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I do believe that SI:9 has elected to ignore your UAN council order. We operate with far more efficiency than anyone can. I suppose that's to be expected, international cooperation is both a terrible drag and frankly needless in this day and age.
— I04
Title Rank 4 Intelligence Sector Agent
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Lawful Evil
Health Excellent
Level SI:9 Agent, Zero Sector informant
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Birth date Unknown
Occupation Agent
Interests Science, Technology, Manipulation, Espionage
Friends Interests of SI:9
Enemies Those who cross him
Archetype Protagonist

I04, pronounced Eye-Oh-Four, is an agent for Munijoch's intelligence agency, SI:9 and their Black Budget experimentation laboratories, Zero Sector. Little is known about the agent, apart from his role in capturing the rogue SI:9 agent, I08 (or Theta), as well as actively defying a UAN order for his extradition to face justice per the order of the agency. He is a strong believer in representing the ideals of the agency, and will not hesitate to attempt to defy his superiors in an effort to prove that the agency must have priorities over the opposing party. A master of espionage, manipulation and illusions, I04 represents a small fraction of a special group of agents known as the Gamma squadron, consisting of a core group of agents that when put together, create one of SI:9's most efficient groups.

It is speculated that there is no one besides Jeff Doe above him in position, seeing as there is a lack of mention of an I03, 2, or 1.

Prior History[edit]

It is unknown when I04 joined SI:9. He likely joined at the minimum age, 23, and trained for 3 years before finally becoming a field agent. By manipulating and advancing in rank, I04 quickly became an important role in the agency, overseeing the construction the rumored Black Octagon starship, the creation of an advanced protocol for the storage of classified information, as well as personally advising then-President Joseph Yslenski on political issues based on drone reconnaissance. He oversees, in addition, most data gathering efforts on both national and foreign entities, although he frequently takes on more demanding roles if the task necessitates that he does.

Connections to other Governmental officials[edit]

By all accounts, many can assume I04 to be a standard, almost generic government agent with the looks to match. He is bland enough to blend in with most other agents, which gives him an advantage. He can be speculatively seen in photos with disgraced President Victor Malkov, Joseph Yslenski, and other top military officials. He has, in addition to this, a mutual grudge with The Globalist, the current President of Munijoch, due to previous quarrels and anti-magic stances held by the President. While this has held his ire, he tries to maintain an open front of communication with him in an effort to assist him whenever possible, as is his obligatory duty to.

I04 has frequently been seen in public with another agent, likely an assistant.


I04 has participated in Antarctic council investigations, directly and indirectly. Notably, he recently came back from deployment from an important mission to stop a terrorist organization from sewing chaos, as well as taking back stolen technology found during a raid. It was there that the world saw his special weaponry, taken from the vaults of the Nightwardens and from SI:9's Zero-Sector labs. Like previous sightings suggested, he was in close proximity to an assistant, which was recorded interacting with other members of the investigation, although none say they know who they really are. Aside from that, I04 has rarely been seen outside of the agency, further casting a light into his secrecy.

Radio disruptions around an abandoned warehouse suggest that he also played a role in another investigation, likely due to a rogue agent causing havoc and necessitating reclamation. In a report filing by the UAN, I04 was described as "enigmatic, untrustworthy, and aloof in what he knew." Coincidentally, it also shed light to the agency's purpose, along with the potential subterfuge occurring under the nose of the government. Few found justifiable reasons to end the agency, and the report was largely ignored.


I04 was reportedly a medic by trade. He had been known to be a very precise and accurate operator in his field, experimenting with Mercy in medical nanomachines meant to pierce the subsurface layers of blood vessels to directly pump the medicine passively into the bloodstream, reducing shock. These were controlled by three rings, signifying the X, Y, and Z axis, but later experiments shown that simultaneous operation of machines into three dimensional shapes was entirely possible, although impractical for the purposes shown. It is unknown why he exactly left.

I04 specializes in espionage, counter-espionage, intelligence gathering, destabilization of a foreign entity, and stealth missions where time is crucial. He wields three rings that control nanomachines that also allow him to manipulate through Arcanoelectric rune combinations, along with a bracelet that can switch the Arcane part out for whatever he desires, despite he himself not possessing the ability to wield magic. These nanomachines allow him to directly manipulate the immediate reality around him by conveying the runes through the machines, enabling him to both conceal himself through magic cloaking, warping the physical properties of things around him, or channeling that energy into a concentrated beam. These machines, however, are susceptible to overloading or EMPs.


  • I04 performed reconnaissance work during The Frosian War, and helped the Munijoch government in exile take the city back.
  • I04 was tasked with conveying important information about a rogue agent of theirs in The Theta Contingency
  • I04 was called upon to assist in stopping The Public throughout the events in The Tightrope Act
  • I04 was forced to solve a crisis in his own agency throughout the events in Blur The Line


I04 looks considerably less fit than his colleagues, likely owing to his position in intelligence gathering and analysis as opposed to field work or physical espionage. To counteract that, he makes frequent use of his nanomachines to supplement his physical combat prowess, along with a variety of gadgets. His eyes have been described as an unnatural ice blue color, reminiscent of a frozen, freshwater lake. Generally, he displays no demeanor in order to mask his emotions, leaving his opponents on edge as to what his next action will be. Casual attire usually involves a simple black turtleneck sweater, indicating a desire to maintain a simple approach to life. I04 rarely wears jewelry besides his three rings.

Role within the Agency[edit]

I04 mainly specializes in intelligence procurement and espionage beyond borders, mostly with enemies of the state, but his duties have also included special counsel for intelligence within the Council, coordinator of rescue or sting operations, and team member in international investigations. For the most part, I04 remains in the country, coordinating his sector into gathering intelligence vital to the operations of other sectors within the agency. He frequently collaborates with Z-Sector to produce equipment that his sector can use for intelligence gathering missions. As per constitutional requirements, he is to report to the President of Munijoch in order to personally update him on all matters relating to military intelligence gathering, as well as potentially classified info being leaked from foreign entities.