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Type Private
Industry Food and beverage
Founded 1996
Founder(s) The Great Pancake Maker

Polaris, USA

Area served Antarctica
Key people The Great Pancake Maker (CEO)
Str00del Force (unofficial sponsor)
Revenue Undisclosed
Operating income Approx. USP 500,000 (not confirmed)
Net income undisclosed
Employees 1000 +
Parent McDoodle's

iPop is the only pancake, strudel, wheat-producing restaurant in Antarctica, where its restaurants serve in the style of an all-you-could-eat buffet. Notoriously (albeit mistakenly) paired with the Str00del Force, iPop was started by the Great Pancake Maker in 1996, and commenced operations only in 1998. Currently, it serves Polaris, USA, Freezeland, Dorkugal, Frankterre, UnitedTerra and MAI.

The new motto for iPop is All for pancakes, pancakes for all!. The old motto was P....PPP.ANCAKES!!!


Supposedly, during the Great Starvation/Famine in one of the colonies in Colonial Antarctica, a great pancake maker, whose name was never known, created a small pancake restaurant currently located in Polaris to help lower the famine. It did not officially commence operations until 1998, when it registered itself in the Freedom Fighters' Register of Businesses, in support of the Revolutionaries and the Club.

After the formation of Club Penguin in 2005, the Great Pancake Maker wanted to open a second stall there, but rules imposed by the government, EBUL and other benefactresses to the island prevented their cause. Through the Str00del Force, under the alias "Str0udel Distr1butors Inc.", they managed to unwillingly export pancakes illegally to CP. However, the government does not oppose this to this day.

Eventually, a second store was set up in South Pole City, and then in Frostborough, Dorkugal, Frankterre, UnitedTerra and MAI. Plans to set up shop in Poshia were shelved after the Great Pancake Maker got himself involved and specifically advised the Board to refrain from doing so at all costs. Preps took insult at this and denounced iPop, although the higher classes often smuggle them into the country.

The unexposed and secretive identity of the Great Pancake Maker never came to light, but much photos have popped up, although the figure in all of them differ greatly in shape, size and race.

Great Pancake Maker[edit]

Great Pancake Maker
Born LeMatre un Chambre 1
May 21, 1960 (1960-05-21) (age 59)
Residence Rumored to be Polaris iPop Manager's Office.
Gender Male
Nationality Polarian
Citizenship Antarctican
Occupation CEO, Founder
Years active 1996 -
Employer iPop
Known for iPop
Title His Awesomeness
1 There has been no record of this name ever being registered, nor has it been confirmed by any other sources.

The Great Pancake Maker (May 21, 1960 (1960-05-21) (age 59) - )is synonymous with iPop and it's cult following. He founded iPop and raised it like his own child. Practically unseen to the public eye, he resides in the manager's office of the main branch at Polaris, where he was born and raised. Many penguins have come forward to provide information on the mysterious fellow, but no other evidence corroborates theirs, only heightening the mystery.

The only confirmed information is a press release stating that the 21st of May 2010 was his 50th birthday.


iPop's internal operations loosely, but still resembles that of a presidential republic, where the executive head (that being Great Pancake Maker) has limited control and power over his company. Rather, iPop is ruled by "The Board", an equally mysterious motley group of twelve penguins who all share the common love for business and pancakes. He does however appoint the Board members.

The decisions are not made by the board, either. Rather, suggestions from the Str00del Force will be processed through The Board, but could be viewed by the Great Pancake Maker. Suggestions from the public are often welcomed but they only make 10% of the approved suggestions. The Board would then pass the suggestion down to be rectified and improved by the Bureau of Logic, which all passes through the first two departments (Department of Rectification and Department of Improvement) and onto its respective department.

From there, the suggestion would be processed by other Departments and put through a trial at the Polaris branch.

The class system goes as follows:


  • This is the most important position if it's at the top, or least if it's at the bottom.
    • This is a sub-division of this position
    • This is another sub-division of this position. Sub-divisions are not ranked

  • Great Pancake Maker (CEO who appoints The Board members)
  • The Board (suggestions and ideas are approved or rejected)
  • Bureau of Logic (suggestions and ideas are rectified and improved on)
    • Department of Rectification (immediate)
    • Department of Improvement (immediate)
    • Department of Interior Design
    • Department of Quality
    • Department of Manufacturing
    • Department of Departments
    • Department of Pricing

  • Logistic Departments
    • Treasury
    • Department of Logistics
    • Department of Law
    • Department of Public Relations
    • Department of Marketing
    • Department of Morale
  • Managers
  • Employees

Branches and Franchisees[edit]

As of 2011, there are eighteen branches:

Timeline of opening:

Year Month City Location/Remarks
1998 March Polaris (flagship) First store opened, flagship store.
2000 April South Pole City, Eastshield Located near South Pole Central Station of the Antarctic Express.
2000 June Frostborough, Freezeland
2001 January Googolplex, Dorkugal Located on Floor 71, West Wing
2003 March Paríe, Frankterre Located near The Rifle Tower
2003 July South Pole City, Eastshield Second store, located in Inner Realms.
2004 February Neo Domino City, UnitedTerra
2004 August Frostborough, Freezeland Second store
2005 January Googolplex, Dorkugal Located on Floor 12, South Wing
2006 May South Pole City, Eastshield Third and last store to open in city
2006 September Paríe, Frankterre Second store, near The Loove
2007 October Googolplex, Dorkugal Twin opening, first located on Floor 73, East Wing
2007 October Googolplex, Dorkugal Twin opening, second located on Floor 82, North Wing
2008 December Neo Domino City, UnitedTerra Second store
2011 November Stevie Falcon International Airport Fifth and last store to open, first outside Googolplex

There are several franchisees in various parts of Antarctica, most notably in areas restricted by rules and regulations.

  • Str0udel Distr1butors Inc. - Operated by the notorious Str00del Force, it helps distributes products of iPop to Club Penguin through back market deals. Although it is supposedly illegal, neither the government nor EBUL have stepped forward to take action.
  • Fish Whack - The Pengolian subsidiary of iPop. Sells pancakes in markets under various name, all containing the "Fish Whack" logo.

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