Hurricane Diana

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Hurricane Diana
Erm... Hurricane Diana's Promotional Logo?
Type Destroying Machine
Effects Makes items destroyed
Source STINC Experiment #11
Location Old Town, Eastshield, USA
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

Hurricane Diana was a hurricane strengthened by the STINC to destroy Old Town. (see Evacuation of Old Town) At least 3 quarters of STINC were jailed in The Hot Snow for that very very reason. It used to actually be a project to make a fake hurricane, but cancelled due to "high pressure of the members of the STINC".


Hurricane Diana was used to destroy Old Town and other towns around Eastshield. It was also intended to destory South Pole City, but failed due to directioning matters and the landfall of storms. The hurricane formed somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, but then STINC used a special "weather-controlling device" that appears to be linked to the Fourth Wall to steer the hurricane towards the USA and at the same time to strengthen it.

After the incident, 3 quarters of STINC were captured and jailed in The Hot Snow.

Team Spaceship[edit]

At one point, a bunch of Team Spaceship goons stole the long-abandoned weather controller and used it to summon a second Hurricane Diana. The Electrotails assisted with this, trying to prove to their Walrus masters that they too could do evil.

They directed this monster storm over the mines of Lavasteam City, to the point of immense flooding. They also possessed a bunch of orcas to swim into the flooded mines and rip out all of the ore within, providing the groups with massive amounts of gold. Gold witnessed this entire event.


  • This was a powerful Hurricane.

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