I Need a Hospital

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"I Need a Hospital"
Single by Dr. Ray featuring Nyninyne & Tayler Blue
from the album Reduct
Released March 21, 2011
Format CD single, digital download, vinyl record
Recorded March 16, 2011
Genre Hip hop
Length 4:14
Label Impact, Music Industry
Writer(s) Raymond Elderman, Harrison Harolds, Tayler Blue
Producer Ozzi da Don
Certification Platinum
Dr. Ray singles chronology
"I Need a Hospital"
"The Method"

"I Need a Hospital" is a song by Antarctican rapper Dr. Ray featuring rapper Nyninyne and Antarctican singer Tayler Blue. The song was written by all three artists and was produced by Terrain da Don. Originally, Dr. Ray was going to produce the song but after hearing the beat that Ozzi sent to him he recorded to it immediately. "I Need a Hospital" was released through iceTunes on March 21, 2011. It is expected to appear on Dr. Ray's third and final album Reduct, however this has not been confirmed by Ray himself.


Critics were fond of Dr. Ray's comeback single "Mush" featuring Smooth Frogg, although it did not perform well as expected on the charts. Dr. Ray was focusing more on his brand of headphones than his own music. His heavily-delayed album Reduct had continuously been announced and scrapped multiple times which became frustrating for the fans. Eventually, Dr. Ray paid attention to the public and decided to work on an exceptionally powerful song that would satisfy the critics. He brought Nyninyne into the studio who suggested that the song should be about their relationship with each other and how Dr. Ray helped Nyninyne with his fame. Dr. Ray agreed and began to search through his archives of beats, but didn't find anything that he thought would suit the theme of the song. Newly-bred producer Ozzi da Don emailed Ray a selection of beats - one of which would mould into "I Need a Hospital". The spacey, synth-heavy hip hop instrumental was instantly favoured by Dr. Ray and Nyninyne, and so they began to write their verses.

Music video[edit]

It starts off with Dr. Ray looking at the waves while he's sitting on the ice. Flashbacks start to happen of Dr.Ray's memories, like being with his friends. He drives his Perrari and he speeds along the highway. He had more flashbacks, then one that made him have an accident. The car flips and rolls. It then shows a ghost like penguin singing the chorus. Nyninyne then raps next to Dr.Ray. The chorus starts again and Nyninyne raps while Dr.Ray is in something. While the chorus plays, Dr. Ray wakes up and is tested by the doctors. He raps while it shows him working out. During the last chorus, Dr. Ray walks to a grave of his friend that was also a band member of P.W.A.

Track listing[edit]

No. TitleProducer(s) Length
1. "I Need a Hospital" (Emalf version)Ozzi da Don 4:14
2. "I Need a Hospital" (Edited version)Ozzi da Don 4:15
Total length:

Critical reception[edit]

The song received positive feedback from the majority of music critics, most of whom liked the production and the chorus, also addressing the emotional tone of the song.

Commercial performance[edit]

As soon as the song was released, "I Need a Hospital" reached to the top of the Antarctican iceTunes chart.



  • I Need A Hospital is sometimes refered to as a sad song.
  • This is a a parody of I Need A Doctor.

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