Ice Mine

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Ice Mine
The stalagmites!
Type Land mine
Effects Freezes anyone who steps on them
Source TEWT
Location TEWT Storage Facility
Cost to buy 300 pebbles
Cost to sell 100 pebbles intact, 1 pebble blown up

An Ice Mine is a land mine that freezes anyone who steps on it. The system is very complex.


If small pressure is applied (someone walking over it), the victim is frozen. If heavy pressure is applied (tanks, someone suffering from Fat), stalagmites pop out of the mine and trap the victim or vehicle. In addition, the victim or vehicle is also frozen to prevent re-starting of the vehicle.

The mine is about 1 foot in diameter and around 2 inches tall. The colour of the mine is a light gray with a red circle in the middle. In the middle of the red circle is a screw where someone can put the ice in.

Ice Mines work when pressure is applied. The cover of the mine squashes a package of ice and Ditto A. The Ditto A helps freeze the ice to a temperature of -1000 celsius. The ice is made with a special type of chemical that expands when it is very cold. The ice expands and seeps through small holes on the red circle. When it reaches the gray area (which is made from a special metal), the ice expands even more until it freezes itself and the victim. When heavy pressure is applied, the liquid in the ice package squirts out and creates stalagmites. All this happens in just a few seconds.


  • The metals and chemicals are made by TEWT and are classified.
  • The mine has a freeze radius of 50 metres.
    • If it is detonated in water, the freeze radius is 500 metres.

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