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Icey XD
Former type Branch of Walt Icey Company
Genre TV Channel/Shows
Fate Unknown
Predecessor Jetguin
Founder(s) Walt Icey
Defunct No

Chi Conian Town, Chi Con

Chi Con
Number of locations Everywhere
Area served Antarctica
Key people Walt Icey
Products TV Shows
Revenue 6 million coins
Operating income 7 million coins
Net income 6 million coins
Owner(s) Walt Icey Company
Employees 10,045
Parent Walt Icey Company
References: This is a parody of Disney XD.

Icey XD is an Antarctic digital cable television channel, owned by the Icey-XVG Television Group division of the Walt Icey Company, that mostly airs action and adventure-based animated television series, with some live-action shows and movies. The channel is a spinoff of Icey Channel, and airs some of their programs.

Icey XD comes in Spanish, English, and German. The majority of its viewers are citizens of the USA.


The network launched in May 2009 as a successor to Jetguin and effectively took over that network's channel space. Its target market is boy chicks from 7 to 10, though it airs some programming aimed for boy chicks from 9 to 12.

Unlike sister network Icey Channel though like predecessor Jetguin, Icey XD is advertiser-supported and runs commercials for mostly non-Icey branded products during breaks, in addition to network promos. Despite Icey XD's relationship to Icey Channel, and some of that cable network's series airing on Icey XD, little cross-promotion of Icey Channel shows is done on the channel, though Icey Channel cross-promotes Icey XD programming within their promo breaks, and has aired some of Icey XD's original programming.

Since the launch of Icey XD in SPC, localized versions of Icey XD have begun launching in other areas of Antarctica, generally replacing international versions of Jetguin.


Image Name Description Notes
Ford Car and Link image1.png Ford Car and Link Ford Car and Link starting airing on Icey XD in 2009, right after the channel was launched. It was one of the only modern shows airing on the channel at the time, the others were old shows from the 20th century. It's still airing to this day, and still has a big fan base. One of the first shows on the channel.
WKPoster3.png Willy and Kody Willy and Kody starting airing on Icey XD in 2011, and is still airing today. It's the most popular cartoon in the whole channel, and has more fans than any of the other shows. It's very popular among viewers between 6 and 12.
CP Fanon TAS poster.PNG CP Fanon: The Animated Series CPFTAS started airing in on Icey XD in summer 2010, and it became a big hit. Te show resonated with many viewers that liked sitcoms, comedies, and action. It was odd to some viewers, but it still has a large fan group. Out of all of Icey XD, this is the only show that breaks the Fourth Wall.
MBHlogo.png Mac and Brody at the Hotel MBH started airing in 2009 on Icey XD, but it was still airing on Icey Channel. The show had an even bigger fan group on Icey XD, and many viewers enjoyed it. The only problem was it had new episodes a week after the episodes aired on Icey Channel.
Kick Buttowski parody.png Punch Beaktoiski: Suburban Daredevil PBSD starting airing in 2009 on Icey XD. It is the #4 most popular cartoon on the channel, and doesn't have a very large fan base. Primarily, this is because it is a reality show featuring Punch himself and all the incredible stunts he performs.
Duck Luck Sharley Duck Luck Sharley starting airing on Icey XD in Summer 2012, when some IXD viewers wanted the show to air on IXD too. It's a very popular show, and is rated the #1 most hilarious TV show on Icey XD.
Lair of Wings Icey XD aired this as of Late 2010-Early 2011. This is a hilarious yet entertaining show for chicks and is one of the most popular shows on Icey XD.
Hacker.png Hacker Hacker began its air November 8, 2013 on Icey XD with a "sneak preview" episode, gaining positive reviews from critics.
Snowyfallstitlecard.png Snowy Falls Snowy Falls began airing reruns in mid-2013 on Icey XD.
Herbert Herbert is an Icey XD-produced show based on Herbert P. Bear, and the PSA. The show was picked up in Summer 2014 and is scheduled to air in early 2015.

Block Programming[edit]

Icey XD has many Block Programmings, and they are very popular. Icey XD started block programming in Summer 2010, when the creators wanted the sane genre of shows running with each other. So the block programming 'Icey Cartoon Morning was created, and aired every Saturday morning. Icey Cartoon Morning, two episodes of each cartoon on Icey XD would run. Icey Cartoon Morning lasts from 8:00am to 10:00pm. Also featured was behind scenes look of the creation of the cartoons, and commercials for merchandise related to the cartoons.

After the success of Icey Cartoon Morning, another block programming was created: Silly Sunday. Silly Sunday was a block program of two shows back-to-back: Duck Luck Sharley, and CP Fanon: The Animated Series. Two episodes of each show run, and during commercial breaks there are exclusive interviews with the actors/actresses of the two shows. Silly Sunday ran from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, and it became pretty popular among viewers.


Great shows for kids who like action and adventure. (I even watch it without my kids)
I love these shows, they're so funny!



Country Language
USA English
Snowzerland English / German / French / Italian
Castilla Spanish / Catalan / Basque
Frankterre French
DoggyLand (as Icey KD) Estonian / Dog
Batavia Dutch / Frisian
Rusca Russian


  • This is a parody of Disney XD.
  • Though the channel has shows for chicks 7 to 12, there are commercials for toddler products.
    • This annoys many viewers.
  • In DoggyLand, the channel is called Icey KD.

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