The Five Senseis

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The Five Senseis
Tsoi and Li Symbol.png
The Coat of Arms and Symbol for the reign of the Five Senseis.
Name The Five Senseis
Type Senseis
Location Antarctica
Head Tsoi and Li (1872 - 1945)
Ho (1945-1953)
Fut (1953-1985)
Hung (1985-1990)
Job Training Ninjas
Members 蔡, 李, 何, 佛, and 雄
Headquarters Dojo, Club Penguin

The Five Senseis were the successors and the descendants of of Chin Yang. Their names are Tsoi, Li, Ho, Fut, and Hung Hochstadt.


After Chin Yang's Death, his sons, Tsoi and Li succeeded him. They used Chin Yang's belt system until the year 1900, when they decided to change it to the modern belt system known today. Tsoi also had two sons named Ho and Fut, But Li had only one son who moved to Alemania. Finally, Ho had a son named Hung, who was the last of the Five Masters. At one point, all of them were Senseis, which gave them their title, but this only lasted for nearly 35 years (1910-1945) until Tsoi died. This period was the most prosperous time for them, and they trained many, many ninjas back then too.

Tsoi (蔡)[edit]


Tsoi was the son of Chin Yang who shared the title of Sensei with his brother, Li. He was born with albinism and was known for being a dirty fighter, using all his wits to win a match. He was also the first Fire Sensei after he came up with the idea of greatly mastering one of the elements the most. Tsoi's nasty fighting technique reflected his personality; he was hot headed and rather cocky with an egotistical demeanor. Tsoi and his brother Li contrasted with each other and were known for getting into many fights when they were young. His main weapons were two long ropes of flaming barbed wire that he kept hidden up his sleeves. Despite being thin, they were incredibly strong and flexible, capable of blocking even Li's enormous Kwan Dao. Like Li, Tsoi also went on vacations, although not to Alemania. Tsoi vacationed most often to Pengolia, the volcanoes of Beru, Castilla, Penguifornia, and southern Liguria. Tsoi died in 1945 at age 100, about a day before Li died.

Li (李)[edit]


Li was the younger brother of Tsoi (despite the fact that he towered over him) and shared the title of Sensei with him. Li had a terrible childhood because both his father and brother were hot headed and very cocky, thus Li had a resenting relationship with them and he resolved not to marry and have children in fear that his children would become cocky like his brother and father. Nevertheless, he did, and gave birth to a daughter named Chiyoko, and a son named Johannes Hochstadt, who became the descendant Grandfather of Gottfried and Bernard Hochstadt. (Li is their Great-Grandfather). However, Li made sure Johannes did not aspire to follow in his footsteps, so when he was older, Li advised Johannes to make his living in Alemania, and he settled in Hohenterngau peacefully, making Li proud. Li visited Alemania every summer to be with his son and grandchildren, but also because Alemania was his favorite island because of it's beautiful lakes, rivers, and green plants that would appeal to a Water Sensei. Besides his semiannual visit to Alemania, Li would occasionally visit Lago di Lario, to relax and have peace. Lago di Lario was considered Li's most favorite lake and was where it was rumored that Li came up of the idea of becoming a Water Sensei after his first visit there. However, the truth was that he discovered to become the Water Sensei after discovering his ability to water bend at the Waterfall in Club Penguin. Li was known for being well balanced and had good control against an opponent, and also for his incredible strength. His weapon of choice was an giant Kwan Dao, which was said to be forged by the Grindylows, which he carried on his back wherever he went. Li was also the first Water Sensei. All of these factors lead many penguins to refer to him as the "Water Demon", a phrase which Li had tattooed onto his arm in Japanese. Unlike his brother, Li was a very honorable fighter and referred to all of his students as his children. He was also the master of Toshi Kojima and Speeddasher. Li died in 1945 at the age of 100, although he still visits Sensei and Speeddasher as a ghost from time to time to this day.

Ho (何)[edit]

Ho Five Senseis.png

Ho was the older Son of Tsoi. He was born with high expectations, but he was not able to become a Fire Ninja as his father had hoped, although Ho was a good Water Ninja, to his father's discomfort. Nevertheless, Tsoi did not realize his son's true potential until much later in his life, and for many years, Tsoi had preferred his son Fut more than Ho, creating a rivalry and a bitter hatred for his younger sibling, just as Tsoi had done with Li. Henceforth, Ho learned to manipulate the element of Snow and became the first Snow Sensei. Ho was a precise fighter who attacked the vital points (pressure points) of the opponent with the techniques of Tsoi and Li. Ho aspired to become a practical fighter who used everything he learned. Ho stayed neutral in quarrels between Tsoi and Li, despite being Tsoi's son, but he respected his uncle Li just as much. Ho was well known also for his scraggly appearance with his shaggy beard and raggy clothing that he had worn as a young Sensei in Training, and it seemed like he took more of his uncle's personality than his father, although Ho was known as a wild fighter who was very friendly and jovial. Ho died in 1953, aged 80 years old from disease.

