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Current Iceberg.png
The normal Iceberg.
Iceberg map.png
A map with unfancy labels.
Key details
Type Iceberg
Level 60
Location South of Club Penguin City
Inhabitants Nothing

Not to be confused with Pengonia (AKA Ice Berg Island).

The Iceberg is an iceberg on the south side of Club Penguin Island. It is a very common place where penguins and puffles meet. Many believe that the Iceberg can be tipped, so drilling parties are held there. However, the Iceberg only successfully tipped after some blue mining hats with more powerful jackhammers were found. The Iceberg is visited by many tourist, and also features Aqua Grabber rides. The Iceberg is very small, too; it only holds up to 60 creatures at a time.


The Iceberg is believed to have drifted from the Antarctic Peninsula, around the time of the Penguin Empire. Scientist (even Gary), are puzzled why the Iceberg never drifted further. Somehow the Iceberg stayed where it is now, and never moved. The Iceberg was discovered in 2000 when a ship crashed into it, however, no one visited it. In 2005, when Club Penguin was established, the Iceberg was found once again. Three penguins were interested in the Iceberg, and decided to hang out on it. They sailed over to the Iceberg, and set up beach chairs on it. They got out a boom box, and hanged out on the Iceberg. Soon a lot of chicks hung out there partying, without adult supervision. During the parties a girl slipped off the top, and fell into the water. The chick was three, and didn't know how to swim. She drowned, and this worried parents. Everyone was banned from waddling onto the Iceberg without adult supervision.

In 2006 adults started to take a big interest in the Iceberg, too. Everyone thought that if they tipped it, they would discover something amazing. So swarms of penguins on different servers grouped on the Iceberg, and danced at the top end. It didn't tip, so they decided to drill at it. Everyone got out their jackhammers, and drilled at the Iceberg like crazy. It still wasn't possible to be tipped until 2017.


The Iceberg is almost always decorated for the many parties that happen in Club Penguin City. The Iceberg is hardly ever left out, and is sometimes the best party room. During the Fair it is a ball pit, and during Christmas there is a Christmas Tree in the center of it. During April Fool's Day the Iceberg is really wacky looking. Recently there have been boxes floating around it, and a wacky sign that annoys penguins in the center.

Sometimes penguins group up on the Iceberg, and have "Color Wars". These Color Wars are when penguins change to a certain color, and group up to fight for that color. These wars are actually rare now, as "Country Wars" begin. A Country War is when penguins fight for their homeland. Lots of penguins that represent Snowzerland fight the ones that represent the USA. These wars get out of flipper sometimes, and police force is sent in to stop them. Some armies, like ACP and Nachos fight on the Iceberg too.


Iceberg map.png
  • Aqua Grabber Dock
  • Iceberg Point
  • Southern Coast
  • Western Coast


Since penguins took interest in the Iceberg in 2006, it has become a symbol of strength and resilience across Antarctica, as it was once believed by most to be un-tippable.


Since 2006, there have been many claims of sovereignty over the Iceberg by micronations. The largest known movement is for a micronation called "Iceberg Isle". Also known as "Pannapolis" by its followers, Iceberg Isle was founded in late 2014 by Billy Billy, who crowned himself King (with a crown from Penguin Style).

No nation recognizes any micronations claiming control over the Iceberg. However, many hardcore fans of the Iceberg think it should be its own nation and have signed up to apply for official "citizenship".



  • Penguins like to still have beach parties on the Iceberg. Volleyball games are fun to play, until the balls go over the edge.
  • Once a PSA Agent had to save around ten penguins when a piece of the Iceberg they were standing on broke off, and drifted away.
  • There was once a megalodon Shark frozen in the Iceberg, but only a few penguins studied this for themselves. Due to the events of the Prehistoric Party 2014, the megalodon escaped, and now swims around the iceberg's waters. Aqua Grabber disappearances have also tripled.

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