I Am Fail

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"I Am Fail"
Single by Gary the Gaget Dude
Released November 24, 2010
(see release history)
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded November 23, 2010
Genre Novelty
Length 2:52
Label Club Penguin Music Records
Writer(s) Gary the Gaget Dude
Producer Gary the Gaget Dude
Certification Gold
Gary the Gaget Dude chronology
"Make it Shine"
"I Am Fail"

"I Am Fail" is the third single by Antarctican DJ, Gary the Gaget Dude. It was not intended to be released, but due to a mistake it was released and became one of the most infamous songs ever sang. It was released worldwide on November 24, 2010 for digital download and as a CD. The single was sang and produced by Gary the Gaget Dude and released on Club Penguin Music Records. It is unknown who actually wrote the song but the songwriting credits were given to Gaget Dude himself.

Due to the viral success, it entered numerous musical charts and continued to climb, peaking at number 3 on the UnitedTerra Singles Chart. The song instantly became notoriously recognised as a novelty song across Antarctica, with many considering it catchy, but annoying. The song tarnished Gaget Dude's entire musical career but managed to revive it several years later. Soon after the release, Gary instantly disowned the song and didn't want anything to do with it.


On November 23rd, 2010 in Gary the Gaget Dude's bedroom, after trying and trying all day to record an amazing new song he collapsed on his bed, with his microphone still on.

For hours nothing was heard, but at 1:00AM suddenly GGD began to mumble fail over and over again.

His radio was also playing in the background and sometimes between saying "fail" he would snore comicly.

After a few minutes of mumbling, GGD began to mix in other words.

A typical point of his song went like this:

"Fail fail cheeseburger fail SNNNNNOOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEE fail fail fail random fail thissongfaaaaaiiiiillllll..."

This went on for 88 minutes until GGD rolled over in his bed and over his microphone, pressing the "send" button.

The recorded audio file was zapped into the computer, where it was automaticly emailed to Petey K.

Petey K was pretty annoyed by being woken up, but when he heard the song he began to laugh. Hard.

He had to run to the bathroom in order to avoid wetting his pants and when he came back he edited out the few hours of silence and kept the "song".

Within moments he had it ready to be published, and he sent it off to Club Penguin Music Records to have it printed.

The songs were accecpted right away and soon they began printing off millions of copies and uploading the song to music download sites everywhere.

The next morning, when GGD woke up he heard laughter in the streets.

He got up and walked outside, where he found a CD in his mailbox.

It was labeled "I Am Fail by GGD".

Gary the Gaget Dude thought it was some stupid importer's fake, but when he popped it into his CD player his ears turned red.

It occured to him what must've happened, and he stormed off to Club Penguin Music Records to have the CDs recalled.

However when he arrived no matter how much he argued they would not racall it.

Besides, it was number 1 all around the world and had already gone gold!

GGD screamed and fainted on the spot, and did not move to 12 hours.

When he did get up, he decided to sue CPMR but when he got to court, the speakers were blaring his song and even the judge was listening to his song through his icePod!

Critical reception[edit]

"I Am Fail" has received universal acclaim, for it being so bad that it was funny.

For weeks it was at the top end of the charts, and took the fad over a year to slip off. However, the song is still used in Internet memes as of 2015.

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (2010) Peak
UnitedTerra Singles Chart 3
CP Singles Chart 2
Antarctican Hot 100 Singles 38
Freezeland Singles of 100 51
Telephonian Singles Chart 14
Pengolian Slappin' 40 56
Puffle'and Bouncin' 100 Singles 45
Dorkugal Singles Chart 3
Castillan Singles Chart 66
Snoss Government Censored Singles Chart 184


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