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"One of the best agents we have"
Full Name Icespice
Status Alive
Born Icespice
June 18, 2000 (2000-06-18) (age 19)
Club Penguin
Species Penguin
Race Mixed
Gender Male
Height 1 metre
Weight 4Kg
Residence Club Penguin
Citizenship Antarctican
Ethnicity Antarctic
Nationality Antarctic
Occupation Department head at Henry Incorporated, EPF agent
Employer Henry Incorporated, EPF
Salary How much do EPF agents get paid?
Education TBD
Alma Mater Beacon University

Icespice is an EPF agent who is (almost) always there there to save the day. He is a respected agent in the Alpha Division. He works hard to stop Herbert, Klutzy, Swiss Ninja and all other villains. He is also a respected ninja who will stop any ninja related conflict. He also happens to work at Henry Inc.


Early Life[edit]

Icespice hatched in Pre-EBUL Club Penguin. He lived in a large igloo quite close to where Henry lived. But things changed. His family moved closer to the cove and Icespice didn't get to see Henry that much. Icespice attended Club Penguin School. His least favourite subject was P.E. When he grew up he became a tour guide for Club Penguin. It was one day when Icespice was walking home from work that he saw some penguins getting beaten up. Horrified, Icespice decided to save them. He kicked the attackers and shoved them into a bin and called the police. Of course, thanks to the security cameras all over Club Penguin, the EPF saw everything.

Before Operation: Blackout[edit]

Icespice was hired by the EPF and was told to start training on the old PSA missions. He was a slow starter but quickly caught up. He was assigned to use the system defender when the EPF was attacked by Herbert's system bots. As you should know, the system defending led up to Operation Hibernation. Icespice got involved and helped trap Herbert inside his base and for seven months nothing really happens in the EPF so in that time Icespice decided to be a Ninja. He found normal and fire easy but then got stuck at water. After Herbert escaped his base due to a flood, it was Icespice who volunteered to go looking for him. A few months went by and then things changed...

After Operation Blackout[edit]

After Operation Blackout the EPF was in ruins. Icespice decided to finally be a water ninja while the EPF was rebuilding and actually succeeded. After the rebuild of the EPF Herbert tried to steal some hot sauce during Operation Hot Sauce. Icespice then stopped Herbertech during Operation Puffle and saved the alien puffles during Operation Crustacean. Things were then looking normal so Icespice trained to be a snow ninja. But then, Herbert came back with lasers and started messing things up. It was time for Operation Tri-Umph. Herbert was stopped and everything was normal. For now...


In late 2017 Radioactivechicken was looking at Zanemax's cheat website when some information caught his eye. It was information about Icespice's EPF status and how to join the EPF. After discovering this Icespice tried to track down Zanemax but he was nowhere to be found. Icespice then told the EPF about this which lead to a crackdown on any leaks. The EPF is now more secure because of this.


Icespice has recently been involved in the Adventures of the Popcorn Family and is now working on the EPF's cyber security as he believes it to be a weak point for the organisation.


Icespice will become more involved in the USA's fights against North Joseon and Snowzerland. He will be involved in the EPF's side in the Snoss Civil War. In 2038 he will retire from the EPF after working there for twenty eight years. Three years later in 2041, Icespice will retire from Henry Inc. at the age of forty one. After leaving Henry Inc., Icespice will move to a small village in Trans-Antarctica and will eventually die of old age twenty nine years later in 2070 aged seventy.


Icespice is an elite EPF agent and a ninja so he does a big job protecting Club Penguin. He works hard for The Director and Sensei. He has been involved in many EPF missions and has stopped Herbert many times. Saving Club Penguin and keeping it safe is his main job. In the past he owned a successful tour guide business but he later sold it to Henry for one million Fish. His role as a ninja is quite minor but when the ninjas are called upon to fight Icespice is always there to help.

In The EPF[edit]

Icespice has been involved in almost every EPF mission since when he joined in 2010. After Operation Hibernation Icespice was placed in Division Alpha which is higher division than the others. His quick thinking is very useful to the EPF making him one of the best agents. He is very good at tracking down villains and helping the EPF keep Club Penguin safe.

As A Ninja[edit]

Icespice is a snow ninja and is very good at snow bending but he prefers to only use these powers for ninja related emergencies. He has however used snow bending and card Jitsu in EPF missions when he was in really hard situations.

In Henry Inc.[edit]

Icespice is also part of Henry Inc. and is in charge their tour guide division. This part of the company used to be a separate business founed and owned by Icespice but he sold it to Henry Inc. in 2017 for one million fish.


Like Henry, Icespice owns lots of puffles. Icespice does not have lots and lots like Henry does but he does keep puffles in his igloo like most penguins. This is a full list of Icespice's puffles.

  • Lapis (blue)
  • Ruby (red)
  • Emerald (green)
  • Amethyst (purple)
  • Agate (brown)
  • Garnet (pink)
  • Diamond (white)
  • Obsidian (black)


  • Icespice is addicted to Astro-Barrier.
  • Icespice is not good at Card-Jitsu Water.
    • He is good at all the others though.
  • Lapis was Icespice's first puffle.

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