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Not to be confused with the stickman.
Humans from Southeast Asia. They are declaring war. Fear them.
A human and a typical penguin comparison. The humans being compared to is Amac.

Humans (known taxonomically as Homo sapiens, Latin for "wise man" or "knowing man"), also known as "the beast of the walking snow", are characters, considered to be highly intelligent, with technology similar to penguins.

Humans are uniquely adept at utilizing systems of communication for self-expression, the exchange of ideas, and organization. Humans create complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, from families and kinship networks, to nations. Social interactions between humans have established an extremely wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of human society. With individuals widespread in every continent except INCLUDING Antarctica (FEAR THEM!!!), humans are a cosmopolitan species. As of 2015, the human population was estimated by the United Nations Population Division to be about 7 billion, and by some legendary faraway organization called the United States Census Bureau to be about 7.3 billion. How we know this is unknown.

Humans are noted for their desire to understand and influence their environment, seeking to explain and manipulate phenomena through science, philosophy, and mythology. This natural curiosity has led to the development of advanced tools and skills, which are passed down culturally; humans are the only non-Antarctican species known to build fires and cook their food, as well as the only known non-native species to clothe themselves, and create and use numerous other technologies and arts. The study of humans is the scientific discipline of anthropology.

Types of Humans[edit]

Penguins have divided the human race (homo sapiens) in two types:

  • Sanity Humans
  • Bean Humans

Turtleheimer managed to compile the following chart:

An average IQ chart, shown representing Penguins, Sanity Humans, Bean Humans, Jackos, Skuas, and RocketSnails, respectively.

Sanity Human[edit]

A Sanity Human, Captain Ash.

Sanity/Normal Humans (homo sapiens callidus) are humans with an IQ of or above 150. Humans with any IQ above 50 are usually considered Sanity Humans too, even if they have less than 150. Known "Sanity Humans" include:

Bean Human[edit]

Mister Bean, the namesake of Bean Humans.

Bean Humans (homo sapiens doofus) are humans with an IQ below 50. They are not actually that dumb, but they are less intelligent by penguin standards. Known "Bean Humans" include:

Rumored Humans[edit]

  • Bananaphone
  • Doctor Hickory (He denies it, saying he's a 'time lord')
  • The Sapie Brothers are two possible humans. They are usually seen filming a documentary for the penguins at Dorkugal, though there were many doubts about it.
  • Aren't You a little young to be a possible Human that is rumored to stalk Penguin activity behind a Computer Screen (not just that, but other sources of media!)?

Facts and Rumors[edit]

Confirmed Facts[edit]

  • As said by The Sapie Brothers, humans do not have forked tongues.
  • Quite intelligent. The only known exception are the Bean Humans.
  • They were forbidden in Antarctica. The Humana Cathedral Papers even speak of an "Antarctic Preservation Treaty of 1913". However, as the Multiverse was revealed to the public, and some of its universes are focused on humans, such as the Tomica Hero and MMBN universes, the ban was lifted and those who are brave enough and able to survive the cold were allowed to enter. However, not many people do this as the human government limits the number of people who can go there in fear of Antarctica being damaged.
    • According to the Papers, the treaty reads:
May Antarctica's frozen beauty remain eternally preserved in its glory away from mankind. Any and all who set foot shall be punished by the fullest extent of the law.
  • They are real.
  • There are humans in the USA.
  • Penguins are smarter than the average human.

Rumors/Unconfirmed Facts[edit]

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