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Out of this universe!
Human Denton is related to another universe. Please remember that this character may not be related to the CPF Universe AT ALL, so don't worry if any conflicts occur.

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Not to be confused with the species.

Human Denton

A drawing of Human
Born Unknown
On a paper.
Gender Male
Nationality Stickman
Other names Human
Employer Some guy in Reality.
Home town The Paper
Known for Actually, the first person in the Multiverse to travel interdimensionally.
Partner Person Aldesen
Children none
Parents A Pencil
— Human's battle cry

Human Denton, aka Human, is a stickman from the Star Productions Universe, who first discovered the Multiverse. Born some time in the late 20th century, Human constantly visits the CPFW and has been admitted a citizen of Antarctica and is allowed to reside in Club Penguin as long as he likes.


Like most stickmen, Human was born on The Paper. One day, he discovered the author's magic pencil, which gave him the ability to create anything and remove anything. Bound to get his hands on the pencil, a dark cloud of evil, Mr. Bones, began attacking Human's hometown with an army of the Bones species, as well as self-destructing robots called Destructive Operational Robots Atomic (D.O.R.A.) and in a massive battle Human and his friend Person were able to keep the pencil safe.

One day, Human discovered a portal that led to the Universal Gateway, where he found he could travel to different universes. He went to our universe and befriended many penguins including Star Kirby12.

Human sometimes comes to the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki on vacation.

Ice Finder controversy[edit]

On September 16th, 2011, Human found a secret base in the Forest. He sketched out the entire hideout, finding things such as random blocks of ice, pictures of penguins, rope and other rescue gear, and some kind of Piffle plush lying around.

Later that day, Human sent his drawings to Aunt Arctic to have them published. After careful examination with the help of G, Aunt Arctic concluded that this was actually the mythical hideout of The Ice Finder, a mysterious penguin who seems to appear and disappear everywhere, saving anyone in trouble, and the pictures were pictures of penguins who had been saved by him. This information was published into the Penguin Times.

Many penguins were amazed at this finding, but others doubted the existence. Disputes begun based on whether Human had actually found the IF's home, and the opposers eventually began to riot in front of the Penguin Times office.

To prove he had found the hideout, Human was sent with Star and Richperson to relocate the area. After successfully finding the base, Richperson pinpointed the location and there are currently guards posted to make sure that IF actually lives there.

So far, IF has never returned to this area. This caused a bigger dispute, as some penguins believed that IF had just realized what was going on and had moved, while others still say that the place was never IF's hideout.

Multiverse Collision Saga[edit]

Human plays a very major role in the saga. When the invasion begins, he communicates with Star and gets everyone in the Multiverse to get on the Starcutter. Later, he uses his magic pencil's eraser to delete the core of the dark clones, as well as battling Ultimate Penguin.

When Doom Knight arises in MC5, Human gets a hard hat with an ultraviolet flashlight and a jackhammer that shoots energy beams from its tip (aka Hammers Up). Later on, in MC8, Human gets a power tool drill capable of breaking into everything, including armor, Bedrock from Minecraft and the fourth wall itself.


Human is very kind-hearted. He loves his friends dearly, and is very appreciative of their kindness (and the unique way they act towards him). He does act weird, but his IQ is pretty high, as Styckworld is actually known for its relationships with something called "Geometry" and "Algebra" and "Calculus" and other unknown terms. Sometimes he tries to blend in with the crowd. You can imagine that usually doesn't work.


Human's main weapon of choice is the Hands Up gun. It deals a good amount of damage, but does not cause death or blood. In melee combat, he uses his Magic Pencil as a spear and knocks down opponents. He can also use it to draw anything he wants and erase things if needed. He also has access to the StickJet and the StickSpacer mecha.


  • "I'm Human, but I'm not a human. Wait, does that even make sense?"
  • "Ah great she's dead. She probably had some crucial information that would've been really useful for us, and now we're going to find out when it's far too late near the end of the plot."

(Multiverse Collision)

  • Human: This thing is indestructible! It's not like I can erase it or something!


  • Human is one of the very few characters in the Multiverse that have actually been personally created by the group of creators that created the Multiverse and ultimately destroyed it in MC7. Therefore, he is a Level VI Fourth Wall breaker and is extremely close to becoming level VII, however he limits his own abilities.
  • As an odd trait inherited among all stickmen, Human gains an extremely boosted amount of energy if he eats or is near a churro.
  • A major factor that gives him an advantage is that, since his universe is not connected to Wikia, he is immune to CPFW-style deletion. On the other hand, his kind is known to be vulnerable to a different form of deletion, called "erasing".