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Hot Sauce
Hot sauce.png
A bottle of Hot Sauce.
Source Club Penguin
Cost to buy 20 coins
Cost to sell 20 coins

Hot Sauce is a hot, spicy, fiery sauce that is normally used as a sauce in pizzas, but has numerous other uses, such as being combined with Cream Soda to create fuel suitable for jet packs. It is most popular in Club Penguin, and with ninjas. All Fire Ninjas are given at least one bottle, and it is rare if they do not own one. However, penguins playing Card-Jitsu can also use them while playing it, but caution is always applied, lest an accident happens.


Not too long ago, the first Fire Ninjas were appearing. However, there were a few small snags. Since fire was not portable, even if you wanted to use it as an immediate weapon, you couldn't really carry it around with you. Since fire was especially dangerous back in those days, you couldn't practice it at home - instead, you had to do it at their Volcano Practicing Grounds, not too near the Dojo. Then again, for those living far away from Club Penguin, it was a long journey to make just to become a Ninja. Since the aim of fire ninjas was to be like fire and control it, it was problematic how they only ate tame stuff, like fish and shrimps, whilst the only spicy foods were too spicy for their liking. How could this problem be fixed?

Eventually, when it spread to other areas of Antarctica, many just found it pointless, and they became plain ninjas instead. Because of this, only a flipperful of devotees in other places remained to practice - in short, the practice faced total extinction. Thus, a desperate disciple aided by the Fire Sensei, known in Ninja lore as Hwa-seon-seng (Chinese transliterated word-for-word as Fire comes first), or just Hwa for short, strived to help his endangered community. Sensei praised him for this action when he heard of this, and wished him good luck.

Leaving his hometown in Club Penguin, Hwa went out to find the spiciest things he could find. Eventually, to help himself further, he made his personal motto "When life gives you spices" (a spinoff of "When life gives you lemons"), and began wearing the colour red, that colour being a sign of good luck in Zhouese traditions.

He wandered far and wide, when at last he found a forest full of Flame Berries. He picked a huge flipperful, and put it in his knapsack.

He also found a bush full of plain O-Berries, and picked half a flipperful, and then did the same.

He traveled to a place where Chili Peppers were abundant, and sold a few of the exotic Flame Berries to buy a few of them.

He then bought a Pestle and Mortar, and a freebee packet of Bicarbonate of Soda came with it, along with some random flour.

He then camped on the edge of a random river, whipped out his saucepan and mixing bowl, and began practicing.

Fortunately for the Ninja Community, he struck gold at the first go, and made the first Hot Sauce.

His mission accomplished, he went back to Club Penguin, where he re-united with the Fire Sensei, who praised him for making such a useful object for Fire Ninjas. Being generous and satisfied, Hwa gave the Sensei the patent (the recipe), for free. Sensei then exploited this good object by getting a few Fire Ninjas with lots of spare time, and asked them very kindly whether they would accept to make some for the community. They accepted, and a flurry of Ninjas came to get their Hot Sauce, so they could practice at home.

Some time later, a few days before the HotHot pizza was invented, the Pizza Parlour took an interest in this magical sauce that was like fire. They approached the Fire Sensei, and with a large sum of money (whom he donated a few minutes later), they managed to buy off the recipe-patent thingie, who they then sold off to a random company that was making their toppings and whatnot. Combined with Robert Winston's epic onion pickle, the sauce was perfect for the new HotHot pizza.

Eventually, the Parlour gave a request that the sauce had a few more variations of spiciness. The company accepted, and they invented new recipes, which eventually went into the stores, nationwide. All these events took a month, and finally the wannabe Fire Ninjas outside Club Penguin had a chance to practice their skills at home. Seeing how successful it was, the company began exporting it to foreign countries.

To this day, Hot Sauce remains a famous and award-winning sauce; an essential for a Ninja's cooking-cupboard.


Hot Sauce bottles tend to be small and red, with a drawing of some yellow flames on the base. The size of the picture and colour-tone of the bottle signifies how hot the sauce is. There is also a kind of funnel sticking out for pouring. This bottle is usually made of rubber, due to a new law issued in 2016 stating that creating new plastic Hot Sauce Bottles should be banned, in an effort to save plastic and prevent global warming.

Hot Sauce itself, however, is almost a different story.

Depending on how hot it is, it ranges from three most well-known flavours. They are deep orange, standard red - the kind Fire Ninjas use - and blood-scarlet, which even smells spicy. Below is a description of them:

  • The orange-coloured, less-spicy sauce only involves half a chili pepper, and is thus involved in sitting at the table of restaurants nationwide Club Penguin. Spicy foods geared towards chicks are usually made with these.
  • The standard red sauce is used by Fire Ninjas nationwide, due to how it is stationed in a "middle way" of spiciness. This is the sauce that is the most common to find, due to the abundance of Ninjas.
  • The blood-scarlet one, however, looks like tomato sauce, but it is really, really spicy. It even smells spicy, and touching it for more than two minutes can even give stinging sensations and, in extreme cases, burns. This is the rarest to find, and is always issued with a cautionary statement.


To make a standard bottle of red sauce, a penguin will need:

  • 3 Chili Peppers
  • 2 cups of Mineral Water
  • 1 Teaspoon of Flour
  • Two Drops of Bicarbonate of Soda
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Saucepan (obviously)
  • Mixing Bowl

The recipe has been handed down over many, many generations since the aforementioned Hwa, and even then there are a few varieties. This is the original, and the easiest:

Firstly, boil the Flame Berries (together with the O-Berries and mineral water) to a pulp in the saucepan.

Secondly, get the Chili Peppers, and grind it with the Pestle and Mortar.

Thirdly, put the Chili Powder into the pulpy mixture with the flour, and boil for one more minute until putting it into the Mixing Bowl.

Fourthly, wait for it to cool.

Fifthly, put the two drops of Bicarbonate of Soda, and start mixing, until it has a faint smell and has a creamy texture.

Finally, pour it into a bottle and use it in all kinds of suitable cooking.

Depending on the spiciness, there will be more or less of the ingredients, or even a few extras, such as having carrots in orange sauce.


There are, obviously, many wielders of Hot Sauce, but here are the most well-known:


  • Many penguins have had accidents using this condiment, as when used improperly.
  • Falco likes having this on his food.
  • It is often made using O-Berries.

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