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The Imperial Federation of the Hun Empire
Flag of Hun Empire
(and largest city)
Official languages English, Hunese
Recognised regional languages Antarctic Gaelic, English
Species  Hunguins, Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Hunian
Membership Free Republic Union
Government Imperial Monarchy; Semi-Plutocracy
 -  Emperor Fredric von Hun
 -  Prime Minister Jen Hun
 -  Day of Hunston January 18, 1510 
 -  Founding of the country June 5, 1510 
 -  Free republic agreement November 29, 2005 
 -  2016 estimate 19,800,000 
 -  2010 census 19,349,028 
Currency Hun Coins (HC)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 198

The Imperial Federation of the Hun Empire, locally known as HunEmpire or the Hun Empire for short, is a large Free Republic located on several islands North of Polaris. It is currently ruled by His Royal Highness, Emperor Fredric von Hun The First and his Prime Minister (and younger sister) Princess Jen Hun. The capital city, Hunston, contains almost one tenth of the Empire's population, and is also the center of trade for the Empire. It has one of the largest armies in the FRU, since being reformed by Ben Hun in 2009. Though no longer the Prime Minister, Ben Hun, Duke of Chesshere, is still a well-known figure from the nation, either of fame or infamy depending on who's asked. He saved the nation from a Pretender to the throne in 2009 before reforming the military, and later almost causing the Empire to be annexed by the AU due to his annoying tendencies.


The Hun Empire was founded by Emperor James Hun I five centuries ago after the destruction of the Hunguin's ancient Republic, whose name is lost to history, by raiders from a neighboring Empire. After the nation's founding as a new Empire it began to grow very quickly, and finally after many long years of hardship, the new nation was fully established and the country began to expand to neighboring Islands until it controlled the entirety of what is known today as the Hun Islands. Hunston, the capital city of the Empire was founded in 1620, By James Hun VI as the nation's new center of Trade, Philosophical and Scientific study and learning, and helped to encourage rapid development of the culture in the Hun Empire, that has proven to have made the nation the unique nation it is today. Other than trading with countries in the Ninja Archipelago and Furshire, the Empire remained isolated for the most part, not making much contact with the High Penguin Confederacy or Khanzem. Only with the advanced technology that came with Olde Antarctica did the Empire realize how big of a continent was out there.

In 2005, the country signed the Treaty of Dorkugal and became a Free Republic, for more protection and involvement on the international scale. Emperor Robert Hun, one of the most beloved Emperors of all time, passed away in 2007. His first son, Fredric von Hun was to be crowned Emperor, with his second son Ben Hun to be promoted to Prime Minister. Ben, worried about not being a good leader, traveled to the Uncharted Places of Antarctica to train to become a warrior and leader, which is what he read that the citizens expected of him. While Ben was gone, a Pretender to the throne couped Emperor Fredric (forcing him into hiding) and claimed the nation for himself overnight. The pretender ruled the Empire under an iron flipper for two years, replacing statues of Robert Hun and symbols of the Hun family in Hunston. When Ben returned in 2009, he was horrified at what he saw. So, having become the warrior he wanted to be, he retook the throne for Fredric and sent the pretender into an unknown time using his Time Travel Staff. Fredric was officially crowned Emperor shortly after, on June 5, when he also granted the position of Prime Minister and the title "Duke of Chesshere" to his brother Ben, for "saving them all". As PM, Ben formed a more organized and better trained Air Force and Army in 2009 to better defend the Empire from invading factions. In 2010, Fudd maintained the Empire for four months while Ben was in the hospital.

Though Ben Hun was considered a national hero, eventually the citizens started to dislike him due to "weirdness" and bad qualities for a Hunguin, such as speaking in some form of L33t (usually it's written), an insane love of McDoodle's Big Paks, and his loud speech, which is often yelling about random things. He also took part of the HunEmpire Military into the Great Wishing Hun Conflict and lost which made him a laughing stock among Antarcticans and an embarrassment to some Hunians. In addition, Ben Hun was a large representation for the Empire in the international community, and by 2011 everyone was tired of his antics. In July 2011, 12 days of rioting took place, demanding that Ben stop being "such a weirdo", or to replace him with someone else.

