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A rare silver Iceboy. It is extremely unlikely you will ever see one of these in person.
Developer iConnect
Manufacturer iConnect
Type Handheld Game Console
Generation Competed with Snowtendo DS.
Release date 2004
Retail availability 3 years
Introductory price From 2004-2007, 15000 coins. Currently, sold for three times the price.
Units sold Unknown
Units shipped Unknown
CPU Iceboy Catridge Padding
Controller input On the Iceboy itself.
Camera Camera? What camera?
Touchpad On the Iceboy itself, four-direction.
Connectivity Catridge.
Online services None
Weight 500g
Best-selling game Unknown
Compatibility None
Predecessor None
Successor None
Related articles Snowtendo DS
Website None.

The Iceboy is an old handheld created in 2004. Unfortunately, on March 8, 2007, there was a fire in the warehouse building and in the record building containing Iceboys and their data, so most of them were lost. Sice then, they have become rare and their worth rose to 15,000 coins.


The Iceyboy is a 3D GFX supported handheld. The only colors it ever came with are Black and Silver. Since the Iceboy crisis, all silver models have been lost to non-owners. It was a medium sized handheld.


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