How to be Popular and still be Yourself

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How to be Popular and still be Yourself is a nonfiction[Citation needed?] book by Emily von Injoface telling the reader how to be popular, like her, without losing your individuality. The book itself is very popular, having sold many copies and was critically praised by many. However many other critics who have criticized the book for not living up to its title and for being unrealistic. It remains controversial.


Emily writes about her life and philosophy

First of all, I'm assuming that you're reading this because you're unpopular. It is not wise to be making assumptions, as they can lead to wrong conclusions, but I am doing so anyways since there is no other way I could have written this book. If you are popular, this book will be near useless since it tells how to be popular in the first place, not how to become more popular. I am happy to report that I am making a book telling how to be popular. But that is going to contain much different content. The title suggests that this book will make you popular, as well-known and liked by a majority, and still be yourself. The last part might be misleading, as this book will allow you to retain most of your qualities: your inner beauty, personal interests. However, a part of you is holding you back- the thing that makes you unpopular. That part must be destroyed, or at least modified in a way that would allow you to accelerate through the social pyramid. You will also temporarily have to change your beliefs and values. If you want to be popular, you are going to have to be strong. If you want to be popular, you are going to have to be mean. If you want to be popular, you are going to have to step on others to go up. Once you are popular you can relax and help others- but not on the journey. Keep in mind that I have written this book for anyone who wants to become popular. Even though I have gone through a lot of experience, you do not need to. You do not need to have constantly had unpopular people around you in your youth. You do not need to have virtually grown up in a television production set. In short, you do not need by be Emilia von Injoface to be popular. Eva Parlorine had a very different background than me, but she is also very popular. My other friend Elizabeth had a different background than both of us and she's popular. Each of them has retained their personalities. As stated before you'll have to change at least a little before becoming popular. This the qualities you're changing aren't the ones you may think. You can be stupid and still be popular. You can be ugly and still be popular. You can be poor and still be popular. Heck, you can be stupid, ugly, and poor and be popular. You just can't be lazy. If you want popularity, you will have to work for it. It's true that being ugly, stupid, or poor will require you to work harder than the ones that aren't, nobody can ultimately be popular without effort. Some common misconceptions that I presumed the reader would think would be that this book will make you "the best", "rich" or the "most popular". That is not true. Best and popular have different meanings. Best means unsurpassed. Popular means well liked and known. Other than that, there is a major difference. Popularity can be measured. Being best is entirely oppiniated. I am going to admit something that I hesitated to say before: I am not the best. Nor am I the best at something, oh, lets say, giving advice on being popular. There might be someone better than me that I don't know of. Same with the rest of my family. This is what very few of them understand. Alkamesh's methods aren't the best ways of practicing medicine. Uncle Lenny is not the best stage director. Matt is not the best cookie-giver. Indeed they are very good at what they do, but they aren't the best. This book will tell you how to be very good at some things, but you won't be the best at it. Moving along, popular people are usually rich, but it has been stated before that poor people can become popular. This book will tell you how to manage and spend your money, but in no way is it a cash-making guide. Lastly, being the most popular is similarly to being the best in the fact that it is a superlative. However, I know that I am the most popular, and I'm not just going to let someone surpass me :D. With that said, enjoy the book. Your pal,

Emily Von Injoface

A great way to practice popularity is in your own home. Your house is full of items that can be useful in getting popularity points. Mirrors that you can look at yourself in, hygiene products that improve your health and looks, clothing, are just among some of the things you can apply to better yourself. Also, since home is private, nobody will be able to see you modify yourself, so if you put on something that is rather embarrassing, you will be the only one to see it. Or rather your family sees it. I am not too big on my family. We all have... issues. However I realize that your family is likely less dysfunctional than mine and you share stories, secrets, and spend time together. You probably had or have a loving mother, father, and possible siblings who will support you. Unless you actually have serious problem with family members, it is best to trust them.

At Home[edit]

Emily writes about having your family like the things you do

With Friends[edit]

Behaviour Rules[edit]

Physical Beauty and Clothing[edit]

Emily talks about making your the clothes you usually wear trendy through accessories, certain way of wearing then, and finding what suits your body shape

Wits and Smarts[edit]



The book is very popular in Snowzerland.