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Birth name Cel Coombe
Born January 2, 1988 (1988-01-02) (age 31)
King George's Island
Origin Antarctica
Genres R&B, dance-pop, rap
Occupations Singer, musician, producer, songwriter
Years active 2000–present
Labels Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts Tim and Tom, Delaine, Awesomesauce

Cel Coombe, better known by his stage name Icecuber2d2, is an Antarctican singer-songwriter, musician and producer. Cel first started singing in 2000, aged only 12 years old. Icecuber released two albums from 2001 to 2005 which were decently successful - including five singles altogether. Cel moved to rap for a year, releasing a low-priced mixtape which was quite successful underground. Cel's two-album contract with Club Penguin Music Records had expired and was never renewed. Icecuber then moved to rapping and singing independently - founding an independent record album and an extremely successful underground PengTube channel titled "IC.TV" (IC standing for Ice Cuber). Recording for videos simply took place around the streets of Antarctica, with the MC or singer performing live to the camera with an instrumental running in the background. Recently in 2011, "IC.TV" started getting promoted by the Adventure web browser and got even more popular.

Besides Icecuber's musical career, Cel is the inventor of the Icicle Popsicle, a popular dessert sold across Antarctica. He is a very warm and approachable penguin and also an avid puffle lover (he has seven puffles). He worked in the Coffee Shop before his music career kicked off. He is one of the few penguins who had an encounter with pre-reformed Link. Icecuber, after five years, re-appeared in the line of mainstream music by featuring on Tim and Tom's single "Dance2Night" in mid-2011, as a dance-pop rapper. However, Icecuber2d2 revealed that he wouldn't be re-producing his solo career. In the mainstream eyes Icecuber is now a featured performer on songs, a song-writer, an instrumentalist/composer and a producer. He has a younger sister named Madzie88, who loves puffles, and he is also an agent of the EPF (formerly the PSA).


He was born on an unknown island close to Club Penguin. Rumors state that the unknown island is in fact King George's Island, as it was, and is to date, a very open land with little cities (in fact only one). This is still debated, though. Icecuber2d2 was able to explore and roam the island. He had friends in the island whom he still knows to this day. When he was thirteen, he managed to get to South Pole City via a raft, and got an education there. He slowly studied, understanding his past and present then, and eventually graduated at the age of fifteen in the Penguin Academy. When he took up courses as the Penguin University, he worked in the Coffee Shop part-time like Explorer. He also read on puffles and joined the PSA, later promoted to the EPF. After finishing another session of a course at the university, Icecuber2d2 wanted to go and get some fish when an icicle dropped next to him. He picked it up and gazed into it. Suddenly, a brilliant idea popped up in his mind. He decided to create the "Icicle Popsicle", similar to a snowcone. He worked at it for three days and eventually invented the Icicle Popsicle, which launched his inventing career. Upon completing university, Icecuber2d2 moved to Club Penguin again.

Music career[edit]

2000-2003: Ice Cubes and Detergent[edit]

2004-2005: Afraid of the Dark[edit]

2006-present: Mainstream leave & non-performing career[edit]

For Icecuber2d2's underground career, please see Underground career.

Icecuber2d2 revealed in early 2006 that he would be leaving his performing mainstream leave now that his recording contract had expired and not been renewed. Instead of leaving mainstream completely, Icecuber continued a non-performing career as a song-writer, producer and composer - though Icecuber2d2 still pursued his singing and rapping career briefly in underground music, and on his independent PengTube network "IC.TV".



References in popular culture[edit]

The odds of being referenced in popular culture greatly are stacked up against a penguin like Icecuber2d2, however, he managed to make it into two video games, and even a cooking show. In Super Antics Galaxy, a penguin looking like Icecuber2d2 at the start of the game shouts out, "Icicle Popsicles, free of charge, home-made and self-invented!", giving the impression that the penguin is Icecuber2d2. In "Tails Zone: Vibrate That!", Icecuber2d2 makes a cameo reference when Tails said "Don't make me ask Icecuber to come down here and make you into a popsicle!" at one point.

Underground career[edit]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Ice Cubes and Detergent (2001)
  • Afraid of the Dark (2005)
  • Thorns (2011)
  • The Ruler's Back (2017)



  • Icecuber2d2 is a singer, rapper, composer, producer, song-writer and an inventor.
  • Cel was the first artist to collaborate with Antarctican singer Delaine.

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