On the heels of this rioting, the Archipelago Union decided that it was "time to get rid of that annoying weirdo" once and for all, by annexing the country and making it the HunProvince, since the Hunian military was being spread thin. The proposal was made by Papa Flywish, and approved by Kaiser Swiss Ninja and King Carlos Goberna. So, on August 10, 2011, the AU declared war on the HunEmpire, starting the Hun-AU War. Due to the Hun Commandos defending the islands, and the USA stepping in to protect the Empire and mediate between the Free Republics, the war ended quickly with Ben resigning his position as Prime Minister. Emperor Fredric and Lord Ben Hun's sister, Jen Hun would later be appointed as Prime Minister. Today the HunEmpire is a semi-isolated nation, who still has sour relations with the AU, but is one of the more powerful Free Republics.


The nation is located on an archipelago of islands North of Polaris, somewhere between the Freezelandian Ocean Territories, Southern Ocean City and Furshire, known as the Hun Archipelago. Though they have a very tropical paradise feel on the coasts, they are usually quite cool compared to other tropical destinations, making it a nice place to vacation for those who dislike the heat. Only a few of the islands are vastly inhabited, namely Hunston (the main island), White Island and King's Isle.

Hunston Island is home to the Dark Forest and the Montgomery Mountains, while King's Isle is home to Mt. Frost. The other islands have various climates, from the semi-tropical beaches to forests and plains. The Montgomery Mountains separate Hunston and Chesshere, and contain Mount St Roberts and a volcano that last erupted in 1778.


The HunEmpire is a monarchy and also a semi-plutarchy, meaning the richest citizens and the nobility have a say in ruling the country. The nation is currently ruled by His Royal Highness, Emperor Fredric von Hun I. The position of Prime Minister was established during the times of Olde Antarctica to appease some of the AU nations, but the Prime Minister is appointed by the Emperor. The current PM is Jen Hun, who is also thought to be the Crown Princess.

A parliament also exists, made up of the nation's "nobility" (literal and figurative), such as the Dukes of the provinces, members of the royal family and other important figures (such as the wealthy or important city mayors). The parliament discuss issues and draft bills, and are led by the Prime Minister. However, the Emperor's opinion also has heavy sway in the parliament, as he must approve proposed bills for them to become law.


A large chunk of the nation's economy is comprised of fishing, farming, and tourism, with a rising focus on manufacturing. One of the largest manufacturers in the country is Hershee Chocolate, which has quickly become some of the most common and most popular chocolate in Antarctica.


Hun Islands[edit]

  • Hunston Island is the main island, and the largest of the Hun Islands. Famous for such locations as: Mount St Robert's, Weshmister Abbey, and the capital city of Hunston, which the island itself is named after.
  • White Island is the second largest island. Famous for its many beaches, and tropical Oasis', and the city Johnsville.
  • King's Isle is the smallest of the Isles. Well known for its quaint villages and local hospitality as well as Mt. Frost.
  • Henrey's Island is the second smallest island. Shrouded in ancient mystery, this uninhabited island is a source of speculation and awe.
  • Grey Atoll is one of the lesser known islands. Contains only a small Fishing Village.
  • Awesome Island, also known as Hun Island, is the private residence of the Hun Family, and the location of Castle Hun. Though the island is closed to the public most of the time, it is occasionally open for tours on holidays. It is about 23 sq. km in size.

