Ice Cata

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Ice Cata
Ice Cata image.png
His Club Penguin look.
Title "Cool Kat", Secret Agent Contact
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Club Penguin Island, South Cata (Formerly), North Cata
Health Normal
Level Normal
Status Good
Location Club Penguin Island, Penguin Chat Island

Ice Cata is a penguin that is a part of the upcoming Club Cata series on PengTube. He is cool, calm, and considerate. He is in a band and is fond of his club members. He is the leader of Club Cata. He has been seen chasing Link after February 2, because link got out of his captre. Club Cata is the orgin of the Jammin igloo styles. As he is on club penguin, you usually see him chilling out with his buds.


Ice Cata was born at the Night club at Club Penguin Island in a bathroom. He danced right away when he was born and forever was a Kool Kat! He always was considerate and cool about others.

Once, he tangled with a robber, so he called the PSA and they caught the Burglar. He was awarded with the title of Secret Agent Contact.

Some time later, Cadence challenged Ice to a dance off. They boogied to a heated battle, and ended in a tie. They still are even to this day. When there was a Party at the Night Club, he was the DJ and challenged many people to a dance competition, and won it all. Then Candance challenged Ice Cata again, with another tie. They always knew that they would never be non-even.

A year after the Robber and a month after the Dance Party, Ice Cata saw Rockhopper and stowed away to Rockhopper Island. Then he saw a Disco boat and swam to there, with its destination Club Penguin Island.

After his stowaway days, he decided to travel to new lands to find better places for Parties and such. Then he discovered a cold place far North that was uninhabited by Penguins but habited by Birds. There he learned to survive without water, Food or a single disco pad. He traveled to Club Penguin Island again after two years and brought Penguins north, claiming the land to be North Cata and calling his old club South Cata, and letting Cadence run it.


  • He has a one-sided rivalry with Cadence.
  • He likes Cheeze.
  • Often, he says 'like'.