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Hunguins or more commonly known as "The Huns" are a race of very strong powerful and fierce penguins who are totally native to the HunEmpire thought to be even possibly equal to to the PWNguins in strength and size. They are very muscular and have darker feathers than normal penguins. They usually have a burning fire in their eyes, always prepared to do combat with their next foe who they are so sure will fall in their path.


Hunguins were thought to have been created when normal penguins in the HunEmpire thousands of years ago were isolated from the rest of Antarctica. In their isolation their current ruler decided that he wanted to rule all of Antarctica and began to have his people trained from birth to be strong fighting machines. Over hundreds of year of this along with the conditions and environment of the HunEmpire these penguins became their own race. The Hunguins did war with neighboring countries, expanding their empire and breaking away from their long isolation to wreak havoc across the world. After years of this warlike attitude, they became known as the strongest of most all races of penguin kind. Today, there are less of them in Antarctica due to many of them dying out, but there still remains in Antarctica many a Hunguin awaiting the day where they can rise up again and try to take over more of Antarctica again.


  • The Hunguins where created long before the PWNguins.
  • Most of these Hunguins today feel a constant need to take over something. Odd, huh?

Notable Hunguins[edit]

  • Ben Hun the royal leader of the HunEmpire the country of the Hunguins.

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