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IcE (Real name Lucas)
Title Phantom Freezer
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Nightmare's Army
Health Just look at him?
Level 1000
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Occupation None
Interests The cold
Friends All of Nightmare's
Enemies All of Nightmare's
Archetype Villain

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IcE is one of Nightmare's four X-Spreaders and is a skilled criminal. Originally he was a quite poor penguin who was part of a gang of robbers. Eventually though he was caught and taken to jail. Nightmare managed to bail him out however as she said she wanted an X-Spreader who would just get the job done and wouldn't ask questions. He's the only one of Nightmare's minions who's actually a penguin.


IcE was originally an average teenage criminal penguin named Lucas who robbed Banks, Coffee Shops, and basically any other store you could think of. He didn't rob places because he wanted to however. Lucas had allways been very poor and he was simply trying to get enough money to survive. When he was 12 he joined a gang of robbers who would gather every Tuesday night and divide the things they'd stole equally. The police never seemed to be able to catch him though as he would allways carry a freeze rifle, as would his fellow gang members, with him that would temporarily cover the cop in four feet of ice. However one day he was caught by none other than Tails6000. It happened one night when he robbed the house of Uncle Chuckdechuck and Tails simply told him "You're up late for teen. Ain't it a schoolday tomorrow." The criminal was frightened at the fact that he'd been sighted and attempted to shoot ice at Tails, but the penguin simply dodged it. After many other failed shots the criminal attempted to run away in which Tails6000 quickly caught up and shot hot sauce at the criminal's feet rendering him stuck. The police took him away and Tails6000 recieved an award for catching him.

For a few years Lucas remained in jail. He had no company other than an old penguin in the cell next to him and he soon started to go a bit crazy due to being slightly claustrophobic and being in a small cell. One day however he was told by the warden that someone had come to bail him out of jail in which he was very happy. A cloaked figure then walked right up to him and told him he would only bail him out if he did exactly as he said. Lucas agreed and eventually he was taken to a large crater where he was introduced to a very pale sanity human, a tall blue robot, and an almost pitch black penguin with glowing red eyes. The penguin introduced herself as Nightmare and said that his criminal record amazed her. Lucas blushed and Nightmare then said that she could use penguins like him on her side for the upcoming war and she told him she'd offer him full protection from the police if he was to join her cause. Lucas agreed as long as he got a cool criminal outfit. Nightmare rolled her eyes and then saw the freeze gun he was holding. She instantly had an idea and told Lizlord to get to work on that suit he was planning. Lizlord nodded while smiling at Nightmare and ran off to the laboratory.

After a few days, Lucas was fitted with the newly created Ice Beam Suit that trapped pure, freezing beams in a cannon on one flipper. Lizlord had hooked up a tank filled with very water like "Insta-X-Virus" that combined with the canons water. It also came equipped with a heat detecting robotic eye to detect heat signals coming from penguin's bodies. Lucas was from that day forth called IcE and was also made an X-Spreader on that very day.


IcE is known for being a dangerous member of Nightmare's Army, do to his freezing cannon and special helmet that allows him to freeze himself solid to prevent attack, without actually freezing IcE himself.

He is subject to hiding very stealthily and then freezing his target, but there is a downside to his suit. If he uses to much of the suits freezing power without refueling the cannon with more water, it will shoot pure X-Virus all over the place, but this type of X-Virus made for his suit loses power the second it touches air unfrozen.


IcE himself doesn't really have any special powers except for being quite stealthy. His power comes from that suit that he wears. It's constructed out of solid steel and is surrounded by an inch thick layer of ice. This offers him quite a bit of protection from punches and even sword attacks. He also has a heat sensor in his eye piece that allows him to sense penguins by reading their body temperature. His helmet also has a built in laser (which he requested himself as he said it would look cool).

Cannon Capabilities[edit]

The cannon actually fires a long beam of pure ice, which spread around anything living and putting them in a ball of ice, which is made to absorb air and keep the victim breathing. The ball shatters the second the X-Antibody forms (It uses "Insta-X-Virus", which only take about a minute). The ice is described to be "colder than Winter".


IcE's main weakness is Lizlord's strength, aka heat. If there's too much heat in the area, Ice's cannon won't be as effective as the ice he fires will melt quicker.


  • A small ball of heat can doom the suit if it hits the cannon. It makes the water evaporate and the weapon useless.
  • IcE dosen't seem to care that he's helping to wipe out the penguins (despite that fact that he is a penguin). Many asume he dosen't care because he now has a better life than he's ever had.

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