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Hungry Orange
His many faces and expressions.
Title Hungry
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Good
Health Neutral (because of illegal drinks)
Level 50+
Status Being hungry
Location Penguinpuffdude's Igloo
Birth date February 16, 2015 (2015-02-16) (age 4)
Place of birth Box Dimension
Occupation Being hungry and eating all the time
Interests Eating
Strengths Buck teeth
Weaknesses Not enough food
Fears Food shortage
Friends Penguinpuffdude, etc.
Enemies Penguins annoyed by his love of eating
Archetype Good

Hungry (full name Hungry Orange) is Penguinpuffdude's adopted orange puffle, and is the third youngest of her 12 puffles, the youngest being her rainbow puffle Storm Cloud. He is able to write, but can only write in bad grammar. For a strange reason, he has an uncontrollable passion for eating, which none of Penguinpuffdude's other puffles have. The pens he likes writing with are blue and orange, hence his signature being Hungry (talk to me. now.). Nobody really knows how he can write so neatly but with bad grammar, however. Because of his midnight parties when he was younger, he also likes fizzy beverages (and illegal drinks) and has a profound love of extremely strong cheese.


In 2015, Hungry was born to two puffles in the Box Dimension. In his free time, he would play with Box Creator and would copy his habit of drinking Cactus Juice. Always, after a night partying with Cactus Juice, he would return to his box home looking deranged, and this worried his parents a lot. One day, in early 2016, his parents discovered that he was friends with Box Creator and had secret Cactus Juice parties every 8 o' clock. This upset Hungry's parents so much, they banned Hungry from going outside on his own, and a month later they soon moved to the Forest. This was, however, a very bad decision as Hungry's parents were soon captured by two penguins, looking for untamed puffles. Hungry was now left alone, and soon realized that he now had his own freedom. He soon decided to find his old friend the Box Creator again, and happily hopped out of his cave. His happiness soon disappeared, however, as a penguin working for the Pet Shop captured him with a net, and took him to the Pet Shop. Hungry soon met the other puffles, who didn't like him at all because of his general weirdness and often kept away from him. Because of his loneliness, he ate whatever he could reach and missed his parents. Two months later, he became more happier with his diet of puffle furniture, and didn't mind that he didn't get attention. However, a week later, his future owner Penguinpuffdude waddled in the shop, and when Hungry looked at her with his shining eyes, Penguinpuffdude adopted the orange puffle and named him Hungry. He was introduce to her other, more older puffles and her parents, who all took an immediate liking to him, and began his new, happier life. Soon after his adoption, the two, oldest puffles living in the family (Kitty & Katty, also known as the "Dualcolour Duo") secretly taught Hungry how to write to communicate with their owners. Hungry, although tidy, became bad at grammar, but soon developed his own signature. He still lives his life in Penguinpuffdude's igloo today.


Because of his constant love of food, he cannot really be taken anywhere. He also insists on staying in the igloo to "play with his friends" (e.g. eat), and because he is stubborn he will not move anywhere or do anything, unless food is involved. He can be easily bribed with food, and therefore as long as food is involved he will do anything, therefore making him an anti-hero. He can, however, be a powerful force underneath his hungry exterior, and can also bite hard with his buck teeth, automatically making them his weapon. He is also one of the many creatures practicing "The Look", something that Fredsworth and Cutiekins are famous for.


Note - all of the words spoken by Hungry and other puffles are in Puffle.

  • "FOOD!"
  • "I'm hungry!"
  • "I want FOOD!"


  • He loves pizza.
  • He can be a show-off sometimes.
  • He also thinks he is awesome.
  • When extremely annoyed, he can get very energetic, and if desperate he will bite anything (apart from other penguins, plants and puffles).