop Commands no one WoodEPFBadge.png
Rookie Commands no one Red Propeller Cap.PNG
Pending Commands no one None


Before the EPF bought the Hontanan Agency it wasn't secret. It was well known throughout Hontana, but in 2011 that changed. When the EPF was no longer secret, Hontanans discovered that the agency was owned by the EPF. Reacting The Director renamed the agency: Hontanan Elite Penguin Force, so citizens didn't start thinking that they were controlled by another nation.

Special Jobs

Some agents are given special jobs.

  • Standard Agent - The most common type of EPF job, every member of the EPF is this.
  • Tactical Agent - Tactical agents are very skilled and agile, which make them good at espionage.
  • Comms Agent - The Comms Agent is responsible with communicating with other agents, usually during missions. The Comms agent also handles and operates communication machinery.
  • Tech Agent - The Tech agent is responsible with repairing, maintaining, and operating machinery and technology.
  • Scout Agent - The Scout Agent is responsible for checking ahead for enemies, or traps. They are usually masters of camouflage, too.
  • Sky Agent - The Sky Agent is responsible for air born operations. They usually lead searches for criminals, and help search for enemies.
  • Water Agent - The Water Agent is responsible for underwater missions. They usually look for enemy submarines, and mines.

Most Wanted

Name Crimes Picture
#1 Bugzy Vandalism, robbery, attacking agents, destroy buildings, etc. Bugzy image.jpg
#2 Darktan II Scaring chicks, burning buildings, murdering, etc.(Darktan II is no longer a culprit as he has been destroyed by Star Kirby12.) DarktanII.png
#3 Mabel Screaming at council, throwing pies at presidents, making fun of government agents, etc. MabelYou.png
#4 Swiss Ninja Hochstadt Yelling at presidents, attacking citizens, burning Hontanan flags, etc. ToS SN.png


  • The agency is one of the highest ranking EPF branches.
  • Swiss Ninja Hochstadt is well wanted for breaking Hontanan flag rules, and making fun of Yow.
  • Agents ranked at 'Rookie' are forced to wear a red propeller cap, and wear the color green.
  • The H.E.P.F is becoming a bit rebellious to Yow Kingdom, and the EPF. In fact they have discovered the Juney Is Free Rebel Army, but kept it a secret from their director. They are currently forming a alliance with the JIF, in hopes of freeing the June Islands from Yow.

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