Provinces and Cities[edit]

  • Hunston- The capital city of the islands, and also the name of the capital Province. (Pop. 186,742)
  • Chesshere- One of the most noble and important provinces in the Empire, located on Hunston Island. Chesshere is mostly flat with hills, and is home to about 100,000 creatures, including the former Prime Minister, Ben Hun, who is also the Duke of Chesshere.
  • Johnsville- The second most populated city of the country (Pop. 92,895)

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Other Locations[edit]

  • Castle Hun is the official residence of the Hun Royal Family, located on Awesome Island.
  • Dark Forest is a large, dense forest on Hunston island.
  • Hunston Harbor is the largest harbor in the Empire.
  • Hunt's Bay is a bay, bordering Hunston and other settlements.
  • James Square is a large public square in Hunston.
  • Upside-Down Tower a small watchtower over Hunston Harbor.
  • Weshmister Abbey is a Governance Telenacle in Hunston, known for the large ketchup factory in its basement that is the nation's leading supply of ketchup.


All electrical infrastructure in the country is provided by the Governance, which was introduced to the island before the 1910s. Weshmister Abbey was built in the capital of Hunston in 1909, which is one of the largest and oldest remaining telenacles in Antarctica.

Emperors Robert II and Fredric von Hun have invested heavily in infrastructure in the nation, to keep public buildings and roadways modern and safe. As transport by car is rarer in the country, only one major highway system exists, on Hunston Island. The other islands use smaller roadways for travel.


Cars aren't used as much in the HunEmpire as they are in other nations, with Hunians preferring other methods of transportation. Travel on land is usually handled by high-speed railway, evolved from normal trains. Travel between islands is handled largely by ship, with many ferry companies and passenger ships existing, and flying via plane coming in second.


Until 2009, the Hun Military was just a giant army of strong, but poorly equipped Hunguins who volunteered to serve. A portion of the soldiers were part of a naval division to fight any opponents on the open seas, the closest thing the Empire had to a functioning navy. That all changed once Ben Hun returned to his country and became the country's Prime Minister in 2009. He reformed the nation's Army and implemented what he learned from the Uncharted Places in the two years prior. He also founded the nation's Air Force with some help from some friends in the USA. In 2010, Admiral Dan Beronews offered to help build a stronger Hun Navy, which the Emperor and Prime Minister gladly excepted.


The Hun Army has been a fearsome force since being reformed in 2009. Though they suffered some cutbacks in solders, the army is still a majority of the Hun Military, and many citizens are always ready to join when more troops are needed. The cutback in soldiers helped fund the purchase of much better equipment for the army, including tanks and some deletion weapons. The army was kept large because of the constant threat of rivals such as Liguria and Snowzerland, who both have much larger militaries.

Most soldiers are well-trained with standard rifles, melee weapons and for flipper-to-flipper combat.

Air Force[edit]

The Air Force, founded in 2009, quickly became one of the largest Air Forces at the time. Though it is less impressive than most of the military powers that rose throughout the 2010s, it is still a formidable force and is often involved in FRU-related air training exercises.

The Commander of the Air Force, was picked personally by Ben Hun, was Commander Barnaby Snow, a top pilot at the USA Air Force, who is of Hunian descent. The Assembly also voted that they would order many more aircraft in the coming months. The air force has 12 bases in and around the HunEmpire. They have about 2,500 members.


The Hun Navy was heavily built up in 2010 with the help of US Admiral Dan Beronews, enough to handily defend the Hun Archipelago. Naval troop divisions still exist for close-quarters combat on the seas, and also "infiltrators" to board enemy ships.

Hun Commandos[edit]

The Hun Commandos are the Empire's Special Forces. These troops are mostly Hunguins, and have the best training and equipment of the entire military. In 2009, the original Commandos were all chosen and trained by Ben Hun.