Fut (佛)[edit]

Sensei Fut improved.png

Fut was the younger son of Tsoi. He was the smartest of the Five Senseis. He was a good scholar who learned and combined techniques from the other Senseis to use them into his fighting. As a young boy, Fut was a noted bookworm who enjoyed reading haikus, novels and poetry; he also had a great passion for the arts and even science. He always appeared to have a happy and optimistic attitude. Sensei Fut was known for his one and only duel with King Ohzie Ablaze in 1956. In the latter part of his life until he died, Sensei Fut helped Sensei Hung to train young Fuut Ga Hochstadt, who was named after Fut. Fut died peacefully in 1985, aged 100 years old.

Hung (雄)[edit]

Sensei Hung Small edited1.png

Hung is the last of the Five Senseis. As the only son of Ho, he was known for being a tough penguin who was strong and wise. He was well known for leading a large army of Ninjas with his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great uncle, during the Khanzem War. After the war, Hung visited the city of Buenos Suelos where he met a young girl from Parhentina named Ayoshi, whose mother was from Japaland, and had a son. When all of his relatives died, he searched for the successor because was not interested and a Disgrace to the Family. Thus, he came across a young penguin who he trained to be Pen Chi. He used Chin Yang's belt system to train Pen Chi, but he told him to use the old original belt system for future sudents. Hung is considered the best Teacher in history because he trained the best Ninja in history. Also, at the same time, Hung raised the young Fuut Ga Hochstadt since his mother could not hold the responsibility, while Jock Hochstadt came to visit his great-grandfather only once as a two year old chick. The story goes that in 1990, he died of old age at the age of 96 in front of Pen Chi, and an hour later, the Dojo was destroyed by a snow avalanche. It took about a month to clear all the debris before the Dojo remains were recovered, and strangely enough, Hung's body and clothes were gone, along with the bodies and clothing of the other ninjas that were in the dojo at the time. (Pen Chi went into the forest to cope his master's death, so he did not experience the Avalanche.) Conspiracy theories have developed, and some believe that Hung may still be alive but in hiding, but no one knows for sure.



  • "What's the matter? You can't take the burn?"
  • Responding to his brother Li during their first fight:"Water may beat fire younger brother, but heat evaporates water!"
  • After breaking Li's arm after their first fight:"It would appear I was right younger brother. The mighty phoenix will always triumph over the lowly catfish."


  • "It's our friendship, not our blood that make us family my children."
  • "In an ideal world, the Sensei should be one to promote peace and compromise among the nations. Instead we are assigned by society and circumstance to be protectors and defenders of a chaotic war ridden Antarctica. Nevertheless, I am willing to risk my life for the betterment of penguin and puffle kind so that I can protect and save the ones I love."


  • "I know exactly."
  • "There is no limits to the mind. Only limits to what the mind wants to achieve."


  • "Wisdom is what will help you the most in battle."
  • "Look not at the opponent's weapon of choice but at how he wields it. A fool can do damage but he can easily be taken out with the right skills. A skilled fighter is one you should be most concerned with."


  • "At the end of the day, it is mental, not physical strength that will determine the course of a fight."
  • "An unexperienced student with mastery of the basic principles of Card Jitsu is better off than a seasoned master who never took the time to perfect his basic skills."
  • Hung once told the young Pen Chi: "Never Eat Yellow Snow, Penji."
  • To Pen Chi: "You will be the greatest ninja the world has ever known. And I will train you."
  • On the day of his alleged death: "All things that live must die, Fuut Ga. It is not for you to choose, but I will NOT die today."



  • Both Tsoi and Li were represented by different animals. Tsoi by the phoenix, and Li by the giant catfish. Each of these personas reflected upon their personality, aswell as their titles as Fire and Water Senseis.
  • Unlike his brother, Li, who was a heavy sleeper, Tsoi was famous for being an insomniac, and he was well known for lighting many candles in his room and meditated intensely until he tired out and fell asleep. Tsoi was also the first to wake up in the morning when the sun began to rise. His insomnia never hindered his energy during the day, although it did make him feel grumpy and serious at most times. Occationally, Tsoi also wandered around Club Penguin Island at night when he could not sleep.
  • All of the Five Senseis were Viking Penguins, like Chin Yang. Li has often been assumed to be a High Penguin because of his massive size, but it is true that some Viking Penguins can grow as large as High Penguins, but it is rather rare.

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