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A snow-flavored Icicle Popsicle. Mmmm...yummy...

The Icicle Popsicle, usually called Ice Popsicle, Snow Popsicle or simply Icicle, is a delightful desert which is an icicle-shaped popsicle of different flavors. Invented by Icecuber2d2, the Icicle Popsicle is the fifth most popular type of dessert, after ice cream, cake, snow cones and confectionary. The Icicle Popsicle is sold by many vendors throughout Antarctica, though the most notable one is Icicle Parlor.


After a session of a course ended, Icecuber2d2 waddled out of the university and headed to a restaurant to eat some fish. However, an icicle dropped next to him while walking along a corridor. He picked it up and gazed at it, when he suddenly had a brilliant idea. For three days, he tried making an icicle-shaped ice dessert, in which the penguin would lick it to taste the flavor.

When he finished the invention, he sold it at a booth in the heart of the SPC financial district. At first, the stall did not attract much attention, but as the day progressed, it got hotter and penguins, with feathers and all, were in dire need of something fresh, cold, and tasty. At this time, everyone turned to the nearest stall, that is Icecuber2d2's booth, and started purchasing Icicle Popsicles, which they called. Penguins were reported to enjoy the texture, taste and shape of the desert and went for seconds, some even having thirds. The newfound popularity eventually caused supplies to run out - three times that day.

Having received generally favorable responses, Icecuber2d2 took his idea of the now called "Icicle Popsicle" to the next level. At the time, which was the 1970s, disco was extremely popular, thus he decided to open a stall inside a nightclub. The atmosphere was stuffy and hot - the perfect conditions for profits. The stall he set up was next to the bar, and as it turned out, the stall proved two times more popular than the bar itself. With funding from the bank, he managed to secure and open five more branches across South Pole City, in which his new stall, or newly-achieved status of store, was named "Icicle Parlor" after ice cream parlors from the 1950s.

Icicle Parlors continued to grow, and soon others were interested in the idea. Icicle Popsicles were not patented, and thus Icicle Parlors faced a new competitor - "Icicle Desert Factory", in 1975. The next year, icicle popsicles took hold of 12% of the desert market share, a major increase from the previous 3.5%. Among the 12%, 53% of profits belonged to Icicle Parlors, the other 47% to Icicle Desert Factory. In 1977, Icicle Popsicles made its break with a record 33% market share of the desert industry. Profit stronghold was shared between the two companies. The same year, a new concept known as "Icicle Popsicle Cream" was invented by John Fuggasam, who would eventually establish Major's Desert in 1984.

The "icicle boom" as it was dubbed soon came to a close with the turn of the decade. In 1982, Icicle Desert Factory was bought by a manufacturer and its assets were sold to Icicle Parlors.


The recipe of the 'icicle popsicle' was fairly simple - frozen water, or ice, shredded into an icicle-like figure and spread with syrup or toppings to compliment. The structure of the ice has to be important - it was meant to be an ice cream that "could stick right into your beak's end", as commented by Icecuber2d2. Most recipes conclude its base is to be of "3cm radius", but its height varies differently based on region and target audience. To shred ice into such proportionate figures, a product made by Icecuber2d2, known as "Icicle Blenders", were released into the market to shred the ice into a particular shape.

It is unknown as to why the ice tastes sweet. Some believe that it has been coated with a layer of syrup and frozen, while others believe sugar was added to the ice in its liquid state and thus "froze into a sweet stick of goodness", a notable commentator once mentioned. The latter was technically impossible to achieve, or was it?


  • When Penghis Khan was a chick, he ate this for dessert. His flavor of preference: Mullet.