Over centuries of mostly isolation, the Hun Empire has gained a very unique culture all its own. Their architecture and food resembles an odd mix of the Ninja Archipelago, Pengolia and the former Osloven Empire (now the United Provinces). Most citizens are trained in fish and sword fighting from a young age, and are encouraged to stay active and fit, similar to how Sparka trains males for battle from hatching. Fishball is also a favorite sport of the Hunians, though they're not very fond of Soccer like the Ninja Archipelago nations are. Since the end of their "isolation" during Olde Antarctica, the Empire has been introduced to some of the culture of their neighbors, from the Ninja Archipelago to the USA and their fellow Free Republics, to Polaris and Furshire. A recent cultural addition to the country is its love for Hershee Chocolate, which quickly became one of the largest manufacturers in the country.

However, more interesting than the Empire's culture, is their citizens. Due to their long-term isolation, a totally different species of penguin evolved over the centuries, known as Hunguins. These penguins make up a majority of the Empire's population. They lost most of the High Penguin "features" such as longevity (being able to live for hundreds of years) and their ability to use magic, but they did keep a few traits such as height (an average Hunguin is 4-4 ft 5 inches) and skills as warriors. Hunguins are naturally stronger than other "normal" penguin species, are a bit more hot-tempered (a bit milder than the Khanz) and like to fight. Their different species, endemic to the archipelago, are what have truly separated the culture of the Empire.

Foreign Relations[edit]

In order from the best relations to the worst.

  • USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica - Excellent - The Hun Empire has prospered since becoming a Free Republic in 2005, having made many trade deals with the USA and gaining thousands of annual tourists and residents from the USA. They also owe their existence to the USA for overseeing negotiations during the Hun-AU War, as they would have been annexed by the AU otherwise.
  • Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland - Great - The Empire has gotten along quite well with Freezeland since joining the FRU. Their cultures are similarly rooted, and High Penguins and Hunguins are similar in height. Many agreements have been struck between the countries, and they have been able to participate in naval activities together.
  • AxlePowers.png Axle Powers - Good - The HunEmpire maintains friendly relations with the Axle Powers, especially the Culldrome Isles and Shops Island. Both have offered to sponsor the Empire as an Axle Minor, an offer that has been politely turned down to avoid over-reliance on foreign powers, but are open to trade deals. They are also content in the FRU as USA Vice President Happyface has promised the USA's defense obligations.
  • PolarisFlag.png Polaris - Good - Despite fighting against Polaris during the Polarian Revolution, the two nation's leaders were able to mend their relationship. The Empire sent aid to Polaris after the Frosian War to help them rebuild, which led to friendly trade deals later.
  • Flag of Castilla.png Castilla - Fair - Since the Polarian Revolution, Emperor Fredric has been able to reconcile with King Carlos Goberna, and make up for the mistakes of his brother. They two leaders get along now, mostly on the terms of being friendly empires, and their shared dislike of Swiss Ninja.
  • UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and - Fair - The Empire has fair relations with Puffle'and despite Swiss Ninja being their King. The country sent athletes to The Olympics in 2012, who were well received by the Puffish.
  • ChinstrapFlag.png Acadia - Bad - Though the Empire and Acadia haven't had much interaction, they believe Acadia is an overly aggressive country (which is saying something, coming from Hunguins) who are willing to do anything to become more powerful. This opinion is due to the actions of Acadian leadership, including their sudden departure from the Free Republic Union as a response to the USA's democratic election, and their numerous penguin rights violations. Acadia has also spoken out against the Empire and claimed they are "one of the USA's many puppets", which infuriated Hunguins everywhere.
  • Liguria Flag.png Liguria - Bad - The Hun Empire and Liguria don't get along due to the long-standing rivalry between Papa Flywish and the former Prime Minister Ben Hun. This long-lasting personal feud also led to the Hun-AU War in 2011 that saw Ben removed from office. Emperor Fredric has tried to reconcile with the Papa, to no avail.
  • Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland - Terrible - Snowzerland is one of the only AU countries Emperor Fredric hasn't been able to reconcile with, unsurprisingly. There's no doubt that the egotistical Kaiser still wants to annex the Empire after his failures in the past.


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