Hotel Empty

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Hotel Empty
Key details
Type Building
Level -100
Location Highlaw Island
Inhabitants A lot of junk and formerly a lot of Jerks disguised as ghosts

Hotel Empty, formerly known as Highlaw Hotel, is an abandoned hotel on Highlaw Island that is under renovation, thanks to the numerous jerks that have messed around with the interior.


Back in the days when Highlaw Island began its trading connections in 1975, a few tourists came with the first sailors. Curious about the little-known island, they wanted to know what it was like to live there for a while. As there were no hotels, a few friendly locals allowed them to live with them. Whilst most went back, a few remained for an extended tourist stay. These penguins became tired of keeping them in, so they built a guesthouse for them, where the locals were their landladies/lords.

In 1984, the residents of Highlaw Island wanted a hotel, because there were more and more tourists, and as guesthouses were built to a more pleasant, sunnier side of the island, the buildings that were made from ice - the vast majority - melted in Highlaw's high temperatures. A small company called "Redhouse Hotels" went to the challenge to build one, and the job was finished a year later.

The hotel renamed itself to "Highlaw Hotel", for added publicity, and it could house up to 100 penguins, with or without puffles. For information about the interior, go here.

During the War of 2002, a small bomb rolled off an areoplane from its new mother-country Antarctica, and struck the building, causing a hole in the roof. Luckily, no one got killed, but a receptionist, two waiters, and one bellhop was injured. The remainder of the roof crumbled, and fell into the large pool behind the hotel. The penguins thought that the construction was beyond repair, and anyway they had to leave to get the sick doctors (of which there were none in the building), and left - for good.

In October 2004, after multiple storms, blizzards and whatnot, a boat filled to the brim with Jerks docked into the area. They were unwanted in the hotels built since then, so they trekked to the sunnier side of the island, and found the sorry wrecks of the hotel. They thought it looked great, so they started using the building as a scaring place for any penguins who enter. Whilst one-third of the jerks left to go back home, the rest decided to live there, living off the inside garden, formerly used by the chefs, which was somehow still alive.

In 2007, three years later, the full-time jerks announced that it was now a hotel - again. This time, it was renamed the "Hotel Empty", and a few gullible penguins booked and stayed for a while, but they were all scared off by "ghosts", or just jerks with duvet-covers on their heads. After the first month of re-opening, nobody came, so the rebuilt enterprise was a large flop.

It's been a haunted house since then, but if you look at it carefully, it's just a pile of mud and bricks, punctuated with the jerks using the old duvet-covers to pretend they're "ghosts".

In 2010, Highlaw Island announced that they were to convert it into a museum. No further plans had been released, as of 2018, however, and it is more than likely shelved (thanks to the superabundance of jerks).


The underground-room was basically an indoor greenhouse, where the waiters and chefs lived. So they didn't need to buy food, they grew their own fruit, vegetables and fish. They even had three tame cows, to make the pastry.

The interior used to be filled with hotel rooms and lots of stuff that shined! But then, when it broke down, the paint tore off, and most of the rooms that were empty collapsed. It was found out recently that after the storm, the remaining staff specifically took the shiniest, most precious items away, and repaired the lobby, in case they decided to return.

The lobby is partially intact. The hotel table has been demolished completely, and chairs are scattered over the area. The elevators are out of order. However, the gold paint is still there, as well as on the floors, but most of the shelves had dropped over the years, and airport novels are scattered on the ground (the jerks love this element). Unnaturally, weeds has been found on the ceilings. That's it.

The second floor were meeting rooms, only allowed to the staff. They are fully intact, apart from one thing: a projecter in one meeting room had been switched on for years and has collapsed due to the power used. Jerks love to congregate here, but these days, they restrain from doing so, when two inches of wallpaper fell on their leader. Other than that, everything remains like it was in 2002.

The third floor have guestrooms, but they have broken down. Most of the items were destroyed by the jerks, and the tremor of the explosion. The paint and wall coverings in several rooms tore off (especially in the aforementioned unused rooms) and white walls could be seen, whereas other rooms had weeds clinging on to the remaining intact items.

The fourth floor guestrooms were completely destroyed, and only bits and pieces of items were left. It now serves well as a replacement roof. In one room at the far end, a cupboard fell down, smashed the toilet door at the opposite side and banged the water tap, along with the sink, causing a water leakage. The water evaporated eventually, but it was great fun for the jerks to paddle in. On the east section of the level, a huge hole could be seen, along with a loose ceiling light and a broken window. At the left, rooms were left totally intact, only with the remaining jerks living in them.

This had been found out, thanks to an expedition, consisting of a large group of penguins who live in Highlaw Island.

Outside Facilities[edit]

At the back of the hotel, there is a swimming pool, with the huge piece of the roof inside the swimming pool. The roof eventually broke into smaller pieces, which now entirely cover the inside of the pool. Several beachchairs are scattered, and some were even thrown into the pool, before being crushed by the roof's bricks.

A café bar, which lies beside the pool, used to be inhabited by jerks, but in 2008, it was destroyed by lighting, causing it to crumble into a pile of bricks. Otherwise, it would be intact.

On the opposite side of the bar, a paritally-destroyed café can be spotted. The destroyed part was done by the jerks, who wanted to see how strong it was. Unsatisfied that it was unsuitable for living in, they left. Everything - apart from, of course, the demolished parts - is neat and in place. No one uses this stall.

Former Inhabitants[edit]

All of the inhabitants listed here were before the destruction

  • Penguins of course!
  • Owner
  • Shop clerk
  • Puffles
  • Chefs
  • Puffle carers
  • Waiters
  • Bellhops (room service penguins)
  • Link (oddly, he used to go here)
  • Add more